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25th/26th November 2023  

Feast of Christ the King

Saturday 25 - November 
 5:00 pm Live Streamed Mass at Chapel-en-le-Frith -  for all the Faithful Departed

Sunday   26 - November  
10:00 am Live Streamed Mass at Buxton - for all the Faithful Departed
12:00 noon  Baptism of Leo Merrill at St Anne's

Monday   27 - November
10:00 am Mass at Buxton - for all the Faithful Departed
  2:15 pm Advent Service at St Anne's School. All welcome!

 4-4:45 pm Youth Music Group practice in the Centre
 5:00 pm Music Group practice in the Centre

Wednesday 29 - November  
:00 am  Mass at Chapel-en-le-Frith for all the Faithful Departed
  4:30 pm Funeral Reception for Rose Gould 

Thursday 30 - November
  9:30 am  Requiem Mass for Rose Gould 
  4:00 pm  Chapel-en-le-Frith PPC meeting

Friday   01 - December     
10:00 am Mass at Buxton - for Nancy O'Toole RIP 

Saturday 02 - December
11-12noon Adoration and confessions at Buxton

  5:00 pm  Live Streamed Mass at Chapel-en-le-Frith - for Mary O'Neill RIP

Sunday   03 - December 
10:00 am Live Streamed Mass at Buxton -  for Dorothy Law RIP 

Please pray for: Rose Gould whose funeral will take place at St Anne’s this Thursday at 9:30 am, with a funeral reception on Wednesday, at 4:30pm. Please remember her family in your prayers.

The next PPC MEETING is this Thursday, 30th Nov, in the Parish Rooms. Please speak to any member of the PPC if you wish to raise anything. Great progress is being made in the SACRISTY WORK; the 2nd phase begins on Monday!

SALE OF SAINT MARY'S CHURCH, TIDESWELL - the church actually closed five years ago and it was confirmed in Canon Law by Bishop Patrick a year ago. At that time, the Diocese wanted to convert the church into a residential dwelling but it has recently changed its mind and now wants to sell the property. It intends to include safeguards about the cemetery in the proposed sale. Canon Law requires that the parish of St. John Fisher & St. Thomas More now formally agrees the sale. Therefore, I ask any parishioners who object to let myself or Deacon Don know as soon as possible so that we can formally ask the Parish Pastoral Council to OK the sale at the meeting this Thursday.

11-Dec 10:00 am Service of Reconciliation at Buxton
23-Dec 5:00 pm 4th Sunday of Advent Mass at Chapel
24-Dec 10:00 am 4th Sunday of Advent Mass at Buxton
5:00pm Vigil mass of Christmas at Chapel
6:45pm Vigil mass of Christmas at Buxton
25-Dec 9:00 am Christmas Day mass at Chapel
11:00 am Christmas Day mass at Buxton

HOMEMADE CAKE AND BOOK/GAMES SALE TODAY in the Hall after mass. Irish coffees will also be on sale! Proceeds will go towards supporting Christmas for housebound parishioners and Aid to the Church in Need. 

23/24 RENEWALS – DUE 01 DEC - £60.00 year/£5.00 month. Thanks to those who have already renewed their subscription. If you need to amend your standing order to reflect the price increase from last year, please complete a new form, including the ‘change existing standing order box’. Any cheques should be made payable to ‘St Anne’s Buxton RCP’. If you would like to join the 100 Club, please take a ‘new member’ form, available at the back of church.

Making the back of ST ANNE’S CHURCH MORE WELCOMING AND SPACIOUS, AND PROVIDING A CENTRAL SPACE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES. We’ve been in the new space for 2 months now and we invite your thoughts. Should we continue with it, go back to before or adapt it in any way? Please reflect and let the PPC know what you think after mass on 3rd Dec. 

GAZA/ISRAEL APPEAL - Thank you for your generous response to the appeal last weekend. I hope that Gaza now has some days without violence, with access to aid, medicine, fuel and other necessities, which CAFOD, along with many others, are supplying. Hopefully some of the hostages are now returning home. Let's pray that it might become more lasting.

A HEALING SERVICE FOR ST ANNE’S – Bishop Patrick has offered to come after Easter 2024 to lead a ‘Healing Service’ and asked to involve parishioners in its planning. Some were here in Fr Cullen's years, 1977 - 87, and some have joined since. Most of us remember the extensive coverage his trial and sentencing received in the local press in 2012, and on his death in 2018. Rather than just forget or bury our feelings of such a betrayal of trust, some parishioners have asked the PPC to organise this service. Might you help with the planning?  A prayerful heart and a desire to heal our community is what is needed. We invite you to a meeting in the Parish Centre on Thurs 7th Dec. at 7:00pm. Speak to any member of the PPC if you would like more details.

If you would like to include anything in the newsletter, please ensure that we receive it by Wednesday of the week before to allow sufficient time for printing.

St Anne’s Buxton RCP: Sort Code 30-96-18: Account No. 00420334

St John Fisher and St Thomas More Chapel RCP: Sort Code 30-92-59: Account No. 03351306

ST ANNE’S DROP-IN PLAYGROUP For families with children aged 0-5, come and join Marion, Gráinne and Liz at St Anne's drop-in playgroup every Wednesday from 9.30 am to 11.15 am (term-time only) in St Anne's Community Centre. Please join us, you’ll be very welcome!
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St Anne’s Voluntary Academy, Lightwood Road, SK17 7AN Tel: 01298 23589 Email: Headteacher: Mrs Julia Wiggins

St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy, Palace Fields, SK17 6AF Tel: 01298 23167 Email: Headteacher: Mr David Redfern

Church safeguarding contacts:
Buxton: Margaret Swift: Tel: 07513 725529
Chapel: Sue Thornhill: Tel: 07513 725269

St Anne’s Pastoral Parish Council (PPC):
Rob Aldous, Maggie Baldock, Nicola Barnes, Lesley Crowther, Thomas Langer, Mark McCabe, Fr Gerry, Yvonne Ripley, Kathryn Scott, Margaret Swift

Chapel-en-le-Frith PPC: Joan Matthews, Pat Dawson; Hugh Doherty, Lucia McLean, Anne Parker, Jacqui Lavery, Barbara Hindley, Anne Lomas, Frank Frost, Peter Barnes, Sue Thornhill, Deacon Don and Fr Gerry

Centre Management Committee (CMC): Peter Barrett, John Cassidy, Sue Hardman, Clare O’Neill, Marion Redman, Bruce Thomson


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Flower Festival

Flower Festival Auction of Promises
Grand Total raised for the Flower Festival £1,812.37
Many thanks to everyone who helped, particularly to Mike who acted as Auctioneer with great humour and skill and some wonderful individual bids undoubtedly came as a result of his gentle cajoling. Thanks also to Bruce who dealt with the bids, to Angela and Aileen for doing the refreshments, to Rob for all the printing and to Fr Dennis for all the advance publicity.  Last but not least, thanks to everyone who kindly donated an item to auction or who bid for one or more of the lots.
We shall have a truly wonderful Flower Festival. We shall display a full list of the lots, donors & money raised at the back of the church from this evening.
Best wishes, Margaret Robinson