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Phil 2

The first of a few collages of our Journey to Santiago as it's 4 weeks ago since we arrived at the Apostle's tomb.

Phil 1

Food stuffs including our regular breakfast of "Churros and Chocolate", the "Fabado" traditional dish of Asturias, "Pulpo a la Gallega" - Galician Octopus and coffee with Dad's face magnificentley carved into it.

Great to see

Great to see our Italian friends Tommazo and Ciara at mass in the Cathedral after waving goodbye a few days ago!


Adios and Muchas Gracias to our wonderful "Hospitaleros" and hosts Teresa and Manolo for a fantastic meal


Wishing a Buen Camino to our friend Andrew from Scotland who is going on ahead of us

celtic roots

Fascinating to see the Celtis roots in Galicia after attending Mass on the Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Ancient fashion on the Roman walls of Lugo

abandoned village

"The oldest and most historic path" of the Camino Primitivo. An abandoned old medieval village.

new cover mk2

New front cover Mk2

tough day

Lucky day

Very lucky today to get a clear day on the historic Hospitales route

A slice of peace

A slice of peace carved out of the hills

Back in the blue sky

Back in the blue sky

This is the way

Whether you turn to the right or turn to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Last day by the ocean

Our last day by the ocean

Daily pebble

Give us this day our daily pebble

New Front Cover

New Front Cover

The magic of the Camino

The magic of the Camino (painted rocks) #Day6

Andy walks the Coastal Camino


Even in the world of snails it's the "big" and "powerful" who are at the top. Only a few manage to climb the "greasy" (wooden) pole... #FightInjustice #Riseup
andrewbritton0 And the locals collect them for a meal

A long way to go

A long way to go

Day 2 photos on Day 3 due to no wifi in the Monastery's "luxury" B&B

Met our first Camino amigo, Johann!

First in the Credential. Ready to go!

First shell of the journey.

On our way!