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Church repairs

St Anne’s Restoration Work April – June 2019

The story so far ...
. St Anne’s is a beautiful church that was built in 1861
. This means that our church is 158 years old!
. The Quinquennial Report identified work that was necessary in all our buildings; there’s a lot that is needed!
. Digital plans have been drawn up for all our buildings as no plans could be found
. The work that is being carried out in the church has been identified as the highest priority of all the work necessary in order to maintain the fabric of the building
. We are able to carry out this work thanks to Fr Dennis’ generous legacy to St Anne’s Church

So who’s doing the work?

. Graeme Renton, RIBA AABC EASA IMaPS, from Building Design Partnership Ltd. is the architect in charge of the project.
. He has employed the following contractors:
. The fabric repairs will be undertaken by Aura Conservation from Stockport, a specialist contractor involved with the repairs and conservation work to old buildings and churches in particular 
. The stained-glass work will be undertaken by a local firm, Classic Glass High Peak Ltd from Dove Holes, who specialise in stained glass work 

When will the work start?

. The work will start on 08 April.
. It will last for approx. 2 months
. Scaffolding will be erected inside the church at the start of the project
. There will be a cabin in the car park for the use of the contractors.

How much will it cost?

. The value of the work, including contingencies, for the main work is £84,492 inc. VAT.
. Repairs to the stained glass in the Rose 
Window are around £12,240 inc. VAT. 
Architect’s fees are 10%
Total cost of the work £106,405

What’s being done outside the church?

. Essential repairs to the existing main roofs including leadwork, valleys and upstands 
. The reroofing of the north chapel, where the slates are in a very poor condition
. Replacement of several the rainwater downpipes and repairs to the more historic hoppers
. Replacement of some of the gutters
. Repointing /repairs to the stonework throughout

Careful rebedding and work to some of the coping stones
Repairs to window casements
Resealing around some windows
Full refurbishment of the east chancel (Rose) window with the work being undertaken in workshop conditions and being carefully refixed with the assistance of Aura Ltd
The extension of the existing handrail down towards the back of pavement and redecoration of the remainder
Isolated replacement of stone especially close to the porch

What’s being done inside the church?

Repairs to the plaster to remove the efflorescence in the Chapel and Chancel
Redecoration to the walls and ceiling in this area
Redecoration of the ceiling to the Nave 
Security improvements to the main porch door
The Rose Window will be removed after Easter and will have a temporary poly-carbonate covering whilst the work is completed (estimated at 3 to 4 weeks) To see the Rose Window properly, you need to look from the side of the Sanctuary ... See how the bottom half of the middle circle has ‘bowed’ in. The window will be removed, repaired and cleaned.

Have you seen the Sanctuary ceiling and wall?

It will be made good and painted with Keim Ecosil paint.

Look up above ... The ceiling will have loose wallpaper coverings secured and will be re-painted.

Have you noticed outside the door?

Here there will be some:

. replacement of stone
. defrassing and repointing
redecoration of fascia
repointing of ridge tiles
. replacement of lead flashing
. rebedding and repointing of coping stones

Additional security

A new shoot bolt will be fixed 
The handrail will be extended and repainted
We pass this every time we come to Church
In places, the stonework needs:
raking out and repointing
taking out and replacing
rebedding and repointing
and the gutters need taking down and replacing

The front elevation of the church that faces Terrace Road stonework will be defrassed (loose or damaged material removed and taken back to sound stone) and repointed where necessary. 

Windows will be re puttied.

What is needed around the side of the church? 

(Have you ever been round there?)

Replacing downpipes and gutters
Replacing the putty around the windows
Moss removal
Replacing ‘old’ hoppers

Look round the back of church ... there’s a lot of work to be done here!

Refixing slates
Replacing and rebedding coping stones
Some replacement of lead flashing
Raking out and repointing underneath the Rose window and ridge tiles
Removal and replacement of existing cramps
Removal of and making good rusting metal brackets

Around the back of Our Lady’s Chapel
Lots of raking out and repointing
Renovation of the roof
Replacement of all gutters

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