St Annes Catholic Church BUXTON
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EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS (normally) - - - Saturday 6.00 pm, - - - Sunday 10.00 am - - - WEEKDAY MASSES ------- Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 10.00 am ------- CONFESSIONS Saturday 11:00 am
17th November 2019 
SATURDAY  11.30 a.m. Commissioning of new Eucharistic Ministers at St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham.
                  6.00 p.m. Mass – Kevin and Christine Howard - RIP
SUNDAY    10.00 a.m. Mass – For all the Faithful Departed and
Baptism of Maksymilian Lukasik
                 2.00 p.m. Sunday Club in the Community Centre
                 4.00 p.m. Beginning the Week of Guided Prayer in Church
MONDAY   10.00 a.m. Mass – For all the Faithful Departed
TUESDAY  10.00 a.m. Mass – Sister Ellen’s Intentions   
WEDNESDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Jacky Johnston – RIP
THURSDAY  10.00 a.m. Mass – For all the Faithful Departed 
FRIDAY       10.00 a.m.  Mass – Angela Sexton’s Intentions  
SATURDAY  10.00 a.m.  Group ending for the Week of Guided Prayer 
in the Hardwick Room  
                   6.00 p.m.  Mass – Christine Boddington’s Birthday
SUNDAY (24th Nov) 10.00a.m. Mass – For all the Faithful Departed
WEEK OF GUIDED PRAYER will begin this Sunday afternoon, November 17th at 4 pm in the Church.  I think everyone who signed up for the postponed October Week is able to come along.  We have some newcomers too!
THE NEW ‘100 CLUB’  We already have 45 new members! Thank you to all who have returned the slips.  We are hoping to double that number!  It costs £1 each week, £4 monthly, £48 annually and will be drawn each month.  We shall give 50% of the takings back in prizes and 50% to the parish. Please make Standing Orders and Cheques payable to “St Anne’s RC Parish, Buxton” and return them in an envelope next weekend.  We’re hoping to get 100 members and begin on December 1st with monthly prizes of £100 and £25.  Proceeds will go towards Church redecoration.  Please join!
RED MISSIO BOXES  Thank you to the five people who have returned their boxes.  The total was £86.21p for the Missions.
ST ANNE’S SCHOOL OPEN AFTERNOON  Wednesday, November 27th, 1.30-3 pm for those starting school in September 2020.  Come along and meet the staff.  Phone Buxton 23589. 
ST ANNE’S BROWNIES  Are holding a Table Top Sale on Sunday, 24th November at 11.00 a.m.  Tables cost £5.  Phone Ash on 07905161034.  See Poster in Church.  They will be leading us at Mass next Sunday, November 24th, for Youth Sunday.
CONGRATULATIONS to Ann Woollacott, Paul Featherstone, Fred Kadzeuski, Thomas Langer and Paul Ripley, who were commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers by our Bishop this weekend. 
FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2020  will take place here at 1 pm on May 17th.  We are having an Introductory Evening for Parents in the Parish Centre on Tuesday, December 5th at 6.30 p.m.  Anyone with children at State Schools Year 3 and above are welcome to join us.  Please contact Fr Gerry.
THE PARISH VISITING GROUP will be meeting again on Thursday, 28th November at 2.30 p.m. in the Hardwick Room in the Community Centre.  Any newcomers who wish to join us will be made very welcome.  We are hoping to be able to complete our lists of visitors and those requiring visits.  Please bring along any names of anyone you think may need to be added to our list, or contact Fr Gerry or Iris Thomson.

Prayer For Creation (216kb)
Safeguarding in the Church today by Cardinal Vincent Nichols (982kb)
Bishop Patrick writes about the Government Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Oct 28-Nov 8th (982kb)

St Annes Parish Priests

From 1837 Mass was celebrated in Buxton by visiting priests each week. A Father O'Farrell was named from 1848, but it was only in 1850 that the first resident priest was appointed.

Father Edward McGreevy 1850 - 1863 (ob. 22 June 1863)
Father William Margison 1863 - 1871
Father Michael O'Driscoll 1871 - 1873
Vacant 1873 - 1875
Father Joseph Reddington 1875
Father John Power 1875 - 1885
Canon John Theodore Hoeben 1885 - 1899 (ob. 11 Aug 1900)
Father Frederick Kind 1900 - 1927 (ob. 31 Mar 1927)
Father Luke A Prendergast 1928 - 1937 (ob. 29 Sept 1937)
Canon Arthur J Bird 1937 - 1941
Father John Toomey 1941 - 1942 (ob. 1 Feb 1942)
Canon Alfred Baldwin 1942 - 1956
Father Philip Morris 1956 - 1957
Father J Paul Klee 1957 - 1959
Father William McEnery 1959 - 1960
Canon David Ryan 1960 - 1967
Father Bernard Doran 1967 (probably only priest in charge)
Father Gerald Collins 1967 - 1971
Father Joseph Duggan 1971 - 1977
Father Andrew Murdoch 1977 - 1978
Father Paul Cullen 1978 - 1987
Father Dennis Higgins 1987 - 2017 
(ob. 20 Jan 2017)
Father Gerry Murphy 2017 - present

History of St Annes (61kb)
Privacy Notice for the Diocese of Nottingham (175kb)