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St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey

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St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey (3086kb)



Please pray the

Livesimply Prayer with us
• Compassionate and loving God, you created
the world for us all to share, a world of beauty
and plenty. Create in us a desire to live simply,
so that our lives may reflect your generosity.
• Creator God, You gave us responsibility for
the earth, a world of riches and delight. Create
in us a desire to live sustainably, so that those
who follow after us may enjoy the fruits of
your creation.
• God of peace and justice, You give us the
capacity to change, to bring about a world
that mirrors your wisdom. Create in us a
desire to act in solidarity, so that the pillars of
injustice crumble and those now crushed are
set free.


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 1
St Anne's RC
Diocese of
Our Livesimply Journey
2017 -20


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 2
On 5th March 2017, a meeting of 25
people voted that the parish should work
for the award
We reviewed where we thought we were
at, as a parish, and discussed and
prioritised some targets
We were awaiting the appointment of a
new priest, and decided to wait until he
was appointed to the parish, had settled in
and taken stock of everything before
finalising the targets together and
registering for the award


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 3
After further discussions with
members of the Justice and Peace
Group and Fr Gerry, the targets were
signed and sent off.
We invited Maggie Mairura from
Cafod to speak at our weekend masses
to launch this project.
We also publicised it with leaflets
handed out after mass, a display at the
back of church and notices in the


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 4
We wanted to ensure that all of
our planning and actions came
from a place of love of God and of
God's Creation, as expressed Pope
Francis's encyclical Laudato Si.
We aimed to make sure that our
targets addressed all
the dimensions of Livesimply:
Reflection and Worship; Teaching
and Learning; Practical
Activities/Actions, and Reaching
out Beyond the Parish Community


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 5
Communication was going to be key to
making Livesimply an ongoing experience for
We used as many ways as we could,
there were almost always Livesimply
prayers during Mass, the preaching and
Children's Liturgies, the displays at the
foot of the altar, the Livesimply notice
board and displays at the back of church,
talks given at church, notices in the
bulletin and speakers from the
community being invited into church.


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 6
Actions to live simply
Main action: Everyone to say the Livesimply Prayer during Masses on Sunday
(including Saturday Vigil Mass). Livesimply Prayer Cards to be placed in front of Hymn
Books, the person reading the Bidding Prayers to begin by asking the congregation to
pick up their prayer cards and say together..…. To be done each week for the duration of
the work towards the award (18 months – 2 years)
Other activities:
1. ‘Livesimply’ tip or thought to be communicated to parishioners regularly
2. Parishoners to be encouraged to make personal pledges relating to the ‘I buy what I
need’ campaign during Advent
3. Parishioners to be encouraged to recycle and avoid single use plastics


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 7
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 8
• Livesimply Prayer
Cards were given out
for people to take
home, and also put in
the front of all the
hymn books
• We said the prayer
together before the
Prayers of Intercession
at every weekend Mass
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 9
• After a year we
changed the prayer to
the 'Care for
Creation' Prayer to
help people see
Livesimply with fresh
eyes. This is ongoing.
• Many people, both
parishioners and
visitors, said how
much they loved
saying these prayers
and it often became a
dialogue about
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 10
• We put regular Livesimply tips in the bulletin
• Regular talks were given during mass
• During the first year we ran a 'I buy what I need Campaign'
• During the second year we ran a 'Live Christmas Simply Campaign'. There were notices in
the bulletin and a talk given during weekend Masses reinforcing the ideas of reflecting,
reducing, re-using recycling, and not buying items (e.g. foil wrapping paper) that could not
be recycled. Every parishioner was given a 'Live Christmas Simply sticker on which they
could write a personal pledge.
• We lead by example in re-structuring our parish Christmas Card Appeal: not only did this
encourage people to send just one Christmas card to the whole community instead of to
individual parishioners, but we collected old cards and drew our Christmas Angels on the
back of these, thereby recycling and not needing to use new card. Money saved from
sending fewer cards on recycled card was donated to the Foodbank and Charis House
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 11
• We promoted recycling through all the usual means: the bulletin, a talk at mass, the topic
was regularly included in our Bidding Prayers during weekend masses, posters on the
Livesimply noticeboard in church, and in the Parish Community Centre
• The recycling facilities in the Community Centre were much upgraded and improved
• We reduced the amount of paper that we were using by making use of technology. We had
a large screen installed in the church onto which liturgies and prayers could be projected,
thereby reducing the number of hard copies needed. We also began using screens in the
Parish Centre for Parish Council Meetings to save paper.
• WiFi was installed in the Parish Community Centre, which meant that people could access
their own material on their tablets or laptops and annotate them if they wished
• We publicised Day Zero, a zero waste shop which opened in Buxton in November 2018
and linked it to the Livesimply campaign. Parishioners were encouraged to go and shop
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 12
Samples of Evidence (Living Simply)
• The weekend masses which have been live streamed and are on St Anne's Facebook page
provide evidence for use of the Prayer Cards, Bidding Prayers and how we have evolved
from using paper to using a projector and screen. The range of sermons of Fr Gerry, our
parish priest, demonstrate our holistic approach to living simply, sustainably, and in
solidarity with those who are poor in any way, and have been very important for
embedding the values of Livesimply Click here for St Anne's Facebook Page
• Our weekly bulletins, which are both online and emailed to parishioners, contain evidence
of the Livesimply talks, tips and encouragement to live simply since we began this
project Click here for St Anne's (Buxton) Website
• Next slide: A sample of 'I buy what I need' talk given at masses Autumn 2018; 'Live
Christmas Simply' stickers to remind us of our pledges; Recycled card for parish cards to
each other – money saved on cards donated to Foodbank and Good News Family Care
(NB the tinsel was re-used... many many times)
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 13
Samples of Evidence (Living Simply)
Livesimply – St Anne’s Buxton: I buy what I need, a campaign for 2018 onwards - Talk at weekend Masses
We have made ourselves slaves of consumerism. We buy too much, we buy things we don’t need, we buy things we can’t
afford. We shop in traditional shops, we buy online, we spend our free time on Amazon and other retail websites. We
click and collect, and we acquire stuff.
Why do we do it? Because we feel we deserve it, because advertising tells us to do it, because we are persuaded that
owning things will make us feel better, and will give our lives meaning. And we are falling for a lie. Buying won’t make us
happy. It will make us poorer. It will create waste, it will put plastics in our oceans and pollution in our air, it will keep the
world’s poor in low-paid employment, often in dangerous or degrading working conditions. Consumerism encourages
child labour. It destroys traditional ways of life and divides families. The consequences of our uncontrolled spending are
Pope Francis has spoken out against the consumerist culture. He has asked us to reject ‘the banality of consumerism’ and
‘the blare of commercials with their ‘stream of empty words, waves of empty chatter and loud shouting’. However, it isn’t
easy to do. We have become used to rewarding ourselves and our children with treats, with luxuries, with ‘must have’s’
which we will have forgotten about tomorrow, and which we never needed.
Proposal for change
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 14
Samples of Evidence – Living Simply
Actions to live sustainably with creation
Main action: Parish Walk through Grinlow Woods, linking this local beauty spot to
sustainability and learning about Laudato Si. Walk led by Dr Mike Monaghan, parishioner
and Chair of Buxton Civic Association.
Other activities:
1 Parish Prayer Day led by Sr Treasa Ridge focusing on Laudato Si, care for creation, life,
beauty and colour in our world as gifts from God.
2. Parish Energy Audit followed by measures taken to reduce the consumption of energy in the
church, parish centre and presbytery.
3. Celebrate Pope Francis’s Season of Creation in the Parish each year


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 15
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 16
• We had our first parish Laudato Si walk through Grinlow Woods. We offered a 'short walk'
and a 'long walk', finally meeting up at the outdoor café, to make sure that it was accessible
at some level to everyone. We invited our MP but she was unable to come. We shared what
we'd done in the Buxton Advertiser, our local paper. Mike Monaghan was both our walking
guide, our Laudato Si spiritual guide and our history guide, and we discovered, prayed and
chatted and one occasion sang together.
• Our second walk was through Corbar Woods and up to Corbar Cross. The same formula
was repeated except that this time there was no 'short walk' alternative, and refreshments
afterwards were in Mike and Mary's garden
• Our third walk was a social walk, and a parishioner who knew all the nooks and crannies
of the town took us on a round walk of Buxton, with refreshments in the Community
• We were going to do more, but winter came....
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 17
• We had an Eastertide Parish Prayer Day in the Community Centre on Laudato
Si, facilitated by Sr Treasa Lee. There were displays of colour, with readings and reflections
from Laudato Si. But this was just a starting point, as some interesting things evolved from
this day (about which more later).
• Some work needed doing on the church property, which was a great opportunity to
overhaul our energy use and consumption. Fr Gerry bore the brunt of this, having to go
through all the processes of setting it up, overseeing it, and living with the disruption.
Several parishioners helped out with different knowledge and skills.
• We celebrated the Season of Creation with walks, beautiful displays at the foot of the altar
and at the back of church, prayers, hymns, Harvest Festivals, and Cafod collections.
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 18
Samples of evidence (Live Sustainably)
• The Laudato Si reflections prepared by Mike Monaghan for two walks
• Photographs
• Posters
• Notices in Bulletin
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 19
Samples of Evidence (Living Sustainably)
• Parish Energy Audit – Fr Gerry (Parish Priest) and Margaret Swift (Parish Administrator)
described to the Parish Council what has been done in the Community Centre, the
Presbytery and the Church throughout this time to make the buildings more energy
efficient, and a 'Buildings and Premises' group was set up.
• St Anne's Facebook Page and St Anne's Website will give you links to past events and
notices, and you can see and hear what we've been doing by watching some of the masses
online. Look out for the beautiful displays around the altar and Fr Gerry's explanations of
them as he introduces the liturgies each time
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 20
Samples of Evidence (Living Sustainably)
What we did Samples of Evidence (Live Sustainably)


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 21
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 22
Actions to live in solidarity with the poor
Main action: To increase parish support for the local Foodbank and Night Stop Shelter
(now High Peak Homeless Help)
Other activities:
1. Hold ‘Livesimply’ Stations of the Cross during Lent
2. To celebrate the life, faith and vision of Blessed Oscar Romero at the time of his
canonisation, encouraging people to see and respond to the ‘poor’ through the eyes of faith
3. Restructure parish Christmas Card Appeal in line with Livesimply values
4. To promote the use of Fairtrade in the parish, and use Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar for all
parish refreshments


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 23
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 24
• We had visitors who worked at High Peak Foodbank, Zinc Employability and High Peak
Homeless Help come and give talks at weekend masses to explain why people needed their
services and to tell us how we could support their work. We held second collections of
money and food, and highlighted the importance of regular giving. Members of the parish
went on a visit to the Foodbank and saw at first hand all the work involved. Several
parishioners went to the monthly communal meal on a Friday evening. We also invited
someone from the Grapevine Wellbeing Centre to speak about their work giving support to
people who find themselves at a vulnerable time in their lives, and we had a collection for
them too. These services, and the Source Café, are run together with our partner churches
in 'Churches Together in Buxton'. Given the size and geography of our town and its relative
isolation, we think that it is important to work ecumenically to address local people's needs.
• We took part in the Churches Together weekly 'Lenten Lunches' to raise money for
charities which support the poor, both locally and abroad
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 25
• We celebrated the life and work of St Oscar Romero on the occasion of his canonisation.
We learned about him during mass, said one of his pr ayers and everyone took one home.
• We were wondering how to introduce him to people beyond our parish community,
perhaps by naming a room in our Community Centre, as it is used by people throughout
Buxton. The Parish Council supported Fr Gerry in his idea of buying two large, Romero
Crosses, one for each of the main downstairs rooms, and we held a short service in the
Centre to bless them.
• The re-structured parish Christmas Card appeal reviewed where to give the money that was
raised, and encouraged people to be more generous. People felt that they wanted the
money to be given to the Foodbank, as well as to Good News Family Care (Charis House).
We reinforced this message by borrowing a supermarket trolley and put a notice requesting
donations of food (placed near the Christmas Card display and donations box). If people
had forgotten to bring food they could therefore make an extra donation instead
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 26
• We had 'Livesimply' Stations of the Cross on the Palm Sundays while working for
the Livesimply award. We adapted the Stations written by the J&P Group at St
Barnabas Cathedral (with permission) and presented them ourselves. We had large art
works representing the all Stations painted by former pupils at St Thomas More School,
Buxton. The Livesimply Stations were well attended on both occasions
• We campaigned to inspire people to use Fairtrade at home, and for all parish groups to
only buy and use Fairtrade products in the Community Centre. There were notices in the
bulletin, posters and notices in church and the Community Centre. The PPC was
supportive in encouraging our groups to do this
• We publicised and attended the Annual Lecture at the Dome presented by a speaker from
the Fairtrade Foundation. Several parishioners attended, including St Anne's Brownies,
who were very engaged and then enjoyed all the samples – as we all did. Feedback from
families was that the Brownies wholeheartedly agreed that buying Fairtrade was the right
thing to do, and they were encouraging family members to do so
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 27
Samples of Evidence – Living in Solidarity
• Notices about visitors speaking at masses, visits, collections, appeals,
letters of thanks etc in church bulletin
• Cafod displays in the church and the Centre which are regularly
Changed using materials ordered from Cafod
• Family Fast Days and Collections
• New developments and actions regarding Living in Solidarity as we
progressed through the project
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 28
Samples of Evidence – Living in Solidarity
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 29
Samples of Evidence – Living in Solidarity
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 30
Samples of Evidence – Living in Solidarity
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 31
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing... and did it!
• A 'Parish Visiting Group' was formed, with the coordinator ensuring that any parishioner
who could not come to church would be visited. During the pandemic, it became even
more important to ensure that people who were self-isolating were not left to become
invisible and had regular interactions via letters, phone calls or technology
• Following on from our Eastertide Prayer Day on Laudato Si, Prayer Weeks with
facilitators were held. This has developed into a Scripture Study group, which met
monthly before the lockdown but since then meets every week on Zoom
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 32
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing... and did it!
• We were able to help Zinc Employability obtain a grant for the organisation due to our
knowledge and understanding of their work, resulting from the talks that were given at
weekend masses. Fr Gerry obtained the details, and they applied and were successful.
This money means that a person is now employed by Zinc Employability to coach people
and give them the skills to get back into employment
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 33
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing for older people and younger ones...
• A need was identified for an activity for slightly older people on Sunday afternoons –
which can be too quiet for some – and we started the monthly 'Sunday Club'.
Parishioners fundraised for equipment and met all the criteria including safeguarding, and
it ran until the Covid lockdown. There were a range of talks, games , quizzes
and refreshments on offer and it became a very happy place
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 34
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
• The Children's Liturgy Group worked hard on many of
the themes of Livesimply, and produced great work which they shared
with parishioners during Sunday Masses
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 35
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing... and did it!
• A parishioner became a Cafod Education Volunteer, recruited by Maggie (from Cafod)
when she came for the weekend to launch Livesimply. The volunteer visits all
Catholic schools in the High Peak Deanery (with the exception of one) and beyond and
has raised awareness on a number of issues, as well as raising thousands of pounds for
What we did


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 36
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing... and did it!
• The Parish Council agreed that we needed to develop more of an online presence, and
volunteers agreed to set up a Facebook page. This page shares information about
community events such as matchfunding for the High Peak Foodbank, the 'Christmas
for the Community' initiative, and a local Interfaith Week discussion


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 37
Our Livesimply journey bore more fruit
People identified what needed doing for other people... and did it!
• We have a very active group of Presentation Associates who pray and work for others and for the
environment. During our Livesimply project their main action has been a fundraising event for the
Kaoma Orphanage in Zambia, run by the Presentation Sisters. A large amount of money was raised
by organising and hosting a concert in the Community Centre
• In addition to this members visit the housebound in the Parish and take Christmas and Easter gifts.
The cards are made by the Brownies and pupils at St Anne's school. Being mindful of packaging,
they now donate to the Church in Need and take Mass cards for gifts which are very much
• The Presentation Associates have followed courses on 'Minding Planet Earth' and Fairtrade, both of
which emphasize love and care for God's creation.
• One member made some unwanted fruit into jam to raise money for Kaoma


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 38
Our Assessment
We had planned to be assessed during Eastertide
We put a display of all we had achieved during the two years at the
back of church
The evidence was gathered together
We planned to survey parishioners about the Livesimply project
But on 23rd March the country went into lockdown so we decided to
be assessed using PowerPoint and Zoom during Advent 2020
Our Final Display


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 39

St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 40
Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard and supported
this initiative: Fr Gerry, The Parish Pastoral Council and all
the many people who have given their ideas, enthusiasm, skills
and time. Thank you.
The big question now is
Finally, a reflection from Richard Rohr
which arrived in my inbox as I was
preparing this presentation


St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 41

St Anne's Buxton Livesimply Journey 42

• Each Sunday for the past year or so, we have prayed together the Live Simply Prayer. The second section of which goes as follows: 
Creator God you gave us responsibility for the earth, a world of riches and delight. Create in us a desire to live sustainably, so that those who follow us may enjoy the fruits of your creation 
• I have been reflecting on this in preparing to give this address and will say a few words about it later– but first let me share with you a couple of stories which I think illustrate what I think is really at the heart of this lovely prayer
• Some 30 years ago I was in Denmark meeting in the course of my work the owner of a chemical works. I was already at that time interested in environmental issues and concerned with  the increasing level of pollution, so I was amazed and heartened to see during my visit the steps which his company were taking to reduce emissions, to save energy, to recycle waste etc in ways that were far ahead of any company I knew and well ahead of legal requirements. Over a drink I asked the owner -why he was doing all this. He went quiet and then told me that some years earlier he was watching the TV news with his 8 year old grandson when an item came up about a factory in Denmark polluting a river -the boy turned to him and said – “Your factory wouldn’t do that would it grandad” – he said that he just could not look the boy in the face because his factory was at that time just as bad – he vowed then that he would start the next day to meet the expectations of his grandson – from now on he decided that  “I have to leave the world for him in a better state than it is now” (or as our Live Simply Prayer has it that his grandson could  “enjoy the fruits of God’s creation”) And all these years later it is again the young who are challenging us to act with the school strikes on Friday
• I never forgot that man and when some years later when I was environment director of a large organisation he came to mind when I was holding a discussion with managers about why our company should take its environmental responsibilities seriously. We went through the usual points – improving the company image, reducing energy costs by better systems, reducing waste disposal costs etc when one young guy, from Malaysia I recall, said “But surely we do it because it is the right thing to do” 
• I don’t think either of these two people were Christians, yet by their words and actions they really increased my awareness that we had responsibilities for the coming generation and that care for the environment was not primarily a technological issue but was essentially a matter of morality   
• During the past 30 years or so that I have been active in environmental work, two things have come to the fore
Firstly the evidence that human activities are having a serious negative impact on the environment is ever more strong - notably in causing climate change and destroying much of our beautiful creation . We can no longer claim that we don’t know.  
Secondly : that concern for the environment is central to our life as Catholic Christians; it is not a peripheral interest for enthusiasts   
• The evidence is increasingly before our eyes. Many of you will have seen the Blue Planet TV programmes which showed us horrific pictures of the million tonnes of plastic polluting our oceans and destroying the wonderful creatures that live there. And this last year we have seen pictures of the devastating effects of climate change in causing unprecedented numbers of floods, droughts and forest fires throughout the world. Cafod representatives are reporting the suffering this is causing to so many people in all the countries in which they work. The effects are happening now – not sometime in the future. 
• So the picture is disturbing. And urgent action is needed. Climate change is the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced. There is a consensus amongst climate scientists that unless we make substantial and radical progress in the next 12 years future generations will face irreversible changes which will have grave consequences for life on earth. 
• But it is not too late. And Christians can and must be in the forefront of the response to the crisis. God created our world and as we are told in Genesis “He saw that it was good”
• I think it is fair to say that the Churches have hitherto not been notably active in calling for and demonstrating by their lives effective action in this area 
• But this is changing and most significantly as demonstrated by the Pope’s Encyclical in in 2015 -  Laudato Si. This wonderful message from the Pope can give us confidence that we can all do our part in helping to bring this about the urgent changes that are needed 
• Let me read you the opening words
 “LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. This sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will. The violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life. This is why the earth herself, burdened and laid waste, is among the most abandoned and maltreated of our poor.
• As a parish, with our support for Cafod in their work for the poor of our world, and in our commitment to Live Simply we have I think made a good start in taking the Pope’s words seriously 
• But I believe we can do more especially on the environment. But faced with the enormity of the problems it is understandable that we often feel helpless. But remember – we are not being called on to personally save the world. We are however all called by God to do what we can in our own circumstances. Everyone can do something. 
• As you leave mass today you will be handed a document from the Salford Diocese whose bishop, John Arnold is responsible for the environment on behalf of the Bishop’s Conference. It is a very helpful guide to possible actions all of us can take and what better time than Lent to start. And above all keep praying for guidance from God about what we personally can do.
• Let me finish with a final word from Pope Francis. He says that we are not to be gloomy and oppressed by the size of the problem. Here are his concluding words from Laudato Si 
 “Let us sing as we go. May our struggles and our concern for the planet never take away the joy of our hope.”  
So let us go forth to bring healing and joy to all creation; may God’s blessing be with you in your efforts.
Mike Monaghan - ST ANNES  BUXTON  -  MARCH 2019

Welcome to a bumper edition of Just Now, the newsletter for everyone who wants to bring faith to life in the diocese of Nottingham.  It’s been a while since the last one, but now that we have a new Fieldworker in post we’re back in business. Click to open.

Just Now September 2018 (3460kb)

Justice and Peace

St Anne’s Justice and Peace Group is committed to working towards Peace through Justice and Compassion. It supports the work of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission seeking to enable all people to challenge injustice, promote stewardship of creation and work for peace.

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How it Works

Prayer, Biblical reflection and Catholic Social Teaching are what motivates us.   Justice and Peace work can be divided into the following areas:

  • Awareness and Experience: Being alert to new justice and peace situations as they arise and being aware of developments in existing issues
  • Analysis and Learning:  Informing and educating people about key contemporary social issues in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Reflection and Discernment:  Encouraging thoughtful spiritual reflection in the light of the Gospel
  • Action:  Encouraging and supporting individuals and groups to take considered, realistic and appropriate action
  • Celebration:  Encouraging the whole Diocese as well as parishes and groups to celebrate their work together
  • Evaluation: Learning from each experience

For more information visit and select ‘The Commission’ and ‘Action Plan’.

Justice and Peace Report


Justice and Peace Events and Actions during the past year:
•    We have held monthly coffee mornings after Sunday mass on the last Sunday of each month with donations going to CAFOD and Pax Christi for which they have expressed their thanks.
•    Fr Dennis organised the Autumn and Lent Fast Day collections for CAFOD.
•    We held Justice and Peace Liturgies:  a Service for Peace in January and the Justice and Peace Stations of the Cross on Palm Sunday, both of which were very well attended.
•    Pax Christi Prayer Cards were given out to all parishioners during January.
•    We hosted a talk on Islam in April which was given by Farouk Kardahji, the aim of which was to increase our understanding of this great faith. It was very well attended, and Christians from other Buxton churches also came and enjoyed it.
•    We encouraged people to be aware of our responsibilities regarding Climate Change, and many parishioners signed the CAFOD petition, which was sent to the Prime Minister.
•    The parish was represented by 2 parishioners at the National Justice and Peace Network Conference in July.
•    The Justice and Peace Noticeboard at the back of church has continued to be maintained with up to date news.
•    All members of the Justice and Peace Group and the PPC now have the following e-bulletins circulated to them: ‘Just Now!’ – the Nottingham Diocesan Justice and Peace bulletin produce by Louise Cook, our Diocesan Field Worker;  ‘NWJPN’ – the North West National Justice and Peace monthly paper;  ‘CAFOD Nottingham Diocesan News Bulletin’ produced by our Diocesan representative, Maggie Mairura;   and any other relevant communications coming from CAFOD, Pax Christi or the National Justice and Peace Network.  These help to keep us mindful of our mission to work for a kingdom of Compassion, Justice and Peace.
Future Events
The Justice and Peace Group explored the CAFOD ‘Live simply’ Award, looking at what it involved and how it could be used in our parish. The Group decided that they would like to do it, and this was then put to the PPC for approval. The PPC was supportive and we have now been registered with the awarding body and are awaiting our ‘Starter Pack’. It has been suggested that we launch ‘Livesimply’ in the Parish at the beginning of December. This will coincide with the end of the Year of Mercy, and as Bishop Patrick has expressed a wish for each parish to develop a legacy to follow on from this Year,   ‘Live simply… so that others might simply live’  would be an appropriate activity for us to take on at this time.
When we launch ‘Livesimply’ there will be information for all parishioners, a noticeboard, and weekly updates in the bulletin so that everyone will be know what’s happening. Our targets will be set by the Justice and Peace Group and the PPC, and approved by the awarding body. There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to be involved, whatever their ages and interests!
It is anticipated that the award will take about 18 months to complete, but this is flexible. We will have targets, activities and fun, and when we are ready 2 assessors will visit the parish to give us their judgement. If (and when)  we pass, it will be cause for a big celebration and a time to feel grateful for everything we have, and for being part of a loving and responsible parish community.
The Justice and Peace Group would like to thank everyone who has shown their support in any way over the past year, with special thanks going to Fr Dennis for carrying the message from the pulpit each week. 

Yvonne Ripley

  Sometimes we might feel disheartened when faced with everything that needs doing as we go about our daily lives and as we hear about all the painful issues around the world. At times like this it helps to pray Oscar Romero’s Prayer. 

Oscar Romero (1917–1980) was Archbishop of San Salvador in El Salvador. He was assassinated on March 24, 1980, while celebrating Mass in a small chapel in a cancer hospital where he lived. He had always been close to his people, and preached a prophetic gospel denouncing the injustice in his country. He became the voice of the Salvadoran people when all other channels of expression had been crushed by repression.

A Future Not Our Own (Words by Oscar Romero)

It helps now and then to step back and take a long view.
The Kingdom is not only beyond our efforts,
it is beyond our vision.
We accomplish in our lifetime only a fraction
of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work.
Nothing we do is complete, which is another way of
saying that the kingdom always lies beyond us.
No statement says all that could be said.
No prayer fully expresses our faith. No confession
brings perfection, no pastoral visit brings wholeness.
No program accomplishes the Church's mission.
No set of goals and objectives include everything.
This is what we are about. We plant the seeds that one
day will grow. We water the seeds already planted
knowing that they hold future promise.
We lay foundations that will need further development.
We provide yeast that produces effects
far beyond our capabilities.
We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of
liberation in realizing this.
This enables us to do something, and to do it very well.
It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning,
a step along the way, an opportunity for the Lord's
grace to enter and do the rest.
We may never see the end results, but that is the
difference between the master builder and the worker.
We are workers, not master builders, ministers, not
messiahs. We are prophets of a future not our own.

What can we do?

Prayer for Buxton

At the Methodist Church in the Market Place (side entrance)
Last Friday of every month, 8-10pm {or come for any part of this 2-hour period}
“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” [Luke 5:16]
Buxton Police & Ambulance Services, Those out late ‘on the town’ Town, & University Chaplains
Food Bank Night-stop The Work of CTiB over Lent, Easter & Christmas Bible-study Group
The Church Ministers Christian Unity CTiB leadership
The mentally ill Those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol Evangelism ‘Open the Book’
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