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22nd July, 2018 
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions 
                  5.00 p.m. Polish Mass
                  7.00 p.m. Mass – For all Parishioners
SUNDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Joan Skrobot - RIP 
OFFERTORY 1st July - £643.35p; 8th July - £753.94p; 15th July - £722.48p. Many thanks.
MONDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Olive Hynes - RIP
SATURDAY    5.00 p.m. Polish Mass
                   7.00 p.m. Mass – Mick Richardson- RIP
SUNDAY (29th July) 10.00a.m.  Mass –  For all Parishioners
Eileen Platts, Edna Hilton, Christine Hassett, John Duffy, Donald Bramley, Evelyn Doyle, Donna Joule, Phoebe Williams, Angela Sexton, Anne Turbott, Christine Boddington, David Nevell, Alison Darby, Bridget Walker, John O’Meara, Fr John Cairns, Betty Mellor, Sue Deaville, Tony King, Fr Kevin Gradwell, Anthony Gray, PE Teacher at St Thomas More School who is recovering from an operation and Wyn and Peter Coultas.  
You said “We would like to see more Outreach, but we should have realistic expectations;  We should make a rota offering lifts to Mass for people who need transport;  Thanks to those who already bring others to Mass.  Quarterly Finance Reports; Financial Snapshots in the Newsletter and notices at the back of the Church”. 
The questions we should ask of all these hopes are – who is going to do them?  Do we have parishioners here, now, who will take responsibility for them?  Are we expecting Fr Gerry to initiate them all?  Who will come forward to take these initiatives along with the Parish Pastoral Council?
During our recent visit we found out that our Foodbank had distributed 1,267 seven day food parcels in the last year.  That’s just over 25 parcels each week.  The real thrust of the organisation is trying to give its users the confidence and skills to get back into part-time or voluntary work.  They have been very successful in this and over the past 3 years 50 people have been helped back into at least part-time work.  This part of the organisation is called “Zinc Employability” and has a number of coaches and mentors.  Paul, the Director, can be contacted on 01298 214926 or Would you like me to invite him to come to Mass one weekend in the Autumn to talk to us about it all?
PARISH CENTRE GRANT  For £25,000 – for the Parish Centre insulation of the main hall and the Nagle rooms upstairs;  for the redecoration of the Hall; the replacement of spent Velux windows and external and kitchen door; and the zoning of the heating into 4 different areas.  This has been awarded by the Police Commissioner for Crime Prevention and Community Development.  We have also obtained £900 from Derby University for wi-fi access for the whole building.  Our thanks to Bruce Thomson who obtained the grants and to Ian Deaville who is overseeing the work.  It will start next week.  
FATHER GERRY ON HOLIDAY  for 3 weeks from 24th July. 
While I am away Fr Anthony Dolan, a retired Diocesan Priest living in Nottingham will be here with you for Mass at the weekends.  He came last summer too and I know that you will welcome him warmly.  Margaret Swift will be in the Parish Office on Monday and Thursday afternoons and will pick up any email or phone messages.
The next meeting of the Associates will be on Wednesday , 25th July at 10.30a.m. – 12 noon in the Parish Centre.  New members very welcome.           
We expressed lots of hopes about Liturgy and Prayer.  
“Have a parish retreat; There have been good developments in the past year – keep going!; Regular reflections and prayer events on themes; Continue the Live Simply Project;  Encourage parents, children and young people to come to Mass regularly;  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament;  Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday;  Confirmation for Adults!”  
I will include the hopes for Outreach and Finance next week.
Thanks to our Children’s Group and their leaders for planning this.  The liturgy of the Word will tell the Story of Moses’ call, response and leadership of the People of Israel to the Promised Land. In the Gospel we shall hear how Jesus is the New Moses.
MANY THANKS  To all who planned, delivered and supported our Parish Social last weekend.  There were 78 people there, 18 from Glossop and Alfreton, people really enjoyed themselves with Music and Singalong.  Thanks to the Prodigal Sons and Daughters Band from Glossop.  We raised £500 for the Lourdes Diocesan Pilgrimage.  Thank you all!
It’s housed just across Hardwick Square at the United Reform Church.  Seven parishioners visited last Monday.  It was an eye opening and heartening experience for me who had never seen it before.  1,267 people received a 7 day foodparcel during 2017-2018.  That’s what our donations basket at the back of the church does!  We asked about what sort of people are using the Foodbank and heard that they are people with Mental Health problems, those with addictions, and those families suffering from domestic violence.  We heard too about the Buxton Community Cafe which meets on the First Friday of each month, 5.30-6.30 p.m. at the URC Church and eats and chats together and people make a donation.  More next week about how to become employable.
Mark Cocker, born on Lightwood Road is speaking on “Can we save British Nature before it’s too late?” on Saturday, July 21st at 10 a.m. at the Pavilion Arts Centre, price £11.  
Mary Colwell, a Catholic, is speaking on Sunday, July 22nd at 11 a.m. at the Pavilion Arts Centre about her 500 mile Spring journey from Ireland to Norfolk following the Curlew, price £11.  There’s a 25% reduction if you buy tickets for both!
FATHER GERRY ON HOLIDAY  for 3 weeks from 24th July.  If you want to talk to me about planning anything please do so this week.
This is what you said at the AGM about our hopes for the next year or so about Schools and Youth
“Better links between our 2 Catholic Schools and the parish – more activities between both; Students from St Thomas More School to engage in Reading and Bidding Prayers at Mass;  Improving Mass attendance for the young;  Involve the Briars and strengthen the link with St Thomas Mores;  A more energetic liturgy for young people;  Youth band and choir led and organised by themselves;  Social events to encourage young people – talent shows and family discos;  Confirmation next year;  Encourage parents of Holy Communion Children to come to Mass”. 
Remember these comments came from some 30 people.  
We are already responding to some of these hopes – our children’s group sessions on ‘Escaping with Moses to the Promised Land’ over the past 6 weeks will conclude with a Family Mass next weekend and Marion and Mark McCabe have opened a Parish Facebook page.  Some of the parish team are planning to meet the Headteachers and School Councils in September. 
Our children are going to lead us in two Moses songs.  You’ll probably know the first – “Go down Moses” and then the second “We were Slaves but now we’re free”.They will lead us in the Bidding Prayers too and have torture weapons to show us!  Refreshments after Mass in the Hardwick Room.  Any offers for cakes?
“John and I felt very privileged to receive the Bishops Medals and Certificates last Saturday and would like to thank Fr Gerry and the many parishioners who have given us such support over the years.  Many thanks also to those who provided and served the refreshments afterwards.  Marie and John”.
The annual Padley Pilgrimage will take place at Grindleford.  Start at 3.30 p.m.  See Poster. 
The PPC met last Monday and reviewed the feedback from the AGM at the end of April. Looking back over the past year people said “We appreciated the involvement of Brownies, Guides and Rainbows on Mothering Sunday; the Harvest Festival was brilliant; It’s very encouraging to see new volunteers; There’s more positivity and energy and a sense of hope for the future; It’s good the parish is opening up and reaching out to people; It’s good to have the changes and the continued investment of the Parish Pastoral Council”. 
These were all your words and we found them very encouraging.  Thank you, I’ll write about your hopes for the future next weekend. 
I paid £2,383.20 for repairs to the organ and £2,335.20 for roof repairs to the Church, Presbytery and Parish Centre.
If you would like a stall, please contact Andy Collier – email address or Telephone 01298 23161.  The stall is free if you sell £20 of Raffle Tickets.
ST ANNE’S SCHOOL  along with St Thomas More and some 23 other catholic schools in Derbyshire will be formally joining the new St Ralph Sherwin Academy on September 1st. Mr Sean McCafferty will be the Chief Executive of the whole academy and he has suggested that we make Mrs Julie Wiggins – presently Acting Head – Head of School for September 2018-2019.  She will be supported and directed by Mr Brendan Hickey, presently Headteacher of St Thomas More, just up the road. Both sets of Governors have agreed and we wish both schools every success. 
St Anne’s has vacancies for children wanting to begin school this September and also some vacancies for older children.  Please apply to the school for further information –
Thanks to the 14 parishioners who have already signed up and are using this instead of Google.  They have raised £23.46 with a further £38.50 awaiting confirmation.  Why not join them to make money for the parish.  Our thanks to Bruce Thomson for setting it up. 
Our thanks to Bruce Thomson who obtained the £1200 grant and to Ian Deaville and Peter Skrobot who oversaw the work.  Thanks too to Sue Deaville who is making new curtains.  Come and have a look for yourself today. 
BIG RECENT BILLS  I paid £2,383.20 for repairs to the organ and £2,335.20 for roof repairs to the Church, Presbytery and Parish Centre. 
If you would like a stall, please contact Andy Collier – email address or Telephone Bruce Thomson on Bx 26406.  The stall is free if you sell £20 of Raffle Tickets.                  
CAMINO TO SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA  Andy and Phil Etchells are setting off on the 4th of June to walk the Camino to Santiago De Compostela in Northern Spain.  If anyone would like them to take prayer petitions to the shrine of St James please put them in a sealed envelope and give them to Fr Gerry.                   
Fr Stephen has been Parish Priest of St Mary’s Church, South Wigston, Leicester for the past 14 years and has come to Buxton for rest and refreshment.  He will be living with Fr Gerry in the Presbytery and concelebrating Mass at the weekends and in the weekdays.  He will have no priestly duties or responsibilities so that he can relax and renew himself.  He has a static caravan near Matlock and is hoping to spend some time there each week. I know that I welcome him in your name too – we all hope his short stay here will be a restful one.
We had a lovely sunny, warm day for the First Holy Communion of our 25 children.  Congratulations! They are joining us today so that we will share their joy together as a parish community.  They and their parents will lead us at Mass this morning and we shall distribute the certificates at the end of Mass.  I want to specially thank our Catechists who have led the preparations so well – Margaret Swift, Angela Oldfield, Marion McCabe, Matt and Andy Etchells, Ann Woollacott and Lesley Crowther.  There will be tea and cakes for everyone in the Parish Centre after Mass.   
is taking place in Liverpool, Friday – Sunday, September 7-9th.  There are still tickets (£40) available for the Saturday which features Bishop Robert Baron from Los Angeles, USA.  It starts at 10.30 a.m. and includes Exposition, Evening Prayer and two addresses by Bishop Baron.  He is famous for his “Word of Fire” Ministries and Website (  Have a look and let me know if you would like to come with me.  The parish will subsidise the ticket.  So far there are five people who have asked for Saturday tickets.  Is there anyone else?  Please let me know in the next week.          
Thank you to the 30 people or so who came to the meeting after Mass last Sunday.  Thank you for your feedback about the last year and suggestions for next year.  I personally felt very encouraged by it all.  There was a general appreciation and approval of “the changes” we are making and some suggestions about doing more social things together in the future.  We are hoping to hold a Social Evening on Saturday, July 7th in the Parish Centre from 7.30 p.m.  There will be a sing along (lots of popular and Irish favourites) accompanied by Fr Greg Tobin’s Band from Glossop.  We’re looking for help with catering and games and raffle prizes.  All proceeds will go to the Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage Fund.    
Many thanks to the 12 or so people who came to the day led by Sr Treasa.  I would like to ask you all, and any other interested parishioners, if you are interested in following up St Treasa’s offer of a week of Guided Prayer in September 2018?  If not, what else?
FR KEVIN GRADWELL who is the Assistant Priest of Chapel en le Frith has recently learnt more about his diagnosis and is hoping to start treatment in about a months time.  In the meanwhile I will be presiding at the Chapel Saturday 5pm Mass and there will be a visiting priest there on Sundays at 11 a.m.  Please remember Fr Kevin and Fr John Cairns in your prayers.  Fr John has now finished chemotherapy treatment and is hoping to return to Marple Bridge and New Mills in June.
Has now been completely replaced – imagine the dust! And I have received a bill for £17,418.24p which I will pay from money in the Bank.  Hopefully it will be both cheaper to run and more effective.  
Our thanks to Marion and Mark McCabe, Mike and Mary Monoghan and Yvonne and Paul Ripley who are starting to write these for our weekend masses beginning today. 
At the moment there are two boilers which heat the Presbytery.  One is almost 60 years old and the other has problems.  I asked the Parish Pastoral Council for their advice last year and they suggested I replace them.  There are an assortment of different radiators which are now unacceptable for health and safety reasons which need to be replaced too.  Following the plumbers inspection they will take out the 4” diameter pipe too, along with the 3 gas fires which are obsolete.  The total bill will be £19,200 including VAT.  Of course the new system will be a lot cheaper to run and enable me to lower the temperature in the extension and other bedrooms when I have no visitors.    
Parents were told the news last week that Mrs Clare Sierotko is resigning after being our Headteacher for 15 years.  Obviously it’s a sad moment to be saying goodbye to her after such a long and good partnership and friendship.  She’s had an operation recently and it was more complicated than expected so is convalescing for another few weeks.  The Governors are very grateful that Mrs Julia Wiggins, the Deputy Headteacher, has agreed to step up and fill in for Mrs Sierotko for the moment.  We shall, of course, be searching for a new Headteacher from September 1st, 2018. 
Margaret Swift has compiled and circulated a new Readers Rota.  Saturdays are every 5 weeks and Sundays every 7 weeks with two people reading at each Mass.  Thank you all for your participation and co-operation.  If you can’t make it please ask someone else to replace you.
A BIG THANK YOU!  To all our cleaners, welcomers, readers, collectors, musicians, decorators, planners, altar servers and parishioners who have made Holy Week so memorable this year.  Thank you.
Our thanks to Esther King and her team for planning and putting on such a lovely afternoon.  A special thank you from the 30+ people who enjoyed the feast. 
The Lenten Lunches were well attended this year and a total of £723.25p was raised, an increase of £150 on last year.  All proceeds go to CAFOD, Tearfund and Christian Aid.  Thanks to all who provided the soup, helped on the day and all who supported in any other way, or by attending.   Many thanks to you all.                   
If you have any information about our Rose Window, such as designer, installer/installation date, characters depicted, benefactor etc. could you please pass this on to Bruce Thomson, or Tel 01298 26406.  We need that information to apply for grants for its conservation.       
Mrs Clare McKenzie was recently appointed as our full-time officer based at Family Care in Nottingham. Tel 0115 9603010.  Cath Cassidy, Tel 01298 24663 is our Parish Safeguarding Representative and I thank her for her service to us.  If anyone has any concerns or allegations please contact Cath or Clare in complete confidence.  Notices have been placed in the Church and Parish Centre Toilets. 
MOTHERING SUNDAY  A big thank you to the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and the Children’s Liturgy Group for leading us at Mass last Sunday and especially to their parents and leaders and all who planned the Mass.                    
Donation envelopes with Gift Aid option are in the plastic holders at the back of church should you wish to donate specifically to help with Church, Presbytery and Community Centre maintenance/repair costs.                  
Maggie Maiura was emphasizing that we are already trying to live simply, in solidarity and sustainably.  This is clearly demonstrated this weekend by our contributions to the CAFOD Lent Fast Day especially by helping Marian and her son Svondo in Zimbabwe.  We shall try to organise a visit to the Foodbank and the Nightshelter in Buxton to take a closer look at what each of them is doing and who they are helping.  You will find a Live Simply Prayer card in your Hymn Book to-day, we shall say the prayer at the beginning of the Bidding Prayer each weekend from now on. 
“Return to simplicity which allows you to stop and appreciate the small things, to be grateful for the chances life gives us and to be spiritually detached from what we possess so that we’re not upset by what we lack”.            
KAOMA DONATIONS  For the orphanage in Zambia helping families who are suffering from Aids.  Many thanks for your donations of £278.14p recently sent off. 
DIOCESAN LOURDES PILGRIMAGE 2018 Takes place this year 16-20 July.  Four nights by air from East Midlands.  From £649. All inclusive, led by Fr Greg Tobin from Glossop, with Bishop Patrick in attendance. 
See Poster.  Enquiries – Joe Walsh Tours 0161-820-8790., or Fr Greg Tobin – Tel 07760372105.  Application forms available in the porch.
A BIG THANK YOU to all who have joined or renewed their ‘100 Club’ Subscriptions.                  
HOLY COMMUNION FROM THE CHALICE  We started last weekend and I thought it went fairly well.  As we get more used to it, it will run more smoothly and we shall lessen the queue! The Minister gives you the chalice and says “The Blood of Christ”.  You reply “Amen”, take the chalice with both hands and take a sip.  Then give the chalice back to the Minister.  This is an invitation, not obligation, but I encourage you to give it a try when you feel ready.  There are leaflets available with the background and details. Once again, our special thanks to ANNE CLEARY who is retiring from this ministry – she has served us since 2005. Thank you Anne.
JUSTICE AND PEACE  Thank you to everyone who came to the coffee morning on Peace Sunday, and to those who made donations.  We raised £100 which has been sent to Pax Christi, the International Catholic Movement for Peace.   
DERBYSHIRE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS  All 24 Catholic Schools in the County, including the City, will be amalgamating into a multi academy trust from September 1st, 2018.  It will be called St Ralph Sherwin Academy but our individual schools will continue with their own names but will change into academies.  Remember our headteachers and diocesan education officers at this demanding time of change.          

NEW PARISH SECRETARY  I asked Margaret Swift if she would help us in this way and she agreed.  She will normally be in the Parish Office on Mondays & Wednesdays 10.30am – 3pm.
BUXTON CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEAM PARISHES have very generously given us a gift of £500 towards our Parish Funds.  I have thanked Rev. Keith Cocking, the Acting Team Rector, and the Parish Pastoral Council for their sensitivity and kindness. 

PARISH CONSULTATION DAY A big thank you to everyone who took part – whether for the full day or morning or afternoon.  There were about 55 of us altogether and we spent the morning reflecting on how the past couple of years has been for us here at St Anne’s.  People shared very personally and movingly.  We then moved on to what we think are the priorities for the parish in the next few years and even reduced them to just 2 – you will be hearing what we thought next weekend.  In the afternoon we had a prayer service around Fr Dennis’ grave – each of us placed a pebble on the cross – and then continued with the hopes about the next steps for the parish.  Thanks to Fabio who cooked – thanks to all those who made cakes and did the refreshments and planning.  The Parish Pastoral Council is meeting this Monday and will be planning how to extend the conversation to everyone who comes to mass.
DIOCESAN MEDAL THANK YOU  to everyone for the flowers, balloons, cards and all the kind thoughts and wishes that I received on the presentation of the Diocesan medal.  A big thank you also to those who provided and served the refreshments, it was such a special occasion.  I am honoured and feel very humble to have received the Diocesan medal; however, I receive it on behalf of everyone in our parish.  We are a very special parish and how wonderful it was to see how we all came together to allow us to serve our parish and community during the time we were without a Priest.  Thank you all.  Margaret.

PRAYING FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND I would like to publish each week in the newsletter the names of those we want to pray for.  At the moment I have fifteen peoples’ names.  Is there anyone else you would like us to pray for.  Please let me know or email 

CHURCH TOILET  We have redecorated and reopened the one at the back of the Presbytery which is part of the garage.  It will be open during the weekend Masses.  Look for the sign at the rear of the Presbytery.  Our thanks to Peter Skrobot for the redecoration. 

MEGA YOUTH POLL  In 2018, Pope Francis will meet Bishops and others to talk about Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.  At this gathering, they will discuss how the Catholic Church can accompany young people in their faith and help them to hear God’s call.  If you are aged between 13-29 years old, the Catholic Church in England and Wales would like to hear from you, we want to hear what life is like, youth thoughts and faith and connection with the Catholic Church.  To help you tell us we have created a Mega Youth Poll that you can access using this link 

THE WALL  The diocese has given us an interest free loan to cover the cost of the wall.  The parish is grateful for this as it takes some of the pressure off but there will be fundraising in due course to help with the payments. 

COMMUNITY CENTRE BOOKINGS  The Community Centre booking system is up and running.  If you wish to book the centre, please see the Community Centre bookings page or text your enquiry to 07376457618.

ST THOMAS MORE SCHOOL – OFSTED REPORT – The leadership team at St Thomas More School has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.  Mr Hickey, the Headmaster, has led the school well and continues to ensure that staff are true to the core values of the school.  The staff and pupils are exceptionally loyal.  As one parent said, ‘This school manages to provide an environment in which my daughter is safe, supported emotionally and challenged academically.’

MASS INTENTIONS  There are envelopes at the back of church for Mass Intentions.  When you would like to have a Mass offered for your own intentions, please use one of these envelopes and return it to the Presbytery.

POPE FRANCIS recently reminded us that “Nuclear deterrence and the threat of mutually assured destruction cannot be the basis for an ethics of fraternity and peaceful coexistence between people.  Spending on nuclear weapons squanders the wealth of nations.  When these resources are squandered, the poor and the weak living on the margins of society pay the price.  “Question – should the UK replace Trident?”

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Flower Festival Auction of Promises
Grand Total raised for the Flower Festival £1,812.37
Many thanks to everyone who helped, particularly to Mike who acted as Auctioneer with great humour and skill and some wonderful individual bids undoubtedly came as a result of his gentle cajoling. Thanks also to Bruce who dealt with the bids, to Angela and Aileen for doing the refreshments, to Rob for all the printing and to Fr Dennis for all the advance publicity.  Last but not least, thanks to everyone who kindly donated an item to auction or who bid for one or more of the lots.
We shall have a truly wonderful Flower Festival. We shall display a full list of the lots, donors & money raised at the back of the church from this evening.
Best wishes, Margaret Robinson

Flower Festival