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Minutes & Meetings

Our next PPC meeting is on Monday, 03 June at 7:15pm in the Hardwick Room

Parish Day 24th September 2017

I was delighted that 52 adults and 9 children signed up to come and share their recent experience of the parish community and their hopes for the next chapter.  Our thanks to Eileen McCabe who led us and Fabio Feroleto who cooked for us.

Link to Parish Day video

Click this link for photos from The Parish Day.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 6th June 2017 

Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther , Cath Etchells, Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman Esther King, Fr. Gerry Murphy, Mary Rooney, Yvonne Ripley, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson 

1)  Apologies - Fr. Gerry apologised for being late.

2) Opening Prayer
Margaret opened with a prayer.

3) Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.  

4) Group Reports
Music - The Music Group were delighted to sing at the 10am Mass on May 28th,  Fr Gerry's first Sunday Mass in the Parish. We were pleased to welcome 
Ann, a new member to the choir. Our next meeting will be at the end of 
 Several members of the group sang and played at the Confirmation Mass 
 on June 1st. 
Guides - Very busy, thriving group 16 guides plus 3 starting shortly. At present they are looking for flat white or cream sheets to paint for their Carnival float.
Social - On 29th April Senior Citizen lunch was held in the Centre. Thanks to Ken and Margaret for the cooking and thanks to those who helped with the planning and serving on the day.
27th and 28th May Teas /Coffees after both masses to welcome Fr. Gerry.
1st June Teas, coffees, Wine and nibbles after the Confirmation Mass.
Margaret thanked Social Committee for tea and coffee for Father's welcome and for Confirmation.
Garden Work has now began to keep on top of all the routine jobs.
Justice and Peace

1. Livesimply:  The Livesimply final target setting and launch has, after consultation, been postponed from 25 June to allow Fr Gerry to audit what needs doing and become fully part of the process  (congratulations on your appointment to St Anne's btw, Fr Gerry).  It is hoped that the delay will not be for too long, whilst allowing the necessary time to assess and plan for the needs of the church and community.

2.  General Election:  The notice boards at the back of church were updated with relevant information a week prior to the election. The letter to Catholics in England and Wales from their Bishops was also distributed, information was put in the newsletter and was given at the end of Masses the weekend before the election by Fr Gerry. Five members of the J&P group, as well as others from St Anne's attended the local political hustling at Poole's Cavern on 5th June, some of whom made contributions to the debate. (Sadly the MP for High Peak Andrew Bingham declined to attend). 

 3. Terrorist atrocities:   Prayers were said at Masses for all those affected by the terrorist atrocities.

4. Coffee Mornings: We haven't held a coffee morning for CAFOD/Pax Christi since the last report but I would like to propose having one on 25th June as we won't be doing the launch. It was agreed to go ahead with this coffee morning.
Pope Francis has designated 1st September day of prayer for creation of the whole world. From 1st September to 4th October is the season for prayer of Creation. Justice and Peace to discuss.
Property Peter - Did the safety audit today with Andy and Rob.  Floor in main hall is dangerous.  Andy will report this to Father.  Action We need  the firm in that laid the floor Andy to do this. Peter is working hard at the moment to get the outside toilet up and running again as people are missing this facility.
Cath reported that the Organ wiring might need re doing.
Out Reach Report - Visiting team is fine. No other matters. 
Churches Together - Churches Together in Buxton (CTIB) AGM and forum meeting, Rosemary and Iris both attended the CTIB AGM on May 9th  2017. 
Notice of 2 events have already been sent to Angela for the newsletter. 
Last Friday of each month Prayer Meeting at Chapter and Verse from 8-9pm. 
Meal cooked by Foodbank volunteers monthly on the last Friday of each month.  No need to book, just turn up. Date of next meeting Wednesday 26th July at the Source. Fr Gerry is warmly invited to attend. 
Youth Report Sophie - The confirmation ceremony took place on 1st June with 15 candidates confirmed by bishop Patrick.  Fr Gerry held a reconciliation service last Sunday for the children making their first holy communion. Holy communion will take place on 18th June.
Youth Report Fabio - The Make it project for Local Authority Children in care.  Aimed at 16/18 year olds. Police have commissioned it.  Derbyshire County Council funded it.  Craft items are made and sold in the shop which is open on Fridays and is based on Fairfield Road. 

Live Simply (J&P) Fr. Gerry needs to identify things which we can do in the Parish and set targets then launch. A discussion took place on when and how to launch the Livesimply, changing roles of  laity etc.  Fr. Gerry wants to be part of the team not running the parish on his own.  Fr. Gerry acknowledged  we have been through a testing time and succeeded.  We made things happen in the parish. We need time to reflect on what we've learnt about lay initiative. It was suggested that we have a day of reflection/ review for the parish to discuss what we've been through. Fr. Gerry knows 2 possible leaders for the day Mark Davies, Eileen McCabe or Paula Bailey. Suggested dates 23rd Sept and 7th October. Subcommittee will work out a format.

Parish Centre - Sue agreed to carry on with the bookings  until Mid September. Margaret, Mary and Fr. Gerry to meet to discuss scale of charges to be decided.  Iris reported from Bruce that Derbyshire Council are offering funding to premises hosting NA and AA.  Bruce to follow this up.

Quite hour - We will have a quite hour when Fr. Gerry is away in the summer.  Fr. Gerry would like us to continue with the quiet hour it was decided it would now be held on Tuesdays.

Parish Vision Tree This needs updates. Fr Gerry was asked if he would put up the bulletin each week.  Mary to put up minutes.
Fundraising update - There will be a meeting on 15th June 7.45pm in Hardwick room.  Polish people have made a donation.  Second collection can be gift aided.  Margaret thanked Bruce for all his efforts he has recently been successful  in getting £1,100 from a grant scheme towards the wall.

Meal out - 10th July, 7.00 for 7.30.


Mary - James Crawford Stuart has recently been in touch to see if he can arrange to look at our hymn boards as he would like to see if there is an inscription  on any in memory to his sister.  Mary has agreed to get in touch with him and arrange a visit.

Yvonne -  Has been in touch with Amanda Glover who is shortly moving to Buxton and wants to get involved.

Sue - Joe Brown has kindly agreed to be treasurer.

Lesley - Did a 10K run and raised £450.00 in memory of  Fr. Dennis for Blythe House.

Margaret - Will send Thank you cards to visiting clergy.  Sue Deville is now at home but weak, please ring before visiting.

Rosemary Bibby - asked if  there is any voluntary work  that can be done in the parish for a visitor to this country, she has had a request from the University.

Date of next meeting to be finalized on July 10th.
Fr. Gerry closed meeting with a prayer.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 2nd May 2017


Lesley Crowther , Cath Etchells, Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman Esther King, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson

1)  Apologies

Anne Cleary, Sophie Etchells, Yvonne Ripley

2) Opening Prayer

Margaret opened with a prayer.

3) Minutes of previous meeting were agreed. 

4) Group Reports

Property- Back boiler will need replacing due to asbestos.  Whole system will need to be drained and refilled.  Church boiler is also broken down.  Fr. Gerry would like the heating to house sorted before he comes.  Peter has agreed to contact someone to come and look at the system. 

Property Report Produced By P Skrobot - March & April 2017. Work done by

P Skrobot: 1. Two dining chairs repaired in presbytery. 2. Soggy leaves and twigs removed from parish centre yard. 3. Loose draft excluder refitted to inner entrance door to church. 4. Microphone refitted to lectern in church . 5. Door stop fitted on presbytery porch door. 6. Parish centre boiler exhaust gas outlets repointed and sealed to stop rainwater leaking into the cellar. 7. Collapsed pot drain outside entrance to parish centre dug out. Replaced with new plastic drain and made good tarmac . 8. Two new parking notices erected on exterior walls of parish centre.  9. Hosted boiler inspections/servicing of all gas boilers. The church boiler timer has been repaired and set. The room stat located in the church is now also working. The gas fire/back boiler in the presbytery was not serviced due to it having asbestos seals. The boiler did pass it’s emission test and is still functioning. A suitable replacement boiler may need to be installed in the longer term. The attached gas fire was disabled because it was faulty. 10. Hosted inspection of fire extinguishers in all locations. Several obsolete powder extinguishers needed to be replaced with foam extinguishers. 11. New solar light Installed above St Anne's Parish Centre sign on east exterior wall. 12. Liaised with insurers, consultants and hosted several meetings during rebuilding of collapsed boundary wall. 13. Garage door frame straightened to enable steel door to close properly. 14. Three existing faulty brass door handles removed and replaced with new chrome door handles in parish centre toilets. 15. Broken door catch on door in the main hall of the parish centre replaced. 17. One faulty light element in parish centre gents toilet replaced and set up. 18. Old settee from presbytery dismantled and removed to tip. 19. Drain outside entrance to Hardwick room unblocked. 20. Made wooden plinths for new St Anne's signs and fixed near entrance doors to parish centre. Work done by others: 1. In preparation for the appointment of the new cleaning lady, Esther King, Iris Thompson, Mary & Jock Rooney, Fabio,  Margaret & Ken Swift cleared, cleaned and sorted out the designated cleaner's room in the parish centre 2. Sue Hardman funded and redecorated the presbytery lounge in readiness for the arrival of our new priest. Sue also washed all the curtains and renewed the linings before rehanging them. 3. Ken Swift cleaned the lounge carpet in the presbytery. 4. Sue Hardman painted the bare plaster on the presbytery kitchen wall. 5. Rob Aldous manufactured two new parking signs and two new St Anne's emblem signs all for the parish centre. Boundary Wall - Update.  The boundary wall has now been rebuilt. The work was done safely and to a high standard. It was completed on time causing minimum disruption. Good relations with our adjoining neighbours were maintained throughout.

Committee thanked Peter for all the hard work he is continuously doing.

Justice and Peace - Our main thrust over the next 12 - 18 months is going to be working for the LiveSimply award, so can that be added to the plan?  Yvonne has booked Louise Cook (the Diocesan J&P Fieldworker) to come and talk at the 10am mass on Sunday 25th June to launch the event - please could that be put in the parish diary so that Fr Gerry knows that it's happening. It's also the last Sunday of the month so I'm hoping that there will be a music mass as well. Yvonne has also booked the Parish Centre to continue the launch with refreshments afterwards. Yvonne will give more details about LiveSimply at the next ppc meeting when Fr Gerry will be here.  Other J&P news: Stations of the Cross on Palm Sunday was very powerful, with the pictures remaining on display for the rest of Holy Week.  The deanery talk on Human Trafficking was a very powerful eye-opener. Yvonne counted 9 parishioners from St Anne's at the talk, and others from CTIB as we'd publicised to them. Personally Yvonne felt gratitude to the Bishop for highlighting this, and proud that the Catholic Church was taking a lead in raising awareness of this abuse.

Sue reported that the R.E. teacher from St. Thomas More school thinks the LiveSimply award is a great idea and is very keen for some pupils to be involved with the scheme.

Music Group - The choir and instrumentalists played at the 10am Eucharist on Easter Sunday. Our next scheduled Sung Sunday Eucharist will be on Sunday 28 May. This will be Fr Gerry's first Sunday Mass in the parish. Some choir members and musicians will be involved in a short service at the Hawthorns on May 7 at 2pm. This event has been organised by Rosemary Bibby and Iris Thomson within Churches Together in Buxton. 
Outreach Report April 2017  - Visiting group -  Still running smoothly. There is one new lady , who is in the Portland Care home, and being visited by Marie. Welcome  Committee - no news.  Presentation Associates The associates and helpers delivered Easter gifts and cards to the housebound. Thank you to St Anne's school for providing the cards. Rosary nothing to report.

Churches Together in Buxton - Rosemary Bibby and Iris T have planned a short service for the Hawthorns on Sunday May 7 at 2pm. This is part of the Churches Together in Buxton regular programme of services. Sue Hardman has kindly offered to play the keyboard and several choir members have offered to come along to sing. The next CTIB meeting is on May 9th at the URC.

Gardening - Three trees have been taken down another one to go.  More volunteers are needed.  Peter has offered to step in and help with cutting hedges and  bushes.

Social - Senior Citizens lunch went very well and was enjoyed by all but approximately 26 attended and a discussion took place if the parish should carry on.  A decision will be made once Fr. Gerry has arrived.  On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May coffee will be served to give the parishioners the chance to meet Fr Murphy.

Confirmation - Great weekend at Briars.

Youth - Sophie was missing from meeting as she was attending a CAFOD evening in the Parish Centre to show young people what other young people have done on their Gap Year.

Food Bank - Super Kitchen starts on Friday 5th May, Mary to put article from Buxton Advertiser on notice board.

Parish Plan - Margaret has updated the parish plan, a new format needed.  Vision tree in the Hardwick room groups need to update their information  and put it up before Fr. Gerry comes.  Margaret is going to speak to Rob about putting up some of the old Black and White photos to cover a wall and maybe grouping together some of the other photo that are in the centre as some of them are very random.

5) Fr Gerry - Came on the 2nd May to speak with Margaret, Rob, Andy, Cath and Sue.  Priority to get heating sorted.  He will use the office upstairs. Cupboards need clearing, the committee decided to leave that to Fr. Gerry as there may be things that he will need. Many of the pictures will be taken down in the house before he arrives.  Fr. Gerry will run next meeting.  He has offered to take the Parish Council somewhere nice for dinner.  We may take up Yvonne's idea of doing a quiz before dinner. We will meet in the presbytery before dinner.  Father will do 3 Masses per week to start with.  A Cleaning rota for the church will be needed.

6) Parish Centre - update/bookings/fire - Bookings Margaret has been doing it but it will hopefully go back to Parish Priest.  Sue is taking over until she goes on holiday on the 17th then it will return back to Margaret.  Fire door needs sorting.  Margaret has suggested the whole of the property should be a no smoking area.

7)Wall - Bruce is doing a great job trying to get grants/sponsorship.  New thermometer posters will be displayed soon.  We have an interest free loan from the diocese for the wall.  A notice to go in bulletin to let the parishioners know how the diocese are helping us.  Date for an open fund raising meeting, Thursday 15th June, 7.45pm Hardwick Room.

8)  Finance Committee update and present position - Slightly better than was forecast largely due to the increase in collection.  Andy will shortly be stepping down as treasurer.

9) AOB - Junior liturgy training day  was 18th March but unfortunately no one could attend.  Resource list supplied.

10) Date of next meeting 6th June 2017

Margaret closed meeting with a beautiful prayer which St. Anne's children wrote.




Minutes of St Anne’s PPC     14th Mar 2017

Present:   Margaret Swift (Chair), Lesley Crowther, Kath Etchells, Peter Skrobot, Yvonne Ripley, Esther King, Iris Thomson, Fabio Fereleto

Apologies: Mary Rooney, Sue Hardman, Sophie Etchells

Also Present: John O’Meara

The meeting began with a prayer led by Margaret.
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
It was also agreed that there would be no Group reports.

John O’Meara was present to discuss proposed changes to the Parish Offertory:-
•    Invite parishioners to take out standing orders in place of weekly envelope offerings 
•    Improve uptake of Gift Aid
•    Ask parishioners to review amount of weekly offering

Lengthy discussion followed about the rebuilding of the wall at the side of the Parish Centre. The cost of rebuilding 16m of wall, including new foundation and drainage and making good roadways on either side will be £40,000. This amount will need to be met by the Parish. A breakdown of costs was given. There will be a photograph of the damaged section and breakdown of costs displayed in church the weekend of 25/26 Mar. Fr Dazeley has suggested the entire Easter collection to go to this fund. He will speak at each Mass this weekend about the proposed change to Standing Order, Gift Aid and review of weekly offering. Relevant forms will be handed out in Church before the end of Mass.
Work on the wall will begin on Monday 20th Mar and will take about 6 weeks. Parking will be affected. Neighbouring householders will be offered parking in the Car Park if possible. Access to Church and Playschool will need to be made safe throughout the works period.
We were reminded that the Quinquennial Report from the Diocese also highlighted work that also needs to be done in and around the Church and Parish Centre.
Margaret suggested that a small committee (not necessarily PPC members) will need to be formed to plan and oversee this work.

Station Mass - The Bishop will celebrate the Station Mass in Buxton on Apr 4th. Confession will be available. Tea/Coffee/Cake will be served in the Parish Centre afterwards. 

Parish Centre – The caretaker has now left. The Finance Committee has appointed a cleaner on a 3 month trial. She will work 2hrs each Tues and Thurs and 1hr at the weekend after any booking. She will clean kitchen, toilets, hallway and Main Hall. The Caretakers room urgently needs clearing out and several members of the PPC agreed to do this for a couple of hours on Sat 18th starting at 9.30am. Open access for cleaning equipment will be given to groups using the Centre. Groups have been notified about putting tables out and away and leaving premises in a clean and tidy condition. All groups will be given a copy of Terms and Conditions of bookings. A telephone in the Playgroup area which is paid for by the Parish is to be removed.

Holy Week Liturgies – Fr Dazeley has outlined the Order of Events and Readers will be arranged. Communion will be offered under both kinds on Maundy Thursday and The Easter Masses. Statues will be covered from the Sat evening of the 4th week of Lent until Easter Saturday Vigil. There will be a Quiet Hour of Mon/Tues/Wed of Holy week, possibly one of these at 5pm.

An Easter Walk from Leek to Buxton is to be organised on the 1st/2nd April by a member of the Polish Community. Details in the Newsletter.

Finance – Finance Committee meet each week with Canon Bowdren. An update was sent separately to PPC members.

Group Updates
•    Parish Handbook has been updated by Rob, Yvonne and Mary. Copies available to PPC members by email from Rob. New version will be ready for Holy Week.
•    Justice and Peace meeting on Mar 5th was well attended and Yvonne reported it was a lively and enthusiastic meeting. Yvonne summarised discussion about the Live Simply Award. There will be a ‘Launch’, which will be a Liturgy in June followed by a social event in the Parish Centre during which there will be 2 or 3 short talks. Mike Monaghan will be the lead speaker. We will have 3 targets for each of the 3 sections.
o    Live Simply
o    Live Sustainably with Creation
o    Live in Solidarity with the Poor
           More details in the J&P Report to the PPC

There will be a J&P Coffee Morning after the 10am Mass on the 26th Mar.

Parish Centre – Margaret currently has the Centre bookings diary. She has set up an online booking diary. This can be accessed through the website. Currently Margaret, Ken and Rob can edit it. All members of the PPC will be shown how to use the online diary.

Date of Next Meeting – May 2nd at 7pm. This will be an informal meeting with wine and cheese to allow discussion about fundraising.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm with prayer led by Margaret and Peter. 

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 14th February 2017

Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther , Andy Etchells, Cath Etchells, Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman, Esther King, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson, Yvonne Ripley

1)  Apologies - No apologies

2) Opening Prayer
Margaret opened with a prayer.

3) Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.  Matters arising - Mary, Yvonne and Rob are continuing with parish booklet.  
Money for nightstop and food bank given. Both organizations very grateful for donations. Nightstop provide tents, an evening meal and breakfast when weather is very cold. So far they have done this 13 nights over winter. Food bank is going from strength to strength now providing food boxes to some vulnerable families in Fairfield school to help ensure children are getting breakfast before going to school. They are continuing their work helping to get people in work and ensuring they know what benefits they can claim.
Ann Woolacott has volunteered to be on the cashiers rota. Another person is still needed for the counting, a note to go in bulletin.
World student day bidding prayers are ready.
Parish plan on hold.

4) Group Reports
The Guides numbers did go down to just 2 after they all moved up to Rangers, we now have 23 Rangers !! 
We have also now gone back up to 12 Guides, which is great as we have more coming up after Easter. 
The girls joined up with the Rainbows and Brownies to make the stars and decorations for church this Christmas. 
The Guides are currently working on their Healthy Eating and Healthy lifestyles badges, which includes planning and cooking healthy meals. We also had an instructor in to do a circuit class with them. The girls will also be fencing too. 
The girls were also invited to watch the Panto at Burbage institute. 
Some of the girls are also going forward for International selection for the International Guiding trip in 2018/19 to America , Taiwan and Iceland. 

Youth report - Sophie
- Confirmation sessions are now underway with 15 young people preparing for the sacrament.
- holy communion coffee morning due to take place 26th February. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the catechist team and for the team to answer any questions parents may have about the programme. 
- school students from both our church schools sang and read at Father Dennis' reception into church and requiem mass.
- we now update our 'St Anne's Youth' Facebook page when Confirmation sessions take place as well with updates from Rod and Sophie - 2 'step into the gap' CAFOD volunteers based at The Briars who are currently overseas learning about CAFOD projects in Cambodia and Ethiopia which do not give to communities but rather empower the people to take action towards reducing poverty; helping them to help themselves. As such, the Confirmation candidates have already undertaken a CAFOD session (which Fr Brian Dazeley sat in on) to learn about how we cannot just give, but empower others.
We encourage parishioners and friends on St Anne's to 'like' & 'share' our Facebook updates on 'St Anne's Youth'
Youth Report - Fabio
Is working with Safe and sound with both the schools at year 9 upwards to try and arise awareness of child sexual exploitation.  Youth group on hold it will depend on support of new priest.  Fabio praised work coaches that are working with unemployed people at foodbank.
It was suggested a youth mass/children's mass once a month.  It was felt we need to appeal to the young parents.  It was suggested that we make better use of back area where the young children have a book area.

Property Report Produced By P Skrobot . Work done by P Skrobot: 1. Fitted key safe to external wall of presbytery. 2. Fitted Perspex sheet over broken glass in window on parish centre. 3. Renewed door catch on presbytery rear porch door. 4. Pointed bottom of presbytery door frame to stop ingress of rainwater. 5. Adjusted radiators in church to lower church temperature to a comfortable level. 6. Removed key safe from presbytery wall. 7. Adjusted radiators in parish centre main hall and Hardwick room to lower temperatures.  Temperatures now at a comfortable level. 8. Met a local builder re quoting for the rebuilding of the boundary wall as per instructions of the structural surveyors report. 9. Reset and grouted loose floor tiles at entrance to play group room in parish centre. 10. Renewed rubber washer in hot tap in kitchen sink in parish centre to prevent dripping. Still needs a firm hand to stop the tap dripping as tap seat probably worn. 11. Examined faulty door handles on toilet doors in parish centre and found return springs to be broken. Replacement springs unobtainable so better quality handles will need to be fitted. 12. Reset both automatic ceiling lights in gents toilets as both lights were not switching off. Both lights do now switch on automatically and stay on for a set time. Unfortunately one light comes on occasionally without anyone being in the room. I suspect it to be faulty and it may need replacing. 13. Added another coat of varnish to the inside of both new hardwood doors in the parish centre. Work done by others: Ken Swift had splash backs fitted adjacent to the hand dryers in the parish centre toilets. Boundary Wall - Update. It has been agreed that the work to rebuild 16 metres of the crumbling boundary wall will be undertaken and managed by a firm of contractors. The contractors are being sort by Rachel Oxspring. Rachel is the property manager for the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees. Peter met today with site boss from diocese. Parish pays for work to be carried on. Margaret thanked Peter for all his hard work.

Everything went very well with the funeral catering, the people of the parish were very generous with their donations. There may be a quiz in May.

Music  Report
The Music Group had the great privilege of taking part in Fr Dennis's funeral at the end of January. We sang for the Reception Mass on the Sunday 29th and for the Requiem on Monday 30th where we were joined by several musicians from St Thomas More School. The music for the Requiem was very well received and helped to make it a real celebration of his life and priesthood. He would have enjoyed it.
We will be singing again for the Memorial Mass on Feb 19th. We will be meeting in the Church at 9.15 to run through the music. 
Out Reach Report
Presentation Associates. The Presentation Associates are very grateful for the donations promised from Fr Dennis's funeral. He gave two cheques to the Associates every year to support their work in Kaoma. The next meeting of the Associates will be on Wednesday 22nd February. N.B. This meeting, will be at the Hawthorns Salvation Army Home on Burlington Road at 14.00. This is to enable Angela Sexton to host the meeting. Angela is resident at the Hawthorns but led the Buxton group for many years.
Churches Together in Buxton
 The Lenten Lunches begin on Feb 28th, Tuesdays this year,  and we will be responsible for the lunch on Mar 7th. This will be at Bath Rd centre from 12.15 - 1. 30ish.  Have 6 soup makers and about the same amount of helpers organised.
Mar 3 Women's World Day of Prayer at St Mary's Dale Rd at 2pm
Mar 3 Rehearsals begin for Good Friday Liturgy at Methodist Church 7.30pm
Mar 8 Lenten Services/Meditations begin at 7.30pm in United Reform Church
Justice and Peace
Regarding J&P this evening, there is no report but some planning for the future:
1.  The formation of a sub-group to set 'LiveSimply' targets - invitation to go out to all parishioners? One meeting envisaged, will possibly need input regarding premises and finance
2.  Diary Date - 9th April 3pm  Palm Sunday Stations of the Cross (J&P) which Fr Dennis had requested. Painting will be used. Another meeting may be needed to organise.
3.  Lenten Journey - Daily Reflections (attached) - what would be the best way of making these accessible to people? Individual meditation to be used on quiet on Mondays.
4.  J&P Sunday Reflections during Lent (attached). Is it possible to have these put out with the bulletin during Lent?
Regarding support for bereavement in the Parish - I've made enquiries but have not heard that any of the other churches in Buxton have anything up and running. I made enquiries from Cruise (the bereavement people) and a one day course from them is approximately £200 per person - that person would then train up others in the parish who were interested - or for £1000 they will train a group of about 20 people).  Mary has suggested that if we wanted more people in the parish trained in bereavement counselling we could apply to the Bingham Trust for a grant.  I've attached the Bereavement Support Book from the Diocese of Portsmouth - it's very good  but quite a long read. It would be good to work with that plus having some training or mentoring as well.
20th April 7.30 Louise Look Diocesan Justice and Peace worker giving a talk on human trafficking. Yvonne recommended this talk and is going to find out where it will be held. 

5)  Fr Dennis and Memorial Mass
Music Group for memorial mass. Margaret has chosen the liturgy. A short discussion took place planning who would do readings and bidding prayers.

6)  Parish update
Margaret, Rob and Andy now meet the Dean once a week. Mass intention envelopes at the back of church.  Rota for masses Fr. Brian until Easter, weekday masses Dean. On the 18th March there is a Formation day for children.  Church and House alarmed.

7)  Parish Centre
It was agreed a better system for the key needs to be found, to be discussed at a later date. The booking system form is on website and we would now like users to email or text bookings in. At present Margaret has phone with the diary for bookings. Margaret and Mary have updated the regular bookings.  Care taker is leaving at end of March.  With no care taker groups will need to put tables and chairs up and away themselves.  Groups may have to sign a contract. Andy will contact Care taker to confirm leaving date.  The committee suggested employing a cleaner for the centre when a new Parish Priest arrives.

8)  Finance Committee 
Andy has now been appointed Parish Treasurer.  Canon  Bowdren is providing a spread sheet which he wants using. Papers and bulletins need reducing. The committee thanked Andy for his work.

9) Spring lunch date
The seniors lunch date will be 29th April.

10) Blythe House
The committee would like to do a fund raising event for Blythe House as they provided free night sits when Fr Dennis was ill. A couple of things was suggested a coffee morning, cake stall or quiz night. It was suggested this might be something that the Confirmation/Communion groups could do.

11 AOB
Mary suggested Yvonne to write something to put in the bulletin to focus quiet hour prayer.  Margaret has had more book marks printed.  A vote of thanks for Margaret.

Date of next meeting - Tuesday 14th March.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 10th January 2017


Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther , Cath Etchells, Sophie Etchells, Fr. Higgins, Esther King, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson 
1)  Apologies
Fabio Feroleto, Yvonne Ripley
2) Opening Prayer
Fr. Dennis opened with a prayer.
3) Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.  Esther was thanked for doing them.

4) Group Reports
Guides - Went to Paris, great trip.  Eight guides at moment, the rangers group is thriving at present with 24.  Rainbow numbers low and brownies are OK.  Thanks to brownies and Aileen for lovely decorations.  Thanks also went to the rainbows for the painted yellow stones around the Christmas tree. Christmas card fronts needed for next year to make stars.

Music - The music group supported the young people in the Parish on the Feast of Christ the King at the end of November. Rehearsals for Christmas were held on Dec 5, 12 and 19 under the direction of Mike Watson. A large group of musicians and singers turned out for the Advent Service and Christmas Eucharist on Dec 24.  It was lovely to have Fr Dennis there.  There was a Music Mass on Jan 8 for the Bishop's visit. We are delighted to have 2 new members- Mercy and Paul Glover, both hoping to sing with us on a regular basis.  Carol concert on 18th December went very well.

Outreach Report Eucharistic Ministers: The annual renewal day for EMs in the Peak Deanery will be on Saturday 11th March, in Buxton. Using the church and the parish centre. The day will be led by Fr Joe Wheat and the topic for discussion will be ‘Sainthood’.
Visiting: Visits to the sick and housebound are organised by Marie Lewis. One new gentleman is being visited in the Cavendish Hospital. Any new requests for visits should be left in the sacristy for Marie Lewis. 

Presentation Associates: Christmas presents have been  delivered to the sick and housebound in the  parish.Peter reported that the Polish priest will go round and bless people's houses.

Garden - Nothing to be done this time of year.

Social - Eighty people attended the Carol concert on 18th December, a good time was had by all.  Good coffee morning for confirmation.

Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting on 7/1/2017.
Present: Father Dennis, Margaret Swift, Rob Aldous, Andy Etchells. 
The meeting commenced at 11.05am and initially the discussion touched on Father Dennis and what, if anything, he needed the committee to help him with. He advised that everything was presently in order with the finances. 
 Andy usually does the banking each week with Father Dennis preparing the paying in book, cash and cheques. Andy was concerned that any discrepancies found at the bank always had his initials against them in order to continue the banking process. Rob suggested that the Committee prepare the banking based on the counters sheet thus ensuring that at least two people are involved at all stages providing transparency to the proceedings. A check of the counters rota revealed that occasionally only one person was involved and this now needs to be rectified. 
A discussion took place regarding the cost of relief priests. It would seem that any priest from the Deanery who was asked to cover would not receive any payments for saying Mass or for expenses. Father Dennis thought that the cover provided by Monsignor Dazely would not be charged for as he was retired and the cost would be covered by the retired priests fund, however, as he travelled from Leicester some clarification may be required, particularly as this was ongoing.
The meeting closed at 11.35am.
We need 2 people to count and when handling money.  Ann Woollacott has volunteered.  Counters must do the banking slip.
Re Fr. Dennis's care - The  following  arrangement has been  agreed by the parish  council - £250 per week  will be provided  by the sick and retired  clergy fund. The  rest of the care  will be covered by the parish and Father  Higgins  from his own  funds. 

Youth Report - Sophie
1.    Many thanks to all who helped and donated to Sunday's coffee morning for communion and confirmation funds.
2.    Planning weekend due to take place this weekend for catechists to plan for sacrament preparation.
3.    Invites for Confirmation have been sent out to potential candidates and Communion letters are due to be sent out shortly.
4.    ‘Come and See’ evening for parents and candidates for Confirmation due to take place on 24th January.
Justice and Peace - Coffee mornings on the last Sunday of every month after 10 am mass to resume.

•    Target setting for the parish re LiveSimply award
•    Fair Trade Fortnight 27th February - 12th March (perhaps make this a feature of February's coffee morning?)
•    J&P Stations of the Cross on Palm Sunday
•    Begin liaising with our schools re J&P, keeping them abreast of parish involvement and inviting their support.
Churches Together:  - The next meeting is on Wed 18 Jan at 7.30pm in the URC. 

Dates for diaries:- 
22 Jan Service for Peace and Christian Unity. URC at 6pm. 
19 Feb World Student Day in Churches (will contact Hilary Benson, chaplain, to remind her we would like a resource pack for this). St. Anne's will mark it by have bidding prayers provided by Univ. of Derby.
28 Feb. Lenten lunches begin. 
3 Mar Women's World Day of Prayer. St Mary's Dale Rd , usually 2pm. 

5) Parish Centre - Ken fixed loose plank.  The floor in the hall may need to be re-laid.  Casey (floor layer) needs to come back and look.  Suggest Peter Barrett to be here to liaise at that time.
Bookings, Sue to sort phone.  person with phone will have to come to hall and give them the key and collect and check the hall.  Margaret to take the first month.  Cleaning materials and mop need to be available.  Proper clean required - working party 25th February.

6) Parish Plan - Margaret asked PPC members to print out, update and pass to her to revise.  Copy of Parish Plan to be kept in Sacristy along with 'List of Contacts'.

7) PPC Roles and responsibilities - Margaret Chair proposed by Sue and seconded by Ester. Unanimous agreement.

8) AOB - Mary met with Yvonne and Rob to look at Parish booklet which they are updating. No coffee morning in January for Justice and Peace, will resume end of February.

Iris - Collections from Christmas cards and Parish Carol Concert amounted to £195.00 This to be split £65.00 each between Charis House, Nightstop and Foodbank.  Iris has taken donation to Charis house and Mary will do Nightstop and foodbank.  This year donations are in cash so a receipt is require for next meeting. 
Lenten lunches begin 28th February and each Tuesday in lent except Holy Week.  St. Anne's will be asked to take responsibility for one week.   Iris has list of soup makers and helpers.
Fr. Dennis - Parish is wonderful.

Cath - Wall on left side near Parish Centre car park needs attention. We think this is our wall. Problem may be caused by lack of drainage due to new tarmac drive on other side.  Need to establish what needs done and who is responsible.  Deanery? Diocese?
 Margaret - Confirmation Catechists going to Briars coming weekend (Friday 13th - Sun 15th) to plan confirmation programme.

Date of Next Meeting  7pm on Tuesday 14th February 2017
Fr. Dennis finished with a closing prayer at 8.35pm 

Minutes of St Anne’s PPC Meeting 22nd November 2016.

Present: Fr. Dennis Higgins, Iris Thomson, Cath Etchells, Margaret Swift, Fabio Ferolito, Peter Skrobot, Esther King.

Apologies:  Sue Hardman, Anne Cleary, Yvonne Ripley, Mary Rooney, Lesley Crowther, Sophie Etchells.

Opening prayer led by Margaret.

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed. Nothing arising from minutes that is not being discussed at this meeting.

Group reports:

Youth (Sophie)
Nothing additional to add since the AGM meeting
Only thing of note from me is the Youth Sunday Service with thanks to all the young people who got involved with music, reading  and singing and extended thanks to Sue and all the congregation and choir members who ensured it was a great musical morning! I counted about 20 young people all together including the visitors.

Churches Together in Buxton
Rosemary and Iris both attended the meeting on Nov 8th at the Methodist Church on the market.
Planned Christmas Events:
• Dec 3rd: Carols outside Methodist Church - 3pm.
Just turn up if you would like to participate.
• Dec 7th: Carol Service in the Dome 2.30pm-3.30pm.
• Dec 14th: Festival of Christmas Trees starts at Burbage Church.
• Dec 17th: 1-2pm Carols outside Nat West (corner of Spring Gardens). Just turn up if
you would like to participate.
• Dec 20th: Evening Carol Concert at Burbage Church.
• Jan 22nd 2017 at 6pm Service for Christian Unity.
Details to follow.
• Mar 3rd 2017: 7.30 pm, rehearsals for Good Friday Liturgy begin; then weekly for 6
weeks. This year’s singing is ‘Thanksgiving for Life’ by Phillip Ledger. Just turn up if
• St Anne’s have been asked to do short services at The Hawthorns on May 7th and
November 5th.
(Please Note: All the information was noted quickly in a busy meeting. There may be amendments when the Minutes come through!)

Proposed Events:

• Lenten Services: 5 weekly Services avoiding Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. Details
to follow.
• Lenten Lunches: Tuesdays during Lent. Bath Road Centre. Rota of organising
churches and times to be confirmed.
• One World 2017: Will be a concert or an event rather than a service. Details to

Music group report:

• The Music Group sang at the 10 am Eucharist at the end of October and at Youth
Sunday Eucharist Service on 20th November.
• The Music Group will be singing at the 10 am Service on the 27th November.
• Rehearsals for ‘Midnight’ Mass and the Advent Carol Service will commence on
Mondays - 5th, 12th and 19th December from 6.15-8.00pm in Church

Refurbishment of Church Building: 
Fr. Higgins has received a Diocesan report about the work required in the future to refurbish and maintain the Church building. The possibility of a sub-committee being set up to organise and plan the work was discussed. This will be discussed at a future date and may require an appeal at Mass.
The floor in St Anne’s centre may need redoing.

Financial Report by Fr Higgins:
Parish £6,641   
Centre £5,432
Diocesan account:  £15,000

Feedback/Actions from AGM: That a monthly report be given at the end Sunday Mass by the PPC informing parishioners about what is happening in the parish e.g. building problems etc. perhaps encouraging them to offer their expertise and help

New Year: When there is a full compliment of PPC members present -  to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the committee

Help offered to Fr. Higgins during the Christmas period. However, he says he can manage, will let us know if he needs assistance. 
Paths may need clearing if we have snow/ice.  
Guides/ Brownies to be requested to make stars/decorations to put on the tree in the front garden.  
Christmas card appeal: Support Charis House, Night Stop, Food Bank.

World Student Day: to take place in Feb. Iris to apply for resource pack. Suggested it be part of bidding prayers.

AOB: Gentleman asked where a hymn board donated in honour of his sister had been put. The board cannot be found. Cath Etchells to contact the gentleman.
Sue Hardman’s offer of a phone to use for the booking of the Centre by the PPC was accepted. We hope to have this system up and running in January.

Fabio reminded the PPC that the Christmas gifts donated by the public at the Spring Gardens Shopping Centre will be handed out to Buxton families. 

Date of next Meeting:   Rescheduled: Tues 10th January 2017 at 7pm. 

Fr. Higgins led the closing prayer. 

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 27th September 2016

Anne Cleary, Fabio Feroleto, Fr. Higgins, Esther King, Yvonne Ripley, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson (Fabio, Fr. and Peter missed beginning of meeting.

1)  Apologies
Cath Etchells,  Sophie Etchells,  Lesley Crowther

2) Opening Prayer
Margaret opened with a prayer.

3) Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.  Matters arising Jill Pearsall is leaving the PPC

4) Group Reports
Music - The Music group resumed yesterday after the summer break, playing at the 10am celebration. Nothing further to report.
Social - The social committee want to organize a carol concert and race evening.
Justice and Peace 
The coffee morning after mass in September raised £30 in donations for Cafod and there was a very happy atmosphere in the room! Yvonne has a pack of resources for groups and activities to use if they want.  Living simply award a social event will be organised. 'The Justice and Peace Group are going to register our parish for the Cafod   'Livesimply'  award. We also discussed many suggestions about targets we could work towards and activities that could be part of it all, and a social event will form part of this.
The group now has information from Cafod which will be given out at mass when the scheme is launched. At the PPC meeting it was suggested that we also include groups such as Brownies and Guides when the information is given out, and that the young people of the parish might like to have specific involvement.

Planning Weekend away for Catechists - From the 13th - 15th January Confirmation and First Holy Communion catechists will spend a short weekend at The Briars Youth Retreat Centre to plan for sacrament preparation in spring 2017. The weekend away is a chance to reflect and improve on elements of the programme as well as gather resources and ideas from the youth team at The Briars. First Holy Communion 18th June, Confirmation date 8th June.
Post - Confirmation Retreat Day - As discussed previously at the Parish Council meetings, it was hoped that there would be an opportunity for Confirmation candidates to reunite and feel part of the church community after their confirmation celebration. This was discussed with the Diocesan Outreach Youth Ministry Co-ordinator and the idea of a post-Confirmation Retreat Day was formed. It will be held on Saturday 15th October in the Parish Centre from 2pm - 4pm and is aimed at candidates who have made their Confirmation within the past two years and still attend our Church School. This day will be run by members of the Diocesan Youth Ministry Team from The Briars. 

CANNONS - On 22nd November 2016, the CANNONS outreach event will return to Buxton. This has proved popular in the past with our young people, and has been timed to coincide with the Year 9s return from their annual week long retreat at The Briars. They, along with any other young people aged 14 - 18 would be most welcome to attend the evening of music, prayer, games and free food! 

New Briars Team Member - A new year at The Briars has begun with 10 volunteers working at the centre. This year Phil Etchells of our own parish in Buxton is part of the team.  
Advent Retreat - The Briars Youth Retreat Centre is holding their annual Advent Retreat from the 9th - 11th December. It is an open retreat, meaning any young people in Years 10 - Year 13 (14-18 year olds) may attend. Several young people of our congregation usually attend the retreat and it is hoped this will continue in December.
Youth Report - Fabio - Celebration for Fairfield Trust took place 2 weeks ago at St. Peters Church.  Young people who have benefitted give talks and performances telling people what they've done with the grant.  Mary suggested a note should go in the bulletin to make people aware when you can apply for such grants.
Premises - Peter gave a vote of thanks to Peter O'Connor for doing the guttering.  It was reported that there are ants in the kitchen. Fr. thanked Peter Skrobot for all his work.  Fr. waiting for report from diocesan inspector for premises.  Rose window needs attention.
Churches Together:  Rosemary sent the following  bullet points from the churches together  September meeting   -    Dates were agreed for 2016/2017 events: One World Week service at St Peter's Fairfield on 23 October at 6pm, prayers for Christian Unity at the URC in January (likely date 22 January), Women's World Day of Prayer on 3 March at St Mary's, Christian Aid week to be organised by Fairfield Methodists sometime in May, Pentecost Sunday at St John's on 4 June, 2017 One World Week service at the Community Church sometime in October. 
 We had a discussion about joint Christian events in Buxton for Christmas. Likely date Saturday 17 December. The idea of carol singing and readings etc in the Market Place and Spring Gardens was put forward and welcomed but a detailed format would need further discussion. Views are welcomed. The idea is to visibly reclaim Christmas for Christ and be an antidote to the usual round of shopping etc.  The next meeting will take place on 8 November at the Methodist Church (venue changed). Iris suggested dates of  the above should go in the bulletin. Email Angela for dates to go in bulletin. 
Outreach Report September 2016
Presentation Associates - Nothing to report as the associates have not met during the summer.
Rosary - Nothing to report
Polish Community - The Polish Community have been asked by a research group to speak about their experiences of living in the High Peak.  The research will be carried out by a group called Engaging Communities, working for Staffordshire Moorlands and High Peak Borough Council to promote equality.
Welcome Group -Nothing to report. Visiting Group - Nothing to report

5) Parish Centre
Fr. said that there is £4,600 in No. 2 account for the centre. All money coming to centre goes in to No. 2 account. This covers insurance, bills etc. For the Gas and Electricity a percentage is paid from parish no. 1 account taken out for parish groups to pay.  Finance committee will meet with Fr. to discuss this.  Parish priest should receive bank statement and give it to PPC.
Booking system - Phone and diary system preferred. List in the diary of rules. Policy and procedure will be drawn up over the next few months, it will be tested and then a notice will go in bulletin to ask for willing volunteers to run system.  Sue, Esther, Fabio and Iris will meet to do a list.  A bulletin is to be put up in the parish centre each week.

6) Parish Assembly
Will take place on 30th October after mass. Groups news to go up in Hardwick room on Parish vision tree in time for the Parish Assembly.  There is no need for an election this year but new people will be needed for next year so we will need to ask people to think about joining next year.

7) Parish Handbook
It was decided to do a new parish handbook as visitors and new people like them but this time they will not be dated.  Mary, Yvonne and Rob to work on this project.

8) AOB
Yvonne is to find out about have the other churches in Buxton Bereavement support groups and if so how they are run. A further discussion will take place once we have this information.
A discussion then took place about our parish showing an open door to students and organizing a low key event in the parish centre for new students to welcome them into our parish and to meet each other. Advertise this event on face book. 
It was decided to do the Christmas cards box again and to proceed with plans to promote the idea of reverse advent calendar by putting something in for the foodbank each day.  To be delivered to foodbank by 14th December.  Notice to go in bulletin in November.
Fabio gave a vote of thanks to all who donate saying how valuable it was to the local community.
Date for Christmas carol concert to be December 18th 4pm - 5.30pm.
Nottingham Diocese newsletter. e.g. Junior Liturgy Day. Awareness on modern slavery course in high peak information on internet.
A call to be put out to get volunteers to cover the quiet hour on Mondays.
A copy of the bulletin to go to St. Thomas More each week, Fabio to do this. One to go to St. Annes, Lesley to do this and finally one to go to Christian bookshop, Ann to do this.

Date of Next Meeting 22nd November 2016  7pm
Fr. did a closing prayer.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 12th July 2016

Anne Cleary, Cath Etchells Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Fr. Higgins, Esther King, Yvonne Ripley, Mary Rooney, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson

Lesley Crowther, Sue Hardman, Jill Pearsall, Peter Skrobot, 

Opening Prayer
Father opened with a prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee (Rob Aldous, Andy Etchells, Margaret Swift) will be meeting together at weekend to discuss the finance report. Fr presented accounts to PPC and they were satisfied with reports. 

Parish Centre
The centre was discussed in detail. 
Sue Hardman sent a report in about how other Church centres operate to see if we could learn anything:-
I just had a look at the booking forms for other church facilities and they mostly have on line booking forms. St. John's is very comprehensive and they tell people about insurance etc. Methodist and Trinity are more basic. 
Some also have an on line calendar so you can see if your required date is busy. 
Maybe we could have an on line form and a mobile no on the web site for a cheap mobile which could just be for bookings, then we could have a rota between a few of us passing the phone round.  We could still use the diary and pass that round with the phone.  Other places charge a lot more but I know Fr. likes to keep the rent low for community groups etc. 

We discussed the options of  different bookings systems but no clear decision was made as to which one would best suit our Centre. Some of the ideas debated were:-
Booking Parish Centre on line
Use of a mobile to be put with diary
Plan an on line form
Rotate volunteers to take bookings monthly. When a party is booked volunteer to meet party to give key and lock up after event also ensure building is left clean and appliances are switched off.
A list is needed of conditions for booking hall.
Person booking must pay fee one week before event.
Cost for booking Children's parties £40.00 and if they have a bouncy castle charge £50.00.
Booking system to start in  September if possible.
Centre Maintenance
Meeting to be arranged with the person who laid the floor in the hall to investigate what needs to be done and who will is responsible for any costs.
Toilet in centre cracked, Andy Etchells has looked at it and is arranging for a plumber to examine it.  Small crack in wall above sink in ladies toilet. Andy is aware. Water heater in centre now working.  Cleaning session for centre to be arranged in Autumn.

Group Reports
Music - The Music Group sang and played at the 10am Eucharist on Sunday 26th  June. It was a very small group this time as many people were away. No message from Sue yet so not sure if we will meet at the end of July. There will be no sung Eucharist at the end of August. We will resume at the end of September.  

Youth Report Lesley - No report this month.

Youth Report Fabio - Sure Start Children's Centres to close in area Harpur Hill, Bakewell and Chesterfield.  Wednesday 18th July Education office Buxton organised meeting for young people to discuss sexual exploitation.

Youth Report Sophie - Philip & Matthew Etchells and Will Cruddace are now in Lourdes, partaking the diocesan pilgrimage. They will be assisting pilgrims in wheelchairs as well as getting involved in activities and services. More information about the trip can be found at the back of church and church website. 

Also on the Church website are some pictures of the Parish Centre Clean-Up. This was done to raise funds for the Lourdes pilgrimage and Spanish Mission Trip. Many thanks goes to all those who kindly donated towards the trips. We hope that people will see the difference - we took 12 bags of rubbish to the tip after the clean up was finished! 

Social Committee - No report.

Outreach - Churches Together: The next Churches Together meeting is after
our meeting so any news will be forwarded when it becomes available.
Well Blessing: The annual service and procession to bless the wells was well attended. Despite the ongoing building works in the Crescent St Anne's Well was included in the ceremony.
Polish Community: Nothing to report
Rosary Group: Nothing to report
Visiting: One new lady has moved into the Portland Nursing Home.
Presentation Association: Nothing to report
Justice and Peace report - The following things have taken place:  Re-vamp of the Justice and Peace Notice Board in church. Coffee morning after mass for CAFOD.
Yvonne discussed the possibility of the group focusing on something for during the coming year. e.g. 'Live Simply Award' Ask community members to walk or cycle where possible, compost food waste. Turn off lights. Commit to using free trade items. Challenge people to live on £1.00 a day for a week. These were just a few of the suggestions.  See brochure for further details.
AOB - Jill Pearsall will carry on with repository stall with Kath Hobday and will take over from Kath sometime in the future.  First Aid Kit near sacristy, Rob and Andy organising a small Kit for the back of the church.
Fr. did a closing prayer.
Date of next meeting Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 7pm.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 24th May 2016

Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther, Cath Etchells Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman, Fr. Higgins,Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift

Esther King, Jill Pearsall, Yvonne Ripley, Iris Thomson

Opening Prayer
Father opened with a prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.

Group Reports
Social Report - Senior Citizens lunch on the 23rd April was enjoyed by all who attended. Ken and Margaret created their magic in the kitchen by providing a tasty soup and chicken dinner plus Margaret's wonderful soda bread (sorry Margaret this will be a 'must have' at future events). A big thank you go to all those who made puddings, decorated the tables/hall and helped in any way to make it a special occasion. On May 7th we provided tea and coffee for those attending the Eucharistic Ministers Conference at St Anne’s. We also helped to serve refreshments after the Confirmation Service on May 19th and First Holy Communion on May 22nd. Future event: We are hoping to hold a 'Race Evening' later in the year. Watch out for news of this event in the Parish Newsletter and on St Anne's website.

Youth Report Sophie - 19th May Confirmation. All 12 candidates confirmed by Bishop Patrick. Confirmation candidates want to carry on meeting, they had fun in their meetings. Margaret mentioned that there is always a post Confirmation pizza session. Sophie is going to look into the idea that we have a post Confirmation reunion for the past 3 years and ask Briars to organise it. Sophie will see what interest there is in school. A discussion took place re more volunteers would be needed if we start a youth group. Anyone involved in the youth group would need to do a safeguarding course. 22nd May Holy Communion 2016. All 20 children made their First Holy Communion and received the Sacrament from Father Dennis. Church was full. Cannons 2016. It is hoped NDCYS will return with the Cannons event sometime in the summer Term. Father was disappointed that no one except Lesley represented school at the First Communion. Mr. Hickey came to the confirmation. Fundraising with Young People - please see under AOB.

Youth Report Fabio - Youth Forum group is ongoing with 6 young people. Looking at topics e.g. internet safety and sexting. They meet once a month and discuss various pertinent topics. The forum has been promoted in school but not always successful. During half term at Fairfield Youth Centre, Year 4/5 year groups activities e.g. climbing wall will be happening for a couple of hours each day.

Youth Report Lesley - The guides have been really busy this half term with street collections for the mayoral charities as well as a bag pack. They took part in the Outdoor cook’s badge at Glenbrook, near Hope. They also made a 100 cakes and took them to the Portland nursing home as part of the Senior Section Centenary celebrations. The guides and Brownies joined up for a night of fun and games in the park. The guides also took part in an evening of fencing courtesy of Derby university. So all in all an amazing half term!!

Outreach - Churches Together No report from the last meeting as it was the AGM. The Churches Together Pentecost was in our church on Pentecost Sunday, 15th May 2016. Visiting No change. Would people needing a visit (or their carers) please send a message to the church. Presentation Association - The Associates visited approximately twelve housebound parishioners with Easter gifts of toiletries. Polish Community - Young people from the Polish Community made an overnight pilgrimage on the vigil of Palm Sunday (19th March). The group of almost thirty young people walked to Fenton, near Stoke on Trent from Buxton, arriving in time for the Palm Sunday Mass in Fenton. This annual walk is open to anyone who wishes to take part. A short discussion took place about possibly encouraging the youth of the parish to join with the walk. Eucharistic Ministers - The Eucharistic Ministers from Peak Deanery held their annual day of renewal in our parish on Saturday 7th May. This well attended event was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to the organisers, to Fr Dennis for making the church and Parish Centre available; to Sister Teresa Kennedy for an inspiring talk; Sue Deaville for playing the organ; our social committee for providing refreshments and Canon Bowdren for celebrating the Eucharist at the end of the day.

Justice and Peace Report - 1. The Justice and Peace Stations of the Cross took place again on Palm Sunday. There was a very good turn out from the parish, and the feedback was very good.
2. The Islam Talk was given by Farouk Kardahji on 5th April in the Parish Centre and refreshments were provided by the J&P group. The event was very well attended, it had been advertised through Churches Together and people from other churches came. As well as the talk and PowerPoint presentation there was a chance to ask questions, which several people did. Feedback was that the talk was again very good and helped to further inter-faith understanding. People have requested further evenings such as these.
3. Buxton Spring Fair 02/05/16: The Justice and Peace Group were asked to provide resources for the ‘Quiet Space’ in the Methodist Church. The theme was ‘Reflecting on Our World’ with the areas for reflection being ‘The Environment’, ‘Peace and Justice’ and ‘The Disadvantaged’. Relevant materials were provided.
4. Coffee Mornings: these are continuing on the last Sunday of every month after the Mass. There is no charge, but any donations go to Cafod or Pax Christi. Donations usually total between £20 - £30 per month.
5. The Children’s Liturgy Group continue to highlight issues of Compassion, Justice and Peace at the 10 00 Mass on Sundays.
6. Fr Dennis continues to preach powerfully on the themes of Compassion, Justice and Peace, drawing on the Scriptures of the Day.
7. National Justice and Peace Network: Currently four parishioners will be attending the NJPN Annual Conference Weekend in Swanwick. See separate attachment for further details.

Music - The music group sang on Easter Sunday and on the last Sunday in April. The choir supported the singing at the Confirmation and First Communion, two wonderful Parish events. The next get together will be for Sung Mass at 10 am on Sunday 29 May, rehearsal at 9.15 in Church as usual. Father said Bishop Patrick was delighted with the choir.

Property - A short discussion took place about the bulging wall in the car park.

Safeguarding - John Creedon has agreed to do an update course on 7th June, in the hall, at the Parish Centre 19:00 – 21:00

Parish Centre
(a) Needs refreshing/cleaning. John O'Meara and Ben will put a worktop on in the upstairs kitchen.
(b) Wall Water Heater not always working. A discussion took place as was a new one needed or did it need resetting. People leave it on instead of turning off after use. Ken to check if it needs resetting. Lesley to find out which water heater the school has. Esther will buy a kettle to replace the one which has recently broken.
(c) Toilets need finishing. Painting needs to be done. Mermaid board needs to be fitted under the hand dryers where the paint has peeled off the walls. Soap in ladies not being refilled. Fr. will ask caretaker to check the soap dispensers and refill as necessary.
(d) Hall floor needs relaying according to the floor layer. A meeting is to be arranged with the floor people to check who is to pay and when it can be done, during the school holidays would be best.
(e) Fire door flooding, gutter above door to be checked to see if this is causing flooding, Andy is to be asked to do this.
(f) Hardwick room. Margaret and Lesley have recently put up the Parish Vision Tree to reflect and promote the Catholic centre. This will be expanded. Bulletin will be up weekly. Curtain needs putting back up. New fire door to be fitted on Monday 30th May.
(g) Letter to go to all hall users to tell them to switch off lights etc. Mary to meet with Fr. to get names of all users.
(h) Father suggested that sometime in the future the booking of the hall and the finance will be taken on by a booking clerk.
(i) Margaret suggested that at a future date we hold a separate meeting just discussing the Parish Centre.

Parish Handbook
To produce a parish handbook every year is a lot of work, it was suggested to produce a parish handbook instead this would not have to be updated every year. Rob is happy to put it together but needs someone to take on the responsibly of collecting the information. A discussion took place whether it was needed as a lot of people now look on the internet for information. This project will be discussed at the next meeting.

Parish Plan
The committee needs to look at the Parish Plan before next meeting. Further work needs to be done on this.

AOB - Fr. would like volunteers to help Fabio to give out the diocesan papers. Jill will help Kath Hobdaywith the repository stall. Lesley and Margaret have agreed to train to become Eucharistic Ministers. Mary gave vote of thanks to all who did the Confirmation and Communion groups. Positioning of First Aid Kit for church to be looked at. Notices to state where first aid box is needed. Margaret had an email from Andy suggesting a way in which could help with the general up keep and cleaning of the centre.
"Philip, Will and Matthew have volunteered to accompany pilgrims on this year’s Diocesan Lourdes trip in July and with the total cost at £499 per person they are expected to fundraise to help with the cost. In addition, Sophie and Matthew have volunteered to go on a mission trip with Eyam church (part of Sophie’s connections through work) to teach English to children and help with a fledgling church in Spain (ecumenical missionary work), cost £410.

My thoughts were that rather than just do the usual fundraising things why not have a win/win situation. If the parishioners were happy to sponsor the young people to do a “clean-up” of the centre and its surroundings (weeds, debris in car park etc.), paintwork, cooker etc. we could all benefit. I am sure they would all be prepared to say something from the lectern to promote it and also advertise the fact that we have young people in the parish doing really worthwhile things. We could put some stuff on the website, diocesan newspaper etc."

The ideas were discussed and the committee agreed that it was a good idea to help the young people to fundraise in a way that would benefit the parish as well as the young people. So there will be a sponsored clean up to raise money and a Beetle drive in July. Fr. agreed as long as the SPUC sponsor is out of the way first.

Fr. did a closing prayer.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 12th July 2016 at 7pm.

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 15th March 2016

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 15th March 2016
Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther, Cath Etchells Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman, Fr. Higgins, Jill Pearsall Yvonne Ripley, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift
Iris Thomson
Opening Prayer
Margaret opened with a prayer.
Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.
Parish Plan  (working document)
Now a comprehensive document.  Margaret has made amendments which was emailed to PPC  the night before meeting. Contact lists for anyone including the PPC  will be kept in the parish.  It was decided to look at it again at the next meeting when the committee has had time to read it and comment.  Yvonne asked about the alarm for the hall.  Ken Swift  is now putting it on each night and turning it of in the morning. Anyone who needs to go in the hall can text Margaret or Ken Swift. Ken has noticed on locking up at night that lights have been left on or taps have been left dripping.  
Group Reports
Youth Report Sophie - Confirmation sessions - Confirmation sessionshave began. 12 candidates.  Sessions are going well - candidates are engaging well with sessions. Fabio attended latest session and candidates have been on their confirmation weekend away and were joined by other youth groups from around the diocese. 
St Anne’s Confirmation Retreat 04-06 March, The Briars, Crich
The Confirmation Group have just enjoyed our weekend retreat at the Briars. As usual, our candidates had a great time and enjoyed exploring their faith with other young people from the diocese. 
With Eleanor as the retreat leader for the weekend, the theme was: “We Are Your Church”. Joining us for the weekend were a couple of other youth groups from around the diocese, CTU from Mickleover and Agape from Belper. Two boys also joined us on Saturday for the day from Our Lady and St Joseph’s parish in Matlock. So we were a very mixed bunch!
On Friday evening, the groups looked at the role of young people in our church with games and role plays that all the young people, youth leaders, catechists and even Father David got involved with. We were all split into groups and each group was given roles of Parish Groups (children’s liturgy, counters, readers, music group, altar servers, deacons, and even the parish council). There was then a selection of different games that involved all the groups in a competition, including one which involved taking part in a catwalk show wearing bin bags! The aim of the evening was to show that all groups within a Parish are important. They deliberately left out young people as a group but this was discussed separately. This set the tone for the weekend, and through games, activities, liturgy and prayer, the theme developed through the next couple of days.
Saturday began with Morning Prayer of the Church in the Chapel. The day was based around The Jubilee of Mercy and looked at the faces of Mercy, producing a lovely painted cloth that was used on the altar on Saturday evening. The work of CAFOD was discussed as a couple of the Briars team have just returned from Peru and Zimbabwe. The theme of the CAFOD session focused around climate change which as linked to recently in popular culture by Leonardo Di Caprio during his acceptance speech for his OSCAR. He took the opportunity to share his own thoughts about taking action on climate change in the speech.
We had a very lively Mass on Saturday evening with lots of music, singing and role plays based on the Faces of Mercy by the different groups of young people. The young people then enjoyed an evening of disco games and dancing. 
Sunday morning began with a meditation and period of quiet prayer, this was followed by a session and morning prayer based on ‘God is Love’. The weekend finished with a very inspiring final liturgy on‘Affirmations’ where each one of the young people received an OSCAR, full of positive affirmations written by the rest of their group. 
What a wonderful weekend! Our Confirmation candidates really enjoyed themselves. It was an opportunity for them to express themselves freely (catechists don’t attend all the sessions!), to reflect on their own faith and their place within our church. The sessions were led by a team of truly inspiring young people (Jason, Bea, Hannah, Ruth, Theo, Jack and Lewis and of course, Eleanor) who are definitely excellent role models for our young people. 
Holy Communion sessions - have begun. 20+ candidates have attended the session with another addition to the group due to attend the next session.
Cannons return tonight 16th March 2016.
Youth report Fabio - Some year 11s from St. Thomas More have volunteered for The Big Vote. Forum in each area for young people to voice their opinions on facilities in their area.
Youth report Margaret - Margaret explained that the present Confirmation candidates want to continue their group and do activities eg. sing at old people's home.  A discussion took place how we could take this suggestion forward. We may need a nucleus of people to take sessions with a theme. It maybe they could help with next year's confirmation group. We need more young people to be involved.  Father explained about 2 articles in the tablet on pupils and chaplaincy.
Music - The music group sang at the Celebration Mass in January for Fr Dennis return and birthday. This was a really lovely occasion followed by coffee and cakes in the Centre- an excellent Parish event and well attended. We also sang our usual end of month mass on Feb 28th. It was lovely to have Claire with us. She suggested a get together at Sue's sometime this month to practise for Easter. A date and time to be confirmed. Sue apologised that there will be no social for music group at her house. Music for Easter will be sorted by Clare or Sue Deaville.
Social - Coffee morning on 24th January to celebrate Father Dennis’s birthday and return from hospital was a great success. Thank you to those people who made cakes and helped to serve coffee. A big thank you to those who came to wish Father Dennis well. The birthday cake was laden with candles which Father Dennis blew out quickly before the cake collapsed. World Women’s Day of Prayer ; The Social group were requested by Marie Lewis to serve tea/coffee after celebrating Mass on the 4th March. However the event was cancelled due to heavy snow in Buxton that day.
Senior citizens Lunch; This will be held in the Parish Centre on April 23rd.
Property - Doors in centre to be fitted soon.  Alarm discussed. Hardwickroom lock needs to be shut.  Hall users need to be more vigilant. Mary volunteered to draft up a reminder to all the users.  Spring clean was a great success.  Thanks to all who helped.   Peter to look at a couple of the floor gratings that may need attention.  More cleaning days required for Centre and Altar boys' room.
Justice and Peace
1. PEACE SERVICE 17/01/2016 – The J&P Group held a Service for Peace on Peace Sunday which was attended by parishioners from St Anne’s and also a few members from CTIB. It was a very prayerful occasion with refreshments afterwards in the Parish Centre, and the feedback afterwards was positive.
2. PRAYER CARDS – the J&P group bought the parish Pax Christi Prayer cards which were available for all parishioners. They were given out at the weekend masses on 16 – 17 January.
3. PARISH DONATION – Fr Dennis sent a donation of £50.00 to Pax Christi from the parish
These have continued with any donations going to Pax Christi (January)
and CAFOD (February)
5. FAMILY FAST DAY- The Family Fast Day in February raised over £400.00 for CAFOD
6. VALENTINES DAY – GREEN HEARTS CAMPAIN – Several of the young people’s groups worked on making ‘Green Hearts’ to raise awareness of the importance of showing love towards our planet, which God created and of which we are stewards. The youth have the ability to deliver a very powerful and pure message.
7. LENTEN LUNCHES – The weekly lunches are organised by Churches
Together, and one of the beneficiaries will be CAFOD.
8. PALM SUNDAY – J&P STATIONS OF THE CROSS – Preparations are well under way, and this liturgy will take place on Sunday 20th March.
9. ISLAM TALK – This has been booked and will take place at 7 30pm on
Tuesday 5th April will be in the main hall.  Need microphone from Bingo group.
10.FR DENNIS continues to preach on the subject of compassion, justice and peace, for which we are very grateful
Many thanks to everyone for their continued encouragement andsupport and prayers
Outreach - Churches Together Anne le Blanc would like to be invited to churches in the area to talk about "Open Book". This is a group who go to local schools to tell Bible stories.
The University of Derby Chaplaincy / Churches Together in Buxton is to hold their annual lecture "Can the Rams' rev REV UP the Rams" on Wednesday April 18th at 12.30pm in the Dome. To reserve a free place please email: telephone 01298 330376 or visit
Buxton Christian Bookshop on the Market Place needs helpers. If you would like to volunteer, please call into the bookshop.
The Christian Aid Pentecost Service is to be held on May 15th 2016 at St Anne's Church Terrace Road.
Parish Formation - Children's liturgy Formation day 11th June.  Diocesan  Retreat day 21st May, Certificate in Religious studies.  Posters up.  "Be Merciful" on diocesan website.  The bulletins for the older children are not being used much but Fr. says keep them going. 
Safeguarding  -   John Creedon has agreed to do an update course.  We need to find out how many are interested.  On line course also available off Diocesan website. 
Correspondence - Rob reported 43 subscribers to on line bulletin. There are 13 visits per day to our website.
AOB - Please can social committee do teas on the 7th May.  Outside toilet now open.  Kath Hobday would like help with the repository stall.  Appeal to go in bulletin for 2 people to take it over.  Jill suggested we should have an order of the mass at the entrance every week.  Cost to be looked into and a sample for next meeting. Peter reminder us of the Good Friday Church's walk of Witness from St. John's Church at 11.20. Notice to go in bulletin to encourage our parishioners to take part in this walk.  Fr. asked if anyone was interested in becoming an Eucharistic Minister.  A short discussion took place about training and a few of the committee are going to consider becoming an Eucharistic Minister.
Date of next meeting Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 7pm.

PPC minutes 12th January 2016

Minutes of St. Anne's PPC Meeting 12th January 2016

Anne Cleary, Lesley Crowther, Cath Etchells Sophie Etchells, Fabio Feroleto, Sue Hardman, Fr. Higgins, Yvonne Ripley, Mary Rooney, Peter Skrobot, Margaret Swift, Iris Thomson.


Opening Prayer
Mercy at the bus stop.

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.

Parish Plan  (working document)
Aim - To pick up tasks if Fr. isn't here and day to day tasks to alleviate Fr.
Angela Duffy to do papers.  Sue Hardman deputy. Pick them up on Fridays and put them on table on Saturdays plus one copy of bulletin on noticeboard.

Welcoming group
Notice to go in bulletin asking for new volunteers to help the present ones and at the end of mass to give out Diocesan news which is available once a month.  PPC will also help.

Fr explained that these did not require to be washed or dry cleaned.

Peter Skrobot, Ken Swift, Andy Etchells

Big clean once per year. Spring/Lent clean date 12th March. 10am until 2pm. Notice to go in bulletin 2 weeks before said date. Cath to draw up list of jobs.

Snow clearing
As per list, Alan Blair.  Telephone tree. Sorted by Andy and Margaret.

Eucharist  Prayer hour Mondays.  Mass Wednesdays and Fridays.
Music to be added to plan, last Sunday of month.  Organists, organise themselves.

Marriage Fr. Dennis, Sacrament of Sick Fr. Dennis

Bereavement group - Yvonne to follow up.

Eucharist Ministers A discussion took place and Fr. stated that preparation maybe done in diocese.   Anne said that you can ask for temporary people.  Anne was asked to explain the positive points of being a Eucharist Minister. The points she made were getting involved, feeling part of the parish. Helping people and meeting new people. Fr.'s speech on going for communion. Celebrating Passover i.e. meal therefore "all in this together" .
John Cassidy is now Deanery Rep. for Eucharist Ministers.

Yvonne has CCRS

2012 Contingency Plan needs updating and incorporating into Parish Plan. Margaret to do this.

Group Reports
Youth Report Sophie - Cannons Youth Event Record breaking numbers of young people (50 +) attended the youth event in church in November. These numbers were not only the highest attending from previous events held in Buxton but throughout the diocese. 
Catechist weekend.  Catechists for Holy Communion and Confirmation are attending a retreat and planning weekend at the Diocesan Youth Centre, The Briars, in Crich. 
Holy Communion and Confirmation sessions will begin Tuesday 19th January with a ‘Come and See’ evening for potential candidates and their parents/guardians. Numbers for Holy Communion and Confirmation are yet to be confirmed.
Music - This month music mass is 24th January.
Social - Carol Concert and mince pies in centre very successful with 70+ attending. Sunday 24th Jan. coffee morning celebrating Fr.'s recovery and birthday.
Property - Hatch fixed. Broken glass in centre and 2 doors to be replaced in centre. 
Justice and Peace - In November the J&P Group joined with the Youth and had a joint coffee and cakes morning on Youth Sunday. Climate Change Petition (CAFOD) – signatures were collected after weekend masses and dispatched.  A J&P Meeting was held in December after mass (see Future Activities) All monies raised have been sent to CAFOD or PAX CHRISTI. • All preaching and teaching from Fr Dennis highlighted Compassion, Justice and Peace.

PEACE SUNDAY 17th JANUARY – Prayer Cards for Peace from PAX CHRISTI to be given out at all weekend masses. SERVICE FOR PEACE – Sunday 17th January 3pm at St Anne’s. Invitations have been sent to other churches in the Deanery, to Churches Together in Buxton and to the University Chaplaincy. There will be refreshments in the Parish Centre afterwards.  ISLAM TALK to be given by Farouk Kardahji – provisional date (tbc) 15th March 7 30pm followed by refreshments.  JUSTICE AND PEACE STATIONS OF THE CROSS – Palm Sunday (20th March) at 4pm. • COFFEE MORNING AFTER MASS the last 
Sunday of each month to continue.  WEEKEND OF STUDY on Laudato Si for ‘Catholic People’s Weeks’ to be held at Hyning on 11th – 13th March. This event will be chaired by Mike Monaghan and organised by Mary Monaghan, both members of St Anne’s J&P Group.

Talk on Islam unfortunately the speaker was unavailable on the 15th March so Tuesday 5th April is the next provisional date.  J & P stations of the cross will be 20th March. Coffee mornings on the last Sunday of the month may be replaced by other causes wishing to hold coffee mornings. Fr. will send £50.00 donation to Pax Christi. SPUC the last Sunday in the month 31st. Kazia to co ordinate.

Youth - Fabio - Reported Anti Social behaviour outside KFC. Police and Youth groups looking at alternate facilities for occupying them.

Outreach - Churches Together November 2015 Manchester Credit Union is now operating in Buxton. Money can be invested, and borrowed at a competitive rate. The Christian Bookshop on the Market Place would like members of local churches to support it. A service of Christian Unity will be held in Buxton Methodist Church at 6.00pm on January 24th.  A Christian Aid and Pentecost Service will be held in St Anne's Catholic Church at 6.00pm, on Sunday May 15th. A men's group is to be formed for members of Buxton Churches.
Polish The Polish choir sang at the parish carol concert. Much appreciated . The Polish Christmas day Mass was well attended.  
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will be held on the first Saturday of each month 4.30 until 5.00pm
Visiting No change but will anyone needing a visit please leave their details at the church
Welcoming A new rota is needed for welcomers. Please could  an appeal for "welcomers " go on the newsletter
Presentation Association Members delivered Christmas gifts to several housebound parishioners.
Next meeting to be arranged, not sure of the date yet. 
Anne would like to add thanks to The Filipino choir  for their part in the carol concert.

Guides/Brownies Guides/Children's Liturgy. The guides won best stall in the Dickensian Market. This year there are 16 guides doing DOE award. In October the guides are going to Paris.

Confirmation  -  Saturday 23rd January enrolment ceremony. Catechist weekend at Briars 16/17th January.

Parish Formation Grateful for the service from Fr. Kevin Gradwell for stepping into the breach.  There was a discussion about some comments in the sermons.  Mary to send letter thanking him from PPC.

Safeguarding  Father Dennis as Parish Priest would be contacted in the first instance. In the absence of Cath Cassidy, John Creedon will deputise. Margaret to ask John Creedon to give another safeguarding talk for those unable to attend last time and anyone new to their role in the Parish.

Correspondence None

AOB  Fabio to do contact list of PPC.  Father physical needs discussed  as to the amendments to the house.  Margaret thanked everyone for their support.  The committee thanked Margaret for all her hard work.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 15th March if one is need as an emergency it will be 16th February.

PPC minutes 10th November 2015

Minutes of St Anne’s PPC 10th November 2015

Fr Higgins, Margaret Swift, Lesley Crowther, Ann Cleary, Yvonne Ripley, Fabio Feroleto, Peter Skrobot, Iris Thomson

Sophie Etchells

Fr Higgins opened the meeting with a prayer.

Election of Chair/Vice Chair
Fr Higgins proposed Margaret Swift as Chair and this was unanimously agreed. Yvonne Ripley was proposed as Vice Chair and this also was unanimously agreed. 
Margaret Swift then chaired the meeting
Minutes of previous meeting were agreed. There were no matters arising.

Allocation of Responsibilities
Outreach – Ann Cleary
Justice and Peace - Yvonne Ripley
Youth - Fabio Feroleto
Guides/Brownies/Children’s Liturgy – Lesley Crowther
Music Group – Iris Thomson
Social – Esther King
Premises – Peter Skrobot

Responsibility for Adult Education: Currently unfilled.
There followed a lengthy and wide ranging discussion about the nature of Adult Education and what form it should take in our parish. It was agreed that all PPC members should give the matter some thought and Adult Education would be discussed at the next meeting.
Fr Higgins suggested that we might involve other parishes in the Deanery to discuss this topic and share ideas. This may be done in the Spring.

Group Reports

J & P: Yvonne reported that £400 had been raised in the parish for CAFOD. The Rich/Poor lunch was successful though not very well supported and £186 was raised plus a £25 donation. Monthly coffee mornings are going well and so far have raised £155. £90 has been sent to CAFOD and £65 to Pax Christi. There are plans to have a speaker in January to talk about Islam.

Outreach: Nothing further to report

Youth: A Canons Evening will be held in the Parish on Tues 17th Nov. Previous evenings have been enjoyed by the young people attending.

Music: Sue Deauville will organise the music for the Christmas Eve Eucharist. Rehearsals will probably begin in early December The choir will be singing at a Hot Pot Supper at St Thomas More School on Nov 25th at 6pm. There will be a rehearsal at Sue Hardman’s on Fri 13th Nov at 7pm

Guides/Brownies/Children’s Liturgy. The Guides took part in the Remembrance Service on Sunday 9th Nov. They had a stall in the Dickensian Market and were awarded a shield for the best stall. Young people from these groups in the parish will be involved in celebrating Christ the King on Sunday 22nd Nov. Iris will ask if the choir can sing that day instead of the usual date at the end of the month. There will be a short Nativity on Christmas day at the 10am celebration

Premises. Hinge on the hatch doors in the Hardwick room need attention. Redecoration of the toilets is in hand. Some mirrors have been fitted. A mirror at wheelchair height was requested for the disabled toilet. It was noted that the toilets needed a deep clean. A new heating pump has been fitted upstairs in the Parish Centre. Thermostats on radiators in the Main Hall need checking.

Kath Cassidy is now the parish representative and is making good progress with gathering in all necessary paperwork.

Accountant due 12 Nov to do 6-monthly reconciliation of books.


Refreshments will be provided for the Band at the University Graduation Ceremony on 14th Nov.
3 more members are needed for the PPC. Fr. Higgins will put a note in the Newsletter.

Date of next Meeting Tues 12th Jan 2016 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

AGM minutes 18th October 2015

St. Anne’s Pastoral Parish Council AGM 18th October 2015-10-26

Present   Rob Aldous,  Andy Etchells,   Aileen Warneford,  Fabio Feroleto,  Iris Thompson,  Cora Plant, Anne Cleary, Mike Reynolds, Yvonne Ripley,   Father Dennis, also 19 members of the Parish,

Andy Etchells welcomed everyone and Rob Aldous opened the meeting in prayer.

Group Reports

Youth and Children

Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides were all successful thriving groups within the Parish. Numbers were good and all units ran active, interesting programmes. The Guides had attended Peak Camp in July, Rainbows and Brownies also visited for a fun packed day, joining with thousands of other fellow members of Guiding and Scouting. The Parish was once again thanked for the use of the Centre week by week, which makes the running of these groups possible.
Four new members had been recruited for Children’s Liturgy.
Fabio reported on Youth Groups running in Fairfield.
Fabio read Sophie’s report. 
Planning has begun for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.
7 Young people from our Parish attended the Flame 2 event at Wembley Arena along with 200 from the Diocese. A total of over 8000 young people attended altogether.
Cannons continues to be a popular event in the Parish led by the outreach team from The Briars. The next event is 17th November and is only 1 of 3 that they are holding this term and we are lucky to be chosen as a venue along with Scunthorpe and the Cathedral at Nottingham.
Philip Etchells held a very successful coffee morning and raffle to help raise funds towards his trip to Lourdes as a volunteer for the Diocesan trip. He was able to read at The Mass held by Bishop Patrick at the grotto.
He wished to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped in any way.
Aileen mentioned the CTIB Youth Group at the Methodist Church, which is looking for a new assistant leader.  

Justice and Peace

Yvonne outlined the history of the Justice and Peace group over the last year. The group aims to promote Gospel values in a thoughtful and practical way.
A notice board has been erected in the church to inform and raise awareness of issues and current events. There is also an on line blog which can be used.
The Junior Liturgy group presented Fair Trade to the parish.
Climate Change issues have been considered.
During Lent 2015 Stations of the Cross were presented by St. Thomas More school in a way that highlighted issues of Justice and Peace.
Coffee morning held once a month by the group on Sunday mornings regularly raised funds for CAFOD and PAX CHRISTI.
Father Dennis had been very supportive of the group.
The Rich Man/ Poor Man lunch held in October this year was very successful and was to be repeated by request.
It was suggested that an event could be held in Advent linked with Justice and Peace. A talk on Islam was proposed, and further contact with Thomas More school, to channel youth energy.

Adult Formation

This was a difficult area. Yvonne posts on information regarding Justice and Peace to FE students at the Dome.
Mike Reynolds suggested that the role of Adult Education and Youth could be combined into one PPC member, assuming that the Constitution allows the committee to make this decision.

The Outreach representatives on the PPC are responsible for gathering news from the various groups within the parish and reporting back to the PPC. At the moment Outreach has been organised by myself, (Anne Cleary) and by Cora Plant. Cora is stepping down this year, and I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working with, and to thank her for her work.
Outreach currently collects information from 
1. Churches Together in Buxton represented by John and Jackie Pocock. John always sends a report in, when we then transcribe and read out at the PPC meetings
2. The Eucharistic Ministry in our parish is led by Margaret Robinson, who keeps us up to date with changes and events within the ministry.
3. The Presentation Associates , led by Lynne Collins, meet in the parish centre, at the moment once a month . They work to support the Presentation Sisters in their work at the schools and orphanage in Kaoma. The Associates also provide Christmas and Easter gifts for the housebound in the parish.
4. The Visiting Group is co-ordinated by Marie Lewis. Parish visitors visit the sick and housebound in the parish. If anyone knows of a housebound parishioner who would apreciate a visit please let Marie know.
5. The Welcoming Rota organised by Kath Cassidy tries to ensure that someone is at the church door before each weekend Mass to meet and greet people. If anybody would like to join the team please could they leave their name and phone number for Kath.
6. The Rosary Group meets in peoples houses regularly to say the rosary.  If anyone wishes to join this group please contact Kazia Skrobot
7. The Polish Community celebrate the Eucharist in the church each week. Represented by Kazia Skrobot  who keeps the PPC informed about special events, or changes within the community.


There had been monthly Music Mass after the Sunday 10am.
The music group had enjoyed their involvement in the Confirmation Mass and some of the choir had supported the singing at First Communion.
Musical items were presented at the Easter lunches for the Senior Citizens.


The Social Committee had helped with the Rich Man/Poor Man dinner and the Easter Lunch for Senior Citizens .They also provided tea and coffee for the Eucharistic Ministers Conference, and will be providing refreshments for the University Graduation Celebration on 14th November.
Yvonne proposed a vote of thanks for the hard work of the Social Committee. A small group, they would benefit from new membership.


Rob Aldous organises the Website, and Angela Duffy places information on the Bulletin.
Yvonne suggested sending the weekly Bulletin to everyone via the Website. It was pointed out that privacy protection should be put in place if this was to be effected.


The toilet refurbishment was complete, apart from the decorating which still needed finishing.
Some mirrors were too low and needed to be raised to a higher position on the wall.
The Centre has a new boiler.
The hall floor still has some movement, due to humidity. A small area in the playgroup section is to be replaced when the humidity has settled down.
The Risk Assessment is up to date and has been sent off.
The SITA trust grant has been spent, plus an extra sixty pounds. The file on this is currently with Andy Etchells and will be given to Father on completion of the paperwork.


From Father Dennis 
600.00 pounds a month has to be paid as the parish quota for the Diocese. This is in balance at the moment.
The Parish is responsible for inside work including decorating in the church, Centre and Presbytery.
The Diocese takes responsibility for outside work.
The Parish is “holding its own” but donations through the planned giving scheme do need to be consistent.



Iris Thompson – the Christmas Card Appeal was to be continued, using the notice board at the back of the church instead of the Christmas Tree in the Lady Chapel. This had been tried last year successfully.
It was agreed that the money should go to Charis House and Nightstop. 
Bruce Thompson thanked those who had supported the Rotary Club sale of Christmas Puddings which raised funds for the Stroke Association. Rotary put back support via the practice interview scheme operated at St. Thomas More School and the Community School, and also through the Youth Leadership Scheme.
Mike Reynolds proposed a vote of thanks for the Rotary Club.

Churches Together has a service planned for One World Week on 25th October 2015.
This is to be hosted by Buxton Community Church and led by Church in the Peak.
In April 2015 a lecture was given at The University by Loretta Minghella, chief executive for Christian Aid. This was well attended by members of all the churches.


Four members of the committee had served for four years and were required to stand down.
These were; Andy Etchells (Chair) Aileen Warneford (Secretary) Cora Plant (Outreach) Mike Reynolds(Adult Formation)
Requests were made for proposed new members or volunteers. 

Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th November in the Centre, at 7.30pm

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PPC Minutes September 15th 2015
Present:  Fabio Feroleto, Cora Plant, Anne Cleary, Esther King, Father Dennis, Andy Etchells.
Father Dennis welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a prayer.
Apologies had been received from Margaret Swift, Lesley Crowther, Yvonne Ripley, Aileen Warneford, Iris Thompson, Mike Reynolds, and Sophie Etchells
The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed.
There were no matters arising.

Group Reports.
Justice and Peace from Yvonne Ripley
Climate Change: Members had written to or met our MP Andrew Bingham and had received a rather tame reply.  Future Actions: Visits to his surgery might raise his awareness of our views. Mike Monaghan to give a talk. CAFOD have wide range of resources on climate change which will be available for the group to study including Laudato Si.                                   It was suggested that Churches Together could perhaps work on climate change.
Future speakers were considered. They should be charismatic and interesting. The group would draw up a data base of potential speakers. Bishop Patrick has been sent a congratulatory card.
The National Justice and Peace Conference was be attended by Mike and Mary on the Friday 17th July and Yvonne and Paul on Saturday 18th. Feedback to be given at a later date.
The Rich Folk Poor Folk Lunch was accepted as a good idea to raise money for CAFOD and raise awareness of hunger in the world (as well as being good fun) and arrangements for this were put in place for 3rd October
‘Coffee after Mass’: The Justice and Peace Group will reintroduce this after the Music Masses – usually the last Sunday of each month, beginning in September.
The group hosted a Coffee Morning after (the Cardinal’s) Mass on 19 July.
Outreach Report
Presentation Associates.  No meetings have been held during August. The group were pleased that Sister Bernadette's Jubilee celebrations were well attended. They would like to thank those who helped with the event, special thanks to the Social Committee.
Eucharistic Ministers    No change but asked about the progress of appointing new safeguarding Officer (See below)
Welcoming    Nothing to report
Visiting     Nothing to report
Polish   Nothing to report
Rosary Group   Nothing to report
Churches Together (see attached)
Music Group
Nothing to report
Youth Report
Fabio reported that he has been to a service at St Peters Church, Fairfield, to celebrate the achievements of pupils who had received the Fairfield Grant. 
Unfortunately due to a lack of resources and volunteers the youth group in Fairfield on Tuesdays for 8-10 year olds has had to close. 
Sophie had sent by email that Philip Etchells had enjoyed his time as a helper on the Diocesan trip to Lourdes and hoped to return next year.
Sophie had been chosen as part of a group of 12 young people to represent Churches together in England and Wales at a Youth Event in France hosted by the Chemin Neuf community. On Tuesday 29th September they will deliver testimony about listening to the youth of the churches and share their experiences of the festival with England’s church leaders including Cardinal Vincent Nichols. 
Cannons, the Diocesan youth event was again due to visit St.Anne’s in November.
The Briars will be holding an advent retreat from 11th-13th December priced at £50 open to Year 10 to Year 13 (14-18).
Sophie and Philip Etchells are hoping to go to World Youth Day held in Poland in 2016 but will need to do some fundraising to help toward the cost.
Nothing to report.
Adult formation.
Mike and Yvonne to discuss Proclaim 15 and liaise with Father now new resources have been received.
Esther reported that the social committee are working on the menu for the Rich/Poor lunch and will be liaising with the J&P Group.
The Social committee are working on ideas for an event in October or November.
Father reported that the insurance had been paid and amounted to around £3000 but this was covered by the gift aid we had received.
Andy reported that new risk assessments had been completed for the Parish centre following refurbishment and would be forwarded to the Diocese. One item had been brought to their attention by Mrs Della Cioppa the playgroup owner. This was that the floor in the main hall, where it met with the playschool door was still not completed and was raised causing a trip hazard. She had put down a rubber mat to safeguard the children but the floor needs finishing off. A discussion took place regarding the high humidity in the hall and the fact that the floor was still expanding but it was decided to speak to the contractor to see if he was able to do anything.
Mrs Della Cioppa also said the extractor fan in the hall leaked when it rained but father stated that repairs to the lead cover had now taken place and the problem should be solved.
Paint is available for the new toilets and is located in the caretaker’s room. Two mirrors over the sinks are still waiting to be fitted and another request for some shelves and a long mirror in the ladies toilet was noted. Andy to speak to Alpha gas who completed the refurbishment about this.
J&P Parish Event.
See above, to be held on 3/10/15
Cath Cassidy was the new safeguarding rep for the Parish.
Nothing to report.
PPC Correspondence.
A letter was received by the PPC from a Margaret Wood advertising an event at The Dome called “This light that pushes me”. Poster to be displayed in church.
An email had been received and circulated from the High Peak Food bank. It was thought that a “shopping list” would be a good idea so that we could target the donations and this is to be fixed to the basket at the back of church.

Date of the AGM and subsequent meeting.
The AGM is to be held after Mass on Sunday 18/10/15 with the first meeting of the new committee on 10/11/15.
Father Dennis finished the meeting with a prayer.

Minutes of the St. Anne’s Pastoral Parish Council   5th May 2015

Present: Andy Etchells, Father Dennis, Fabio Feroleto, Cora Plant, Anne Cleary, Yvonne Ripley, Mike Reynolds, Sophie Etchells, Iris Thompson, 
Apologies:  Aileen Warneford, Margaret Swift, Lesley Crowther,  Esther King,

Andy Etchells welcomed everyone and Father Dennis opened the meeting with a prayer.

Group Reports

Premises/ Centre from Andy
Andy had circulated the background information re refurbishment of the toilets to members of the PPC during the week (before the meeting). In the meeting a long discussion took place regarding the proposed withdrawal of the grant from Sita Trust if the toilet refurbishment wasn’t completed. An urgent meeting between Father and Andy had taken place and quotes had been obtained. The committee discussed the quotes at length and a contractor was decided upon. Andy would liaise with Sita trust accordingly and keep members of the PPC informed.

Adult formation and Evangelisation – Mike Reynolds
‘Proclaim 15!’ – Mike’s observations were shared and discussed
There was a short discussion on what ‘handing on the faith’ meant to different people and how that might affect ‘Proclaim 15!’.
It was agreed that sending someone to the National Conference in Birmingham on 11th July was a priority.
It was agreed that a parish Steering Group would co-ordinate parish activities around ‘Proclaim 15!’.
Mike to contact Diocesan Adult Formation Office to find out how many places were available to us and let everyone know
Mike to meet with Yvonne to discuss ‘Proclaim 15!’ materials online
Fr Dennis to place notice in bulletin asking for volunteers to be involved in the Steering Group
Fr Dennis recommended that people familiarise themselves with ‘Evangelii Gaudium’.

Youth Report from Fabio Feroleto

Fabio explained about the Educational Grants available for young people living in Fairfield from the Fairfield Endowed School Trust. These are available for people aged 16-25 and they do not have to have any specific religious affiliation. The deadline is the end of May.

Youth Report from Sophie Etchells
The coffee morning to raise money for the Holy Communion and Confirmation programmes raised £72.00. Both programmes were proceeding very well and the ceremonies would be on 17th and 21st of this month.
Philip Etchells would be going to Lourdes this year, the parish had made a donation but more funds are needed. It was agreed that a coffee morning would be held.

Outreach Report - Anne Cleary and Cora Plant
The Polish Community, Visiting Group and Welcoming Group all appear to be going well, nothing new to report

Eucharistic Ministers: The Peak Deanery Day of Renewal for Eucharistic Ministers was a great success with the speaker being spoken of very highly. The Social Committee provided tea and coffee for the day.
The Presentation Associates continue to meet in the Hardwick Room once a month after the Wednesday morning mass. There has been a problem around accessibility for a wheelchair user as the main door is locked due to the safeguarding of the children in the Playgroup (who use the building). It was agreed that the issue is a difficult one – on the one hand the safety of the children is paramount yet on the other the Disability Discrimination Act states that all people should be able to access the premises safely and with dignity. It was suggested that a bell could be installed, but it was agreed that the best practice for the moment would be to make everyone aware of the situation and communicate with each other effectively, including through a ‘buddy’ system and mobile phones.
Churches Together – Christian Aid Week begins on 11th May. The Christian Aid Service will be at St. Peter's Fairfield is on Sunday 11th May 6pm
Anne to co-ordinate effective communication around this issue and monitor any problems

Justice and Peace – Yvonne Ripley
The J&P Stations of the Cross were held on Palm Sunday and again on Good Friday, and was supported by excellent artwork from pupils at Saint Thomas More’s school. There was very positive feedback about the liturgy.
It was agreed that the J&P group could have some notice board space at the back of church.
Yvonne spoke about future activities which include sending a parish representative to the Climate Change Coalition Demonstration ‘For the love of….’ in London in June and also to the National J&P Weekend Conference in July.
It was proposed that the parish J&P group do an awareness raising event on Family Fast Day in October, perhaps a parish supper.
Yvonne to liaise with Rob Aldous re: notice board
J&P group to discuss climate change demonstration, a J&P representative meeting with the High Peak MP, and publicity about our activitiesnin the Buxton Advertiser.
The group also to discuss how to feed back information from the J&P Conference and also future parish activities, including a supper.

Safeguarding and Finances
Everything was reported as being stable with no current problems

Churches Together – Several parishioners attended the Loretta Minghella Lecture in April  at the Dome and found it interesting, motivating and challenging.

Andy thanked everybody for their attendance and contributions
and the meeting closed with a prayer at 9pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 7th July 2015,  7.30pm


PPC Minutes July 7th 2015

Present: Fabio Feroleto, Margaret Swift, Iris Thompson, Esther King, Anne Cleary, Sophie Etchells, Yvonne Ripley, Mike Reynolds, Andy Etchells, Father Dennis, Aileen Warneford
Father Dennis welcomed everyone and opened the meeting in prayer.
Apologies were received from Lesley Crowther and Cora Plant.
The minutes of the previous meeting had been read and approved.
There were no matters arising.
Group Reports
Justice and Peace from Yvonne Ripley
1. Climate Change
Members of St. Anne’s Justice and Peace group joined CAFOD and the Climate Coalition at an
event at the Houses of Parliament Wednesday 17th June 2015 and met with the High Peak MP
Andrew Bingham to discuss climate change. Other members of the group wrote to him expressing the
importance and urgency of discussing climate change because of its effect on the world’s most
vulnerable people and our responsibility for stewardship of our world. A reply has been received
from Mr Bingham in which he has given his views .Pope Francis has also written an encyclical
on climate change, published recently and it was agreed that this would form an excellent basis for
2. National Justice and Peace Conference at Swanwick 17-19 July 2015
Posters have been displayed for this event and four parishioners will be going to this important event
and attending a range of workshops.
3. Notices and Communications
The J&P notice board is now operating at the back of the church, and it was agreed at the meeting
that it is the responsibility of everyone to keep it looking tidy and up to date.
Information is given out on the newsletter, on the blog and on the notice board.
4. Speakers
The J&P group stated that they would like (inspirational) speakers) to give talks to us on issues
of Justice and Peace.
5. Proclaim 15
The J&P group felt that there was a lot of overlap between Proclaim 15 and Justice and Peace
and Yvonne has met with Mike Reynolds to discuss how we could move forward.
6. Parish Event for the Friday Family Fast Day October 2015
Rosemary Wood is to discuss this with the Confirmation catechists and to link with St. Thomas
More’s school as it was felt that this would be an event that some of the younger parishioners
would enjoy and find challenging.
7. Coffee Mornings after 10 00am Mass
Members of the J&P group have suggested holding a monthly coffee morning after the 10 00 am
Mass, primarily to strengthen our bonds in the parish community and to raise awareness of the
J&P group.
8. Messages of Justice and Peace through liturgy and preaching
Fr Dennis continues to highlight the central Christian message of compassion, justice and peace
through relating it directly to the Gospel readings each week, and the Children’s Liturgy Group
also develop these themes in their presentations at the Sunday morning mass.
Outreach reports for June 2015
Presentation Associates: No news, the next meeting will be in September.
Visiting: Nothing to report
Polish Community: Nothing to report
Rosary Group: Nothing to report
Eucharistic Ministry : Margaret Robinson has had a request from Julie Corden, who is the co-ordinator
For EM’s in the Peak Deanery. The Commission for Ministers of Holy Communion wants accurate information about each of the active EM’s in the Parish. This will be forwarded to the new Bishop.
Margaret will provide details to the Commission. All EM’s who have not renewed their DBS (safeguarding check) since 2012 need to have this done. Margaret has asked if the PPC could arrange this via the Safeguarding Officer.
From Anne Cleary
Churches Together 12/05/2015
July 9th Women’s World Day of Prayer
July 15th “New Thoughts Old War” at St. John’s Church
Last Friday of each month. Prayer for Buxton at Buxton Methodist Church on the Market place (side entrance) 8.00 to 10.00 but come to part of the evening if desired.
The Town Centre Chaplaincy needs volunteers. See Steve Fisher at Buxton United Reform church
Night Stop still needs our support.
Music Group
From Iris Thompson
The Music Group sang at the Sunday 10am Eucharist at the end of May and June We all enjoyed our participation with the music at the Confirmation Mass
Several members supported the singing at the First Communion Mass
Father Dennis had asked the choir to sing at the Cardinal’s Mass on Sunday 19th July at
This will be instead of the end of month Mass on July 26th
Youth report from Fabio Feroleto
The Fairfield Youth Group have been successful in applying for a grant.
A Summer Scheme is in place for the Summer Holidays
Running on Tuesdays for 8-10 year olds, 1.30 to 3.30pm
Youth from Sophie Etchells
The Confirmation went well. Thanks to all those who helped and supported the young people
Another visit from Cannons is anticipated on the 21st July
Adult formation - Mike Reynolds
Mike requested that the PROCLAIM 15 prayer should be included in the regular Bidding Prayers.
Yvonne is going to attend the National Conference to be held in Birmingham on July 11th, and will report back on the content. Mike is intending to form a steering group to put the intentions of the conference into effect. He also intends to put a notice regarding this into the Bulletin.
There is to be another meeting of the Justice and Peace Group on July 12th, after the 10am Mass.
A “Rich and Poor Supper” is proposed for the Parish in the autumn. Yvonne explained the significance of this venture, and the potential it might have to increase awareness of the plight of the poor.
Social Group
Esther reported a quiet period in the activities of the Social Group, but their work for the Senior Citizens Lunch was acknowledged with fond recollections and thanks.
Nothing to report
End of Group Reports
The person currently responsible for Safeguarding in the Parish has left the area.
It has become a matter of urgency that a new safeguarding officer be found.
Yvonne is to e mail John Creedon regarding this matter
Andy Etchells is to find a Job Specification for the role, to be published in the Bulletin with the intention of finding a suitable recruit.
Meanwhile, if anyone involved in Parish activities has any worries or suspicions, they should contact John Creedon directly.
. Finance
Father Dennis provided a comprehensive balance sheet on the Parish Finances.
PPC Correspondence
None to date
Toilets - Thanks were expressed to Alpha Gas and SWG plumbing for the quick completion of the toilets, within the dead line for the awarding of the Grant.
Decorating is still to be done. It was suggested that this could be carried out by someone in the Parish and a notice may be put in the Bulletin inviting volunteers.
Andy was thanked for all his hard work regarding the toilet facilities.
Aerosol canisters had been found in one of the cupboards in the centre, containing highly inflammable foam. The cupboard being unlocked and easily accessed, the canisters had been secured in the caretakers room under lock and key. The group responsible were to be made aware of the threat to health and safety presented by the substances and were to be asked to remove them permanently.
Date and time of next meeting 15th September 2015 at 7.30pm

Minutes of the St. Anne’s Pastoral Parish Council   17th March 2015

Present; Andy Etchells, Father Dennis,Lesley Crowther, Fabio Feroleto, Cora Plant, Anne Cleary, Sophie Etchells, Aileen Warneford.
Apologies; Margaret Swift, Iris Thompson, Esther King, Yvonne Ripley, Mike Reynolds

Andy Etchells welcomed everyone and Father Dennis opened in prayer.

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th January 2015 had been circulated and approved
Matters Arising - Volunteers were needed to help with the catering for the Eucharistic Conference to be held at St. Anne's on 9th May

Group Reports

Premises/ Centre from Andy
Money was left in the budget to refurbish the toilets. The refurbishment Committee is re tendering for the work on this.
State of the kitchen
Philip Etchells has been cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. The cooker is spotless, tiles and surrounds have been cleaned and the Hardwick Room has had the window sills and skirting boards washed and cleaned.
Hall users expressed thanks to Philip.
Father Dennis had received permission from the Diocese to replace the boiler.A "clear out" was needed in the Boiler Room. A skip required and a team needed for the clearing out. Date to be decided.

Fabio reported on Youth
50-60 children aged from 7-11 were attending  the SAFE group in Fairfield, which meets on a Tuesday evening.
60-100 young people were attending the Thursday group for 11-18 years

Report from Sophie Etchells

There have been a number of developments since the previous Parish council meeting:
Confirmation Sessions began on 31st January with an enrolment ceremony for the candidates. There are currently 12 candidates enrolled on the programme.
Sessions have been well received by candidates and videos uploaded onto the Parish and School Website with both candidates and young catechists providing insight into these sessions.
Holy Communion sessions also began the week following the enrolment ceremony.Currently, there are 14 Holy Communion candidates and two sessions have been hosted in the parish centre thus far.
Holy Communion candidates feedback from their sessions in the church for the congregation.
The 'Cannons' Youth Event came to St. Anne's Buxton again on February 3rd. The event was well attended by St.  Thomas More pupils as well as a school pupil from the Community School and young parishioners, and Father Hugh from Bakewell and Hassop also brought several of his young parishioners.

On March 7th 6 young people from our parish went to the Flame 2 event in Wembley Arena. Alongside 8000 other young people from around the country, a day of inspiring music, prayer and guest speakers was enjoyed by our young people with over 200 attending from Nottingham Diocese altogether.

The weekend 13th-15th March saw the majority of our Confirmation candidates attend a residential weekend at The Briars as part of their programme.  St. Anne's parish was part of an Open Confirmation weekend
which saw Confirmation candidates from Grantham, Southwell, Glossop and the High Peak Deanery participate in an enjoyable weekend focusing on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Outreach Report

Polish Community
Our parish has been invited to join in a walk from Buxton to Stoke on Trent Saturday, March 14th see notice in the church
Visiting Group
Nothing to report
Seems to be working well, nothing new to report
Eucharistic Ministers
Meeting still needs to be arranged to advise Eucharistic Ministers on how to conduct a service if there is no Mass
The Peak Deanery Day of Renewal for Eucharistic Ministers will be in our Parish on Saturday May 9th. Would it be possible for the Social Committee to help with teas and coffees.
Presentation Associates
Next meeting in the Hardwick Room Wednesday 18th March 10.30 to plan for the purchase and delivery of Easter gifts to the housebound.
Churches Together
The next meeting will be on Thursday March 19th.

Volunteers were needed for the Spring (May) Fair on May 4th
Also for the Christian Aid Collection in Morrison's Store, 10th - 16th May

COMMS - nothing to report
Social- nothing to report
Justice and Peace - Yvonne sent an e mail and thanked Father Dennis and Angela Duffy for their support regarding the Stations of the Cross to be held on Palm Sunday.
Lesley and Aileen for refreshments at the first parish meeting, Mike Monaghan for forwarding information and contacts, and everyone who gave suggestions via email or word of mouth
Yvonne attached the Stations of the Cross document from the Diocese.
Safeguarding - was on going/progressing
Finances  - were stable and balancing out. Plans were in place for a committee to take over if necessary. 

Churches Together March 12th 2015
Friday 3rd April 2015:

The Annual Good Friday Walk begins at 11.30am at St. John's Church, preceded by hot cross buns in the church.

Tuesday 14th April 2015

General Election Hustings: All five prospective candidates will be at St Jonh's Church on Tuesday 14th April from 7.30pm  until 9.00pm. Questions are needed from the various churches , and should be handed in to the Church Centre, Bath Road by April 7th . The questions must be in writing, signed, with your name and address, and the title of the church to which you belong
There  will be an entry and exit poll , and a meeting will be held on Monday 27th April to discuss the results.

Tuesday 21st April Christian Aid event for supporters in the Devonshire Dome: 3.30pm until 6.00pm. There will be keynote sessions , workshops and fundraising  innovations.

Tuesday 21st April Also in the Dome . 6.15pm The Churches Together in Buxton Annual lecture by Loretta Minghella, chief executive of Christian Aid.( a free place at this lecture can be booked by contacting the University Chaplaincy 01298 330376 or by email  )

Monday May 4th Spring  Fair  Volunteers are required for activities at Buxton Methodist Church. They would like photos of events at our church and a poster. For more information phone Kate MacLean 01298 79276

Monday 11th May Christian Aid Week . Service to be held at St Peter's Church Fairfield.

13th May There will be a collection for Christian Aid at Morrisons, Volunteers are needed for Wednesday 13th May, when our church will be collecting

Father Dennis mentioned that the Exhortation 'Evangelii Gaudium' from Pope Francies, was well worth reading.

Date of next Meeting - was decided as 5th May 2015
Father Dennis closed the meeting in prayer at 8.45pm

NB  The Christian Aid Service at St. Peter's Fairfield is on Sunday 11th May 6pm not Monday

St. Anne’s PPC  Minutes of the meeting Tuesday January 13th 2015

Welcome and Opening Prayer - Father Dennis opened the meeting in prayer

Present - Father Dennis, Lesley Crowther, Margaret Swift, Anne Cleary, Yvonne Ripley, Fabio Feroleto, Iris Thompson, Mike Reynolds, Sophie Etchells, Andy Etchells, Aileen Warneford

 2 Apologies - Received from: Cora Plant, Esther King

 3 Previous Minutes - The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were agreed.

 4 Matters Arising - Mike Reynolds had not been recorded as representative for Adult Education. The secretary offered apologies for this mistake. Iris Thompson had not been recorded as present, for which the secretary again offers apologies

 5. Group Reports - Children and Youth,  Junior Liturgy -  The children performed a wonderful Nativity on Christmas Day at the 10am celebration called A Little Nativity.  We have struggled with both leaders and children this last few months, however both are now picking up. The children will be working through Katie Thompsons A Complete Children's Liturgy as well as using the Living Stones book. We are trying to incorporate as many different medias to encourage and support the children's learning. When the children return after their liturgy we are trying to encourage them to share what they have been doing with the congregation. 
 St. Anne’s Guides - During the summer we had many days doing outdoor pursuits including canoeing. This last term the Guides have been concentrating on the Free to be me Badge, designed to increase their confidence and self esteem whilst encouraging them to be happy themselves. We have had close links with the East Cheshire Hospice for years, and they provided a workshop for the Guides on the theme of “Free to be Me” October saw the Guides going to PGL for an activity weekend to Shrewsbury which was amazing! We had a fantastic time at the Panto and this term we are concentrating on the Severn Trent Water Badge which looks at fun ways of saving water as well as what happens to our water.  We have also booked to go to the International Peak 2015 camp this July.  From Lesley 
Lesley also added that two girls from the St. Anne’s Guides and Rangers had been chosen as Ambassadors at the Peak Camp  to be held at Chatsworth in July 2015
Brownies and Rainbows - The Brownies and Rainbows worked towards the Hoot Challenge  Badge. We made pictures out of recycled or natural materials and they made owl cakes, and Honey Bank Owls came to talk to the girls. We made Christmas “pom pom” decorations and the Rainbows made up shoe boxes for the Shoe Box Appeal, (Christmas Child) The Brownies held a healthy lifestyle night run by Grace Faugno, one of our Young Leaders, and we all looked at the sugar and fat content in food, then made healthy eating posters.
 From Brown Owl, (Astraea) - For a full Youth Report please see Youth Report below from Sophie Etchells
 Music Group - The music group had a busy December. We had 4 weekly practices with our choir mistress Clare O' Neill and sang at the Christmas Services on Christmas Eve. We also sang at Haddon Hall Care home on Sat 13th Dec and at the Parish Carol Concert on Sunday 14th Dec. January 25th Sung Mass has been cancelled due to anticipation of bad weather.    From Iris Thompson 
Outreach - Presentation Associates, The Associates delivered  16 Christmas presents to housebound parishioners. Welcoming Group - no change. Visiting Group - nothing to report. Polish Community - the Polish Choir enjoyed singing at the Parish Carol Concert and also after the New Year’s Day Mass. The Polish priest will now be commencing his visits to Polish parishioners who invite him to their homes. He will meet the families and bless their homes. From Anne Cleary
 Churches Together - NB This report has been e mailed for inclusion in the minutes retrospectively, as the Churches Together meeting for January 15th 2015 was held on the same evening as the St. Anne’s PPC meeting above. Lenten Lunches - The provisional date for us to host the first Lenten Lunch is Wednesday March 18th at the centre on Bath Road.  Annual Contribution - Churches Together would like us to double our annual contribution from 20.00 to 40.00 Town Centre Chaplaincy - There are now five chaplains. They are getting a range of responses from shop workers in Spring Gardens
Christian Aid - There will be a coffee morning on Saturday May 9th at Buxton Methodist Church. Lenten Services These will be held at little St. Anne’s Church Bath Road on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Sent by e mail by Anne Cleary
 NB An extra note of music! - Rehearsals for the CTIB Lenten Meditation with CTIB combined choir begin on Friday 20th February , 7.30 until 9.00 pm at Buxton Methodist Church. All who would like to sing welcome, no experience needed. - Aileen
 Adult Education - from Mike Reynolds - The all age gathering , still a strongly supported proposition, has not yet taken place. Something concrete is probably needed. Mike is going to look at a programme called  “Proclaim 15”
Social Events - A very good Carol Concert was held in December, with 70+ in attendance. 18th April was proposed for the Senior Citizens Lunch. From Margaret and Esther
 COMMS - There was nothing in the Suggestion Box recently. The Website had been visited frequently during the weeks leading up to Christmas. VISITORS FROM OVER 131 COUNTRIES HAD VISITED ST. ANNE’S WEBSITE!
 Justice and Peace - Yvonne is still attempting to set up a Justice and Peace Course, with the support of a group to be formed and to meet regularly. The group would promote interest in Justice and Peace issues, raise awareness and undertake practical work in the cause of Justice and Peace. Yvonne handed around samples of worksheets for the PPC to consider.  The worksheets contained the Diocesan Mission Statement regarding Justice and Peace.  There is space on the worksheet for a Mission Statement from the Parish to be agreed. A short meeting was to be arranged so that the above worksheet could be read and discussed by St. Anne’s parishioners. It was suggested that a first event might be a Justice and Peace Liturgy, to take place at the end of Lent in St. Anne’s Church. A full outlay for such an event, based on the theme of “Stations of the Cross”, has been e mailed to the PPC for full consideration. Yvonne has set out the aims  and objectives of the above event within the script of the worksheet to be considered. As a result  of all above, a meeting has been arranged for Sunday 25th January. This is to be a short meeting to begin the formation of a Justice and Peace group. It is to take place after the 10am Mass, with tea and coffee to be served. Palm Sunday Evening was suggested as the time for the Liturgical Event. This event would be supported by the Justice and Peace Lenten Liturgy as prepared by  St. Barnabus Cathedral Justice and Peace Group, on behalf of the Nottingham Justice and Peace Commission. NB The meeting on Sunday 25th January 2015 has been advertised in the Bulletin, 17th/18th January
Youth Report - From Sophie Etchells. Since the previous parish council meeting  there have been a number of developments with the youth of our parish. Year 9 Retreat from St.. Thomas More School to The Briars. The retreat occurred the week commencing 10th November from Monday-Friday. The school took approximately 48 pupils to The Briars where a number of team building and faith developing activities took place. The retreat was well received by pupils.
CANNONS Event in St.  Anne’s Church - This event was timed deliberately to coincide following on from the school retreat to The Briars on the evening of Tuesday 18th November. Outreach members of  The Briars team welcomed approximately 30 young people into the parish centre and church for an evening of live music, pizza, prayer and worship and talk on the Evangeli Gaudium; the Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis. The majority of young people who attended were in Year 9 with others from the different year groups and visitors from Bakewell and Hassop. The Briars Team hope that the Cannons event will return in February and will be contacting Father Dennis in due course
Youth Sunday and the Feast of Christ the King Mass - Youth Sunday took place on the 23rd November and saw several young people from St. Thomas More and St.. Anne’s School  involved with the liturgy and music .               The young people delivered readings, bidding prayers and took up the gifts at the Offertory. Several singers and instrumentalists from St. Thomas More School were supported by a number of Church Choir and Sue Hardman. Many thanks for their support. Sacrament Preparation; Holy Communion and Confirmation: The catechist team spent a weekend at The Briars Retreat Centre, Crich, to plan and prepare sessions for both Holy Communion and Confirmation candidates. Approximate numbers for Holy Communion are 25 and 12 for Confirmation. Final numbers are yet to be confirmed. Confirmation preparation will commence on Saturday 31st January and it is proposed that Holy Communion sessions will take place on the following dates: (pending agreement with Father)
9.45am at the Parish Centre including 10am Mass               Sunday 22nd February
9.45am at the Parish Centre including 10am Mass               Sunday 8th March
9.45am at the Parish Centre including 10am Mass               Sunday 22nd March
9.45am at the Parish Centre including 10am Mass               Sunday 19th April
9.45am at the Parish Centre including 10am Mass               Sunday 26th April
11.00 am at the Parish Centre and then to Church for the Reconciliation Service   Saturday 9th May
10 am at the Parish Centre and then to Church for a practice of the Holy Communion Service
Holy Communion Mass will be on Sunday 17th May at 3.00 pm
Safeguarding - Eva Sullivan, the Parish Safeguarding representative is updating the DBS forms for all members of the parish who work with children or vulnerable adults. The evening meeting with John Creedon, held on Thursday 27th November 2014, was reported as very helpful, relevant and productive by all who attended.
Finance - Father Dennis reported the present state of Parish finances as stable. Regarding the Hall, the floor is in a satisfactory condition  after some problems with atmospheric challenges. The water heater in the kitchen has broken down.
PPC Correspondence - Mary Rooney contributed the High Peak Foodbank Newsletter January 2015 - see below Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2015. The trustees and staff at High Peak Foodbank wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your support in 2014. Figures for 2014 We’re still inputting the data for 2014 but early indications are that High Peak Foodbank supplied over 1,500 people with over 31,000 meals in the year. The donated food that you gave meant that we rarely had to buy provisions. We are also grateful to Waitrose who provide us with fresh fruit and vegetables that is coming up to the end of its shelf life but is still fit for consumption. This has meant our emergency food parcels have become healthier!
Making Foodbank Referrals - Please complete the top box of the High Peak Foodbank Referral form and hand to the client then ring us on 07977 618232 to book a parcel. We issue seven days supply of food if we receive a referring 'phone call and the form. Otherwise, to avoid misuse, we treat it as a self referral and issue three days supply. 
Dental Hygiene Promotion - Working with Children’s Centres to promote dental hygiene in January 2015, every food parcel we issue will contain age appropriate tooth brushes and tooth paste as well as brushing charts and leaflets. We will also limit the number of sweet products in food parcels and avoid sugary drinks. 
Projects - We are at the initial stage of several projects and will give more details of these in future newsletters. One of these is a research project which will look at the best ways of supporting people who are referred to us for emergency food parcels with the aim of preventing them needing a foodbank again. 
Economists/Researchers Wanted! We'd be grateful to hear from anyone with experience of research or of studying economics who would be willing to volunteer for a project that will benefit the High Peak area. Appeal - One problem our clients regularly face is getting the support they need over the internet.                                                  They often don’t have access and sometimes don’t know how to use it. We would like to be able to offer internet access plus the support of our workers to help people to resolve their issues by buying a laptop and printer for use at the foodbank.  We expect people would be able to use the laptop to: Look for and apply for jobs Search and bid for suitable permanent accommodation Find out about benefits Find appropriate support e.g. mental health, domestic violence  Make on-line applications to things like Derbyshire Discretionary Fund Gain access to information that affects them Make appeals if they think a decision is wrong The laptop and printer could be used by anyone who needs them to resolve any issue that is causing them hardship, they wouldn’t need to be a foodbank user. The laptop would be configured to prevent misuse, it would be fastened down and one of our workers would be on hand to support the person using it. So, this month, rather than asking for specific food donations as we usually do, if you are able to give, we hope you will consider making a contribution to our laptop appeal. You can donate online by visiting our website:  and clicking on ‘mydonate’ on the home page
or you can send or drop a cheque made payable to ‘High Peak
Nightstop’ to Laptop Appeal, HPNS, United Reformed Church, Hardwick Square East, Buxton SK17 6PT.  The target amount for this appeal is £500 and we’ll let you know how we get on in the next newsletter. If you would rather donate more traditional foodbank items we would appreciate: Toothpaste for children aged under 5 Coffee Shampoo Men’s deodorant  If your organisation has a newsletter, please include the following paragraph: The staff and trustees of High Peak Foodbank (Buxton) wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for your support in 2014. We find that a key problem for some of our clients is that they don’t have access to the internet or the knowledge to navigate it. This means they can’t apply for state help on-line or find appropriate support organisations. So this month, instead of asking for food donations we hope you will consider making a contribution towards a laptop that our clients can use, supported by our staff, to help them resolve their issues. If you are able contribute to this you can do so by visiting our website or by posting a cheque made payable to  High Peak Nightstop to Laptop Appeal, HPNS, United Reformed Church, Hardwick Square East, Buxton SK17 6PT. Thanks for your support. High Peak Nightstop News. As well as providing emergency accommodation, High Peak Nightstop has opened cold weather provision over the winter months. Whenever bad weather is predicted, supervised refuge is available for people with nowhere else to go at the United Reformed Church in Buxton. People who need this help also receive hot drinks and blankets. Make referrals by ringing 07973 670 595.
Best wishes Paul Bohan (High Peak Foodbank Coordinator) Lizzie Walton (Buxton Foodbank Coordinator)
 Thanks given for the Christmas Card collection, which amounted to 220.00 The Donations basket at the Carol Concert raised 100.00 With the addition of a private donation, 260.00 was given to  “Nightstop” and 260.00 to Charis House. Food items were also generously given. Many thanks.
 AOB - Iris commented on the dirty state of the kitchen even after refurbishment. Certain areas were left rather grubby, sides of the cooker and side of the sink as examples. Tea towels and cloths were too soiled to be used. It was suggested that working parties might tackle the problem , and this could be advertised in the Newsletter.  Another quote was being sought for work required to re furbish the toilets.
 Cora Plant and John Pocock have requested hard copies of the Minutes, and these are to be supplied in the future. 
Date of Next Meeting 17th March 2015, 7.30pm
Father Dennis closed the meeting in prayer at 8.55pM


PPC Minutes 4th November 2014

St. Annes Pastoral Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 4th November 2014

1. Welcome and Opening Prayer

Father Dennis welcomed the committee and opened the meeting in prayer.

Those attending:  Father Dennis, Andy Etchells, Yvonne Ripley, Iris Thomson, Margaret Swift, Anne Cleary, Cora Plant, Esther King, Mike Reynolds, Fabio Feroleto, Sophie Etchells and Aileen Warneford.

2. Apologies

Apology received from Lesley Crowther

3.Election of Officers

Chair                              Andy Etchells agreed to continue as Chair

Vice Chair                     It was agreed that Mike Reynolds should serve as Vice Chair

Secretary                       Aileen Warneford agreed to continue as Secretary

4. Group representatives

The following representatives were newly appointed

Yvonne Ripley - Justice and Peace
 Esther King     - Social
Iris Thompson -  Music
Sophie Etchells-Youth
Fabio Feroleto  -Youth 
Margaret Swift  Comms

The following representatives would continue

Church Buildings Father Dennis/ Andy Etchells
Guides/ Junior Liturgy    Lesley Crowther

Anne Cleary  - Outreach
Cora Plant    - Outreach
Father Dennis   Finance

(A Finance Committee would be on standby in the absence of Father Dennis and would be composed of
  Andy Etchells, Rob Aldous, Margaret Swift and John O ‘Meara)

5. Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and read

6. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

7. Group Reports

Ministers of the Eucharist

Sophie Etchells is to become part of the team of Eucharistic Ministers
A proposed meeting to explain the new Order of Service has now been held

Justice and Peace
Yvonne presented an extensive document from the Nottingham Justice and Peace Commission which outlined plans for raising awareness, distributing information and analysing issues, raising awareness and communication. .The document also covered reflection, action, celebration and evaluation, concluding with plans for management and development. Also included was a year planner for events.
The documents were distributed to members of the PPC present, so that the contents could be given due consideration.
Yvonne asked for direction concerning the future of Justice and Peace projects in the parish.
She asked if  a Justice and Peace group should be formed.
Yvonne pointed out that often small things could have a big impact. She also mentioned the use of social media, and its appeal for the young, suggesting that this could be developed further. 
Father Dennis talked about the importance of finding a “personal peace” as the key to peace within the community.


A Carol Concert was proposed, to be combined with a social afternoon with music and a festive atmosphere.
On the 15th November the University would be using the church for its annual event, and tea would be provided for the band in the Centre.


Fabio described the provision of Youth Services in Fairfield. Some of these services had been “cut” by the local council and new groups were being staffed by volunteers from St. Thomas More school.
Mike Reynolds asked about the provision of groups for young people with special needs. Fabio told the PPC about a group called SAFE which gave such provision.
Sophie reported that a list had been drawn up of potential candidates for next year’s Confirmation.
A proposed service for Youth on the feast of Christ the King (November 23rd) was to be arranged around the theme of “How Happy are You” - reflecting the Beatitudes. Sophie was recruiting young people to take part in this service.
Year Nine was to go to The Briars in early November.
A session of” Cannons “was expected to take place on November 18th, the church and centre being used to host this Youth Event, with a guest speaker.


The Music Group planned to provide accompaniment for the service on the 30th November

Church Buildings

The new boiler for the church heating was now operational, after some initial problems
The wardrobes in the Upper Room had been cleared and were now available for use by the Confirmation Group.


One lady and six gentlemen had volunteered to clear the ivy from the north side of the church.
This has to be programmed.


The comprehensive Outreach Report in the minutes of the previous meeting stands as read.

8. Christmas Card Appeal

The PPC was reminded that the original Christmas Card Appeal had been devised in order to prevent a wasteful proliferation of Christmas Cards in the body of the church.
A system of affixing a card to the Christmas Tree with an invited donation was now a familiar routine.
The custom had been to place the Christmas Tree at the front of the church. It was suggested that the Christmas Card appeal would attract more notice if placed at the back of the church, with the official backing of the PPC, through a notice.
This was generally agreed, and was to be publicized in mid November.
Nightstop and Charis House were proposed as local charities to benefit. A box should be provided for donations of food or Christmas gifts.
Mike Reynolds offered the use of a large hamper for this purpose.

9. Parish Centre Refurbishment

The February half term was suggested as a good time for continuation of this work by contractor. The area of focus  would be the toilets.

It was noted that the kitchen is not quite finished

In relation to the Centre, Father Dennis reported that Bingo was due to start again, on a Monday and a Friday.

10  Finance

The main note on Finance was that the boiler had been paid for and no longer presented a problem.

11. PPC Correspondence

In a communication by e mail, an observation had been made by a member of the Parish regarding the use of the Upper Rooms by the Playschoool.
Children had been found to be using the Upper Rooms for “Story Time” with their teachers.
Three questions were raised.
1.Have they had permission to use the rooms?
2. Are they paying rent for this use?
3. If not, should they be, considering that the Playschool is run as a commercial business?

The above questions were answered as follows:

1. Yes, they have permission to use the rooms, and this is also by common consent, so long as it is
     reasonably convenient for them to do so.
2. No. The rent already paid includes use of the Centre as a whole.
3. No. There is no cause to charge extra rent for use of the Upper Rooms. The PPC,  with the full 
    agreement of Father Dennis, was happy for the Playschool to use them.

12. AOB

Yvonne mentioned that a study day on the Theology of Justice and Peace was being advertised by a notice at the back of the church.

Margaret displayed the new notice board for St Anne’s church designed by Rob Aldous. It was agreed that this notice board should be erected.
27th November 2014  - there was a planned evening for Safeguarding training in the Diocese.
This would be delivered by John Creedon. Letters had been sent out to all known parties with relevant involvement. 
It was suggested that there should be a representative for this area on the committee as there had been in the past.

13 Date of next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the ST. Anne’s PPC was agreed as
Tuesday 13th January 2015

PPC Minutes 12th October 2014

St. Anne’s Pastoral Parish Council
Minutes of the AGM held on 12th October 2014
Present; Andy Etchells, Rob Aldous, Anne Cleary, Margaret Swift, Niamh MacNamara, Lesley Crowther, Aileen Warneford, Father Dennis, and Cora Plant. Nine members of the Parish also attended
1. Welcome and Opening Prayer
    Andy welcomed all present and opened the meeting in prayer
2. Apologies
   Received from Mike Reynolds, Phillip Etchells and Heather Toomey 
3. Previous Minutes AGM 20th October 2013 
    The previous minutes had been read and approved. There were no matters arising.
4. PPC Correspondence
    None received
5. Group Reports
a. Youth
Lesley Crowther praised the young people of the parish for their help with the Senior Citizens Lunch and for fund raising in support of the East Cheshire Hospice.
The Guides were planning a trip to PGL and to Peak Camp.
Catechists and helpers were looking for ways in which to encourage a better attendance at the Children’s Liturgy. 
Niamh Macnamara explained the pattern of First Holy Communion preparation. 
Sessions of one hour had been provided before Sunday Eucharist and the children were encouraged to attend the Eucharist during the preparation time, and after the First Communion. This format was to continue next year. 19 children had attend the classes and subsequently received their First Holy Communion.
Margaret Swift outlined the continuation of the Confirmation Group for 2015. 
15 candidates were Confirmed this year. The leaders would again plan at The Briars, and would take the candidates on retreat as part of their preparation programme. Funds had been raised to cover expenses, although most candidates were able to pay for themselves. Father John Guest had administered Confirmation due to Bishop Malcolm departing for Liverpool.
b. Outreach
Anne Cleary reported on various groups in this section.
Presentation Association - The Association enjoyed a lively meeting on 24th September. A study of the Gospel reading  for the next Sunday was followed by a more general discussion.
Prayers were offered for the two Presentation Sisters (Imelda Crew and Paula Buckely) recently drowned in Ireland. Statement from the Union of Presentation Sisters.
Polish Community - The Polish Community will be holding Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and saying the Rosary in Polish. To be held on the first Sunday of each month at 4.30 (before Polish Language Mass) Everyone welcome.
Welcoming Group - no change
Visiting Group - No news. If anyone knows of a housebound parishioner who would like a visit please contact Marie Lewis 01298 25467 or leave a message at church.
Ministers of the Eucharist A new Order of Service has been produced, and will be explained to EM’s soon
c. Social
Margaret Swift acknowledged the tremendous help given by the young people. At the Senior Citizens Lunch, the young people sat and ate with the guests.
There were now only four people on the Social Committee, and attendance at events had been poor, for example only three people turned up for a recent film night.
d. Music
The music group still supported the Sunday Morning Eucharist once a month, usually on the last Sunday. They had sung at the Churches Together Sunday afternoon service at The Hawthornes Residential Home in May, and were planning to sing again in November, on a Saturday afternoon. They were currently preparing to sing at a Hot Pot Supper at Thomas More School. (NB This has subsequently been cancelled)
e. Justice and Peace
There was nothing new to report on this, but a new volunteer, Yvonne Ripley, is willing to be involved in this area.
f. Adult Formation
A “Faith and Families” day was to be held in Nottingham on 22nd November, with workshops.
Andy, Margaret, Lesley and Sophie were going to attend.
g. Comms
Rob Aldous is stepping down, but will be doing the Website and notices.
He suggested using Google search on the Website to find information.
A First Holy Communion page is under construction.
A Canons page has been set up, showing the type of service being promoted, with inspirational speakers and modern Christian music aimed at post Confirmation age young people.
h. Buildings
Thanks were expressed to Heather for all her amazing hard work which has occasioned the remarkable improvements to the Centre. The new floor has now been laid, and the Upper Rooms and Hardwick Rooms carpeted. The kitchen has been re furbished. The toilets are scheduled for up dating at February half term.
Rob and Andy have sent off Risk Assessments to the Diocese.
i. Finance
 A full financial report was delivered by Father Dennis, with guidelines for  helping the good housekeeping of the parish in various ways. The books balanced exactly, but many expenses needed to be met. Users of the Hall were encouraged to help by conserving light, heat and water where possible. 
6. Members retiring/introduction of new members
Retiring - Niamh Macnamara (Youth)  Phil Etch ells (Youth) Heather Toomey (Music) Rob Aldous (Comms)
New members - Fabio Feroleto, Esther King, Sophie Etchells, Iris Thompson, and Yvonne Ripley.
Fabio introduced himself and told the meeting that he was a Youth Worker who had experience of running Youth Clubs.
Sophie spoke about her work at The Briars. She is now working at St. Thomas More as the assistant Chaplain and St. Anne’s Primary as Chaplain and wants to improve the Parish/School links.
A vote of thanks was offered to the committee for their efforts.
8. Time and Date of next meeting
This was to be sent out by e mail later
It is now set as 4th November 2014
9 Closing Prayer
Father Dennis closed the meeting with a prayer.
The meeting ended at 12.10 pm

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If you have an idea for improving your Church. If there is something that you want your church to do for you or your Group that it doesn't at the moment. If there is something that you want to bring to the attention of the Pastoral Parish Council. Then please post your suggestion / idea / solution in the suggestion box or click here to email your suggestion to the Pastoral Parish Council. Name and contact details not essential but may assist in bringing an idea to life. The box will be regularly reviewed so get thinking. We want to know how you think St. Anne's can become even better.

Suggestion Resposes
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Tel. Buxton 23777    15th/16th May, 2021

Chapel 813491???

Father Gerry Murphy and Deacon Don Lavery (tel 07581 786753)




SATURDAY, 15th May  ?11.00 a.m. – 12 noon – Adoration at Buxton

 5.00 p.m.?Live Streamed Mass at Chapel (with Mgr Jonathan 

???????Moore) – For all Parishioners

SUNDAY, 16th May?10.00 a.m.?Live Streamed Mass at Buxton (with Fr Frank Carvill

– Deceased members of the O’Connor Family and 

Wilfred Pickford RIP     

MONDAY17th May?  5.30 p.m.?St Anne’s Choir on ZOOM 

????  8.30 p.m. Night Prayer on ZOOM

WEDNESDAY19th May?10.00 a.m.?Service of the Word and Holy Communion at Chapel

THURSDAY20th May?11.00 a.m.?ZOOM Scripture Group

FRIDAY21st May ?10.00 a.m.?Service of the Word and Holy Communion at Buxton

10.00 a.m.?Adoration at Chapel


SATURDAY22nd May ?11.00 a.m. – 12 noon – Adoration at Buxton

????  2.00 p.m.?Marriage of Mary Ann Pickford and Elliott Haslam

5.00 p.m.?Live Streamed Mass at Chapel (with Mgr Jonathan  


SUNDAY23rd May?10.00 a.m.?Live Streamed Mass at Buxton(with Fr Limnyuy Gamsi

– Eugene and TrudiO’Donoghue - RIP     

HERE : NOW! US Is a programme to help parishes grow as confident outward looking communities investing in the leadership of lay people.  It’s sponsored by the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission and offering 6 online Monday evening workshops beginning June 7th at 7pm.  Join an Open Evening this Monday, 17 May, to find out more.  Book your place at

KINDLE THE FIRE A Pentecost online prayer service to launch CARITASa new ministry supporting and co-ordinating all charitable service in our diocese on Saturday, May 22nd at 4pm.  Book your place at

BOOKING FOR WEEKEND MASS For Chapel phone/text Joan Matthews on 07932521652 or email for Buxton 07470972789 or email

From next weekend booking for Sunday  Mass in Buxton will close on Saturday evening at 6pm.   Social distancing will move to 1 metre + to enable us to seat everyone who wants to come to Mass.  We shall continue to sanitise when entering and leaving and wear face masks.  Please continue to come 10 minutes early so that we can begin on time. 

CHAPEL GARDENING GROUP A good meeting last weekend despite the rain.  The suggestion of a children’s garden has already been started.  See Deacon Don with offers of help and suggestions. 

BANK DETAILS FOR STANDING ORDERS St Anne’s Buxton RCP: Sort Code 30-96-18: Account No. 00420334 or SS John Fisher and TM Chapel RCP: Sort Code 30-92-59: Account No. 03351306.