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14th July, 2019 
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions 
                  6.00 p.m. Marie Lewis - RIP
SUNDAY 10.00 a.m. For all Parishioners
MONDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Marjorie Hewison - RIP
WEDNESDAY   9.15 a.m. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
                    10.00 a.m. Mass – Joan Scrobot RIP Anniversary
                   12.00 noon Cremation of Peter Clark in Macclesfield
THURSDAY   7.30 p.m. Praying the Scriptures – Presbytery.  All welcome.
FRIDAY        9.00 a.m. Mass – At St Thomas More School – All welcome.
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions
                  6.00 p.m. Mass – Marie Lewis - RIP
SUNDAY(21 July) 10.00a.m. Mass – For all parishioners - RIP
OFFERTORIES  7th July  – Loose Plate £221.27;  Planned Giving £165.00;  Standing Orders £308.00; Total £694.27   Many thanks. 
PLEASE PRAY FOR   Peter Clark whose funeral will be at Macclesfield Crematorium on July 17th at 12noon.  AND FOR OUR SICK AND HOUSEBOUND  
ST THOMAS MORE GOVERNORS A massive thank you to JOHN O’MEARA and ROSEMARY WOOD who have both served as Foundation Governors for more than 30 years and are retiring this summer.  They have done a splendid job and have been great friends and supporters of the school.  Sue Hardman is presently Chair of Governors and Anne Woollacott, Lorraine Maddocks and myself continue as Foundation Governors.  We appointed a Lay School Chaplain last week who will be starting at St Thomas More and St Annes’ this September. 
FRIENDS OF ST THOMAS MORE SCHOOL – SUMMER FAYRE  Wednesday, 17th July from 1.15-3pm.  Entry is free, wide variety of stalls and games, live music and performances by the pupils, BBQ and Afternoon Tea.  All monies will provide valuable support to the school.  
SUNDAY CLUB  This Sunday for those 65 and over, is July 14th,  2pm-4pm in the Community Centre.  There is a talk by Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Karen Green, ‘My role as a PCSO’, plus usual activities and refreshments.  Please let Caroline know if you are coming – Buxton 27638 or email
PRESENTATION ASSOCIATES are holding a COFFEE BONANZA and Bottle Tombola on 28th July.  Could parishioners please donate bottles for this event.  Wine, spirits, water, shampoo, sauces etc. anything of any value.  Please make sure the contents of the bottles are in date and leave them in the box provided at the back of church. 
PARISH WALK This Sunday, July 14th.  Meet at Maggie and Joe’s, 20 Heath Grove, SK17 9HH (Next to the Library) for 2.30 p.m.  Through the Viaduct, across the fields to Staden Lane for panoramic views.  Return through magical Sherbrook Woods.  Tea and cake at Heath Grove.  Any queries to Maggie 07870111331.   
NEW ROTAS AVAILABLE  For all Church Ministries – hard copy and on the Parish homepage – and an amended Welcomers Rota
GDP REGULATIONS Thanks to all who have completed their permission forms for sharing emails with parish groups.  If you haven’t please email a sentence saying you consent to this to 
Thank you all for serving us.  So far I have received just one return for the training at Mackworth on September 28/29th. Will other ministers let me know one way or the other this week please?
SUNDAY CLUB HELPERS: The monthly Sunday Club seems to be taking off but needs volunteers who can set out tables and chairs and who could take charge of New Age Kurling. Also, someone is needed to stand in for the Sunday Club Co-ordinator (Caroline Higgins) in case of illness, emrgency or holidays; there is an associated stipend for that 'deputising'.  Please contact Caroline (T: 01298 27638) for more information. It would be a shame if the Sunday Club had to fold through lack of helpers
Sunday, July 14th.  Meet at Grindleford Station at 3pm. See Poster.
FAITH IN FAMILIES  Adoption Information evening every First Thursday of the Month at 7 Colwick Road, West Bridgeford, Nottingham NG25FR.  See Poster and
CONFIRMATION  Congratulations to Molly, Araminta, Sophia, Josh, Joey, Leah, Julia, Mia, Sara, Caitlin, Abi, Casey, Catherine, Sean, Isabella and James who made their confirmation last Tuesday.  Many of them will be leading us in the prayers at Mass this Sunday.  Our thanks to all their Catechists, to the music group and to the refreshments group who looked after us so well in the Parish Centre.  Bishop Patrick told us all how much he himself had enjoyed the celebration.
This will replace the Live Simply Prayer Card we have been using for 15 months.  It will connect with CAFOD’s present campaign of “Celebrating Creation” as part of their “our common home” project.  Please take a moment to look at the photos on the card.  The market stall overflowing with varied fruits; the parched, cracked earth dried out by drought; the pathway through the forest and the polar bear standing on the last yard of ice in a sea of plastic.  Let’s take our time to say the prayer.  It will feed us and grow on us.  Please leave the prayer cards in the hymn books.  Can you remember the Live Simply Challenge?  Reduce; Re-use; Recycle; Rebuild.
THANK YOU  to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Derby, Professor Kathryn Mitchell who came to speak to us last Sunday about the changing situation of the University of Derby here in Buxton – how it’s already affected by Brexit and a 30% drop in EU students for next year, a massive cut in government funding, and the huge opportunity the opening of the new Crescent Hotel offers the town.  She spoke of Pentecost as a new beginning and us receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable us to make these new beginnings in our lives. 
The builders have finished so have a good look at both the outside and the inside of the church.  Please forgive the temporary Holy Water bowl in the entrance.  You will notice the internal door has had a facelift; the rose window is now safe and resplendent and the ceiling in the main body of the church and the aisle is completely repainted.  There are still some problems about the damp left hand Sanctuary wall which will be addressed when it dries out.  What do you notice about the outside of the building?
100 CLUB 
Thanks to all who have had Subscriptions to the club over the years. Thanks to John O’Meara who has run it in recent years. It officially ended this February and we are hoping to relaunch it in September/October.  My thanks to Viv Robinson and Fabio Feroleto who have agreed to be the contacts when we relaunch.
Thanks to all who came to the Eucharistic Ministers meeting recently. 
We thought reception from the chalice was going well and we want to encourage parishioners who haven’t had a try yet to do so.  
The minister will say “The Blood of Christ” to you and you reply “Amen” and take the chalice from them.  We know that people are rightly concerned about infection and ask that if you have a cold or sore throat you don’t take the chalice.   
Many of us were brought up with the notion that only priests and nuns had “vocations”.  In fact the Second Vatican Council recovered the ancient tradition that all Christians, all disciples of Christ, are “called”.  We are all the sheep who know the voice of the shepherd and respond to him.  We are much more familiar now to the notion of the whole parish community and indeed the whole church, being called as God’s pilgrim people.  Journeying together in history and time we’re trying to be ‘light’ and ‘salt’ to the world around us.  It makes a huge difference that we do this together and not just individually.  How you live your Christian vocation makes a real difference to how I live mine and we hope to all our different neighbours.  We have a Diocesan Vocations Team who can be contacted on 01159501064 or Fr Paul Newman and Fr Jonathan Cotton lead the team.  See the poster. 
KAOMA BOXES  Lots of boxes have already been returned– thank you!  Are there any more?
LENTEN LUNCHES  The Lenten Lunches this year raised £771.56 (some £50 more than last year).  A wonderful effort.  Many thanks to all those involved. The total has been split between CAFOD, Tear Fund and Christian Aid. 
“JUSTNOW” The Diocesan Justice and Peace magazine is available at the back of Church.

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Flower Festival Auction of Promises
Grand Total raised for the Flower Festival £1,812.37
Many thanks to everyone who helped, particularly to Mike who acted as Auctioneer with great humour and skill and some wonderful individual bids undoubtedly came as a result of his gentle cajoling. Thanks also to Bruce who dealt with the bids, to Angela and Aileen for doing the refreshments, to Rob for all the printing and to Fr Dennis for all the advance publicity.  Last but not least, thanks to everyone who kindly donated an item to auction or who bid for one or more of the lots.
We shall have a truly wonderful Flower Festival. We shall display a full list of the lots, donors & money raised at the back of the church from this evening.
Best wishes, Margaret Robinson

Flower Festival