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19th May, 2019 
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions
                  6.00 p.m. Patricia Higgins – RIP Anniversary
SUNDAY    10.00 a.m. Brian Sallyott – RIP Anniversary
                  1.00 p.m. First Holy Communion Mass
MONDAY     10.00 a.m. Mass – Sue Deaville’s Intentions
WEDNESDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Stephen Taylor’s Intentions
FRIDAY         10.00 a.m. Mass – Julie Derbyshire - RIP
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions
                  6.00 p.m. Mass – For all Parishioners
SUNDAY(26th May) 10.00a.m. Mass - First Communion Families’ Intentions
OFFERTORY    4/5 & 11/12 May -Planned Giving-£191.00 & £210.50;  Loose Plate - £209.37 & £170.03; Standing Orders - £287.63 & £287.63; Total £688.00 & £668.16.  Many thanks
THE SUNDAY CLUB – had a lovely launch meeting last Sunday with up to 20 attendees and lots of Tai Chi, Kurling, chat and good fun.  The next meeting is Sunday, June 9th at 2pm. For more information speak to Caroline Higgins 01298 27638.  
Congratulations to our 14 families whose children are making their First Communion this Sunday. I would like to say a special thank you to Marion McCabe, Nicky Barnes, Leslie Crowther and Julia Wiggins who have led their preparation and celebration, and Ivana Luskiak who has decorated the church for the occasion.  The children are coming back dressed in their finery to celebrate with us all next Sunday at 10am Mass. 
The roofing, pointing and masonry work continues on the external building and the painting of the ceilings inside.  Classic Glass, from Dove Holes, are returning the restored Rose Window next week. 
ROSE GOULD’S SICK CHILDREN IN MALAWI  raised another £200 in donations last week and Rose just wanted to share the good news with us all!
OUR COMMON HOME  Cafod’s current campaign.  Watch a 3 minute inspirational film featuring dozens of young voices from around the world on
BOARBANK HALL Run by the Augustinian Sisters at Allithwaite, Grange over Sands, Cumbria runs residential events and a guest house which is open to all throughout the year with daily Mass.  See leaflet in church.
EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF THE EUCHARIST Are going to meet on Wednesday, May 29th at 7pm in the Hardwick Room.  Please give John Cassidy or Margaret Swift any items for the agenda. 
SOS  For a plumber/electrician able to help us with installing a commercial dishwasher in the Parish Centre.  They need insurance of a least £1 million.  Please contact Fr Gerry. 
SECOND COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND  - For the Clergy Formation Fund.
(1)The Parish Pastoral Council has invited the Vice Chancellor of Derby University, Professor Catherine Mitchell, who is a Catholic, to come and speak to us at Mass on Sunday, June 9th.
(2) We have also invited St Thomas More School and Band to come and celebrate with us on Sunday, June 30th.
We are currently looking for new members to join the committee of the League of Friends of Buxton Hospitals. We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm at Buxton Cottage Hospital. We support the hospitals by providing items that the National Health cannot provide. At present we only have patients in the Cavendish hospital. We provide daily papers and toiletries. We also provide specialist items. At present we are in contact with other Leagues to provide Hovermats. When a patient falls, they cannot be lifted and have to wait for an ambulance. The mat is placed underneath them, the lifting gear is automatically activated and mat rises. These mats are quite expensive, and by joining with the other leagues we can negotiate a better price. The Sister in charge would like to have a designated room fitted out so that family or friends can stay in the hospital overnight when a patient is having palliative care. We are working with her to bring this about. In the summer we provide planters with flowers for the garden where the patients sit out. At Christmas we decorate the hospital and have a party with presents. Last year we had St Anne’s children’s choir. That was really enjoyable. We raise funds by having Raffles and selling books and we are always open to new suggestions for fundraising. We also have donations given and bequeath to us. I hope this has given you some idea of what the League does. It is not too great a commitment for general committee members. For further information please contact Cora Plant on 01298 25433.
Many of us were brought up with the notion that only priests and nuns had “vocations”.  In fact the Second Vatican Council recovered the ancient tradition that all Christians, all disciples of Christ, are “called”.  We are all the sheep who know the voice of the shepherd and respond to him.  We are much more familiar now to the notion of the whole parish community and indeed the whole church, being called as God’s pilgrim people.  Journeying together in history and time we’re trying to be ‘light’ and ‘salt’ to the world around us.  It makes a huge difference that we do this together and not just individually.  How you live your Christian vocation makes a real difference to how I live mine and we hope to all our different neighbours.  We have a Diocesan Vocations Team who can be contacted on 01159501064 or Fr Paul Newman and Fr Jonathan Cotton lead the team.  See the poster. 
KAOMA BOXES  Lots of boxes have already been returned– thank you!  Are there any more?
CHURCH CLEANERS  Could I ask each team if it is possible for them to come and clean the church at a time on Saturday for the next 2 months? 
LENTEN LUNCHES  The Lenten Lunches this year raised £771.56 (some £50 more than last year).  A wonderful effort.  Many thanks to all those involved. The total has been split between CAFOD, Tear Fund and Christian Aid. 
“JUSTNOW” The Diocesan Justice and Peace magazine is available at the back of Church.

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Flower Festival Auction of Promises
Grand Total raised for the Flower Festival £1,812.37
Many thanks to everyone who helped, particularly to Mike who acted as Auctioneer with great humour and skill and some wonderful individual bids undoubtedly came as a result of his gentle cajoling. Thanks also to Bruce who dealt with the bids, to Angela and Aileen for doing the refreshments, to Rob for all the printing and to Fr Dennis for all the advance publicity.  Last but not least, thanks to everyone who kindly donated an item to auction or who bid for one or more of the lots.
We shall have a truly wonderful Flower Festival. We shall display a full list of the lots, donors & money raised at the back of the church from this evening.
Best wishes, Margaret Robinson

Flower Festival