St Annes Catholic Church BUXTON
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19th January 2020 
SATURDAY 11.00a.m. Confessions
                 6.00 p.m. Mass – John and Florence O’Meara - RIP
SUNDAY   10.00 a.m. Mass – Gerard Kay – RIP Anniversary
                6.00 p.m. Service at St Mary’s Church for Christian Unity Week
MONDAY   10.00 a.m. Fr Dennis Higgins – RIP Anniversary
WEDNESDAY N.B. 9.00 a.m. Mass at St Thomas More School   
FRIDAY        N.B. 9.00 a.m. Angela Sexton - RIP
SATURDAY   11.00 a.m. Confessions  
                     6.00 p.m. Mass – Donald Ward – RIP Anniversary 
SUNDAY (26 Jan) 10.00 a.m. Mass  - Fr Dennis Higgins – RIP Anniversary
OFFERTORY  12th Jan: Loose Plate - £171.30;  Planned Giving - £173.00;  Standing Orders - £308.00;  Total £652.30.  Many thanks.
We are planning the Mass of Enrolment for next Sunday, January 26th at 10.00 a.m. There are about 10 families in this years’ group and the children will process onto the Sanctuary at the beginning of Mass and briefly introduce themselves to us.  There will be a parents’ prayer and a congregation promise to support the children and their families after the Gospel.  Thank you all for your openness and warmth year by year to this important group within our parish.  They will be joining us for most Sundays between now and May 17th and I know you will make them feel welcome.
CHRISTIAN UNITY WEEK 2020  Begins Saturday, January 18th-25th.  It has been prepared this year by the Christian Churches of Malta and Gozo.  The theme is “Unusual Kindness” and it connects with the welcome St Paul received from the people of Malta who did not yet know Christ when he was shipwrecked...  We need “unusual kindness” today whenever we share faith with people of a different language, culture or faith. 
NEW 100 CLUB  The January draw will take place next Saturday, January 25th after 6 pm Mass.  Prizes - £100; £25; £20.  Thanks to all who have joined.  If you pay monthly please return an envelope with your name and £4.  If you have joined but not yet paid please sign a Standing Order or Cheque for £48 to St Anne’s R C Parish, Buxton and return it next weekend. 
Last weekend, the Sunday Club enjoyed live music from Willy and the Poor Boys, with plenty of opportunities for audience participation (singing along, dancing, demonstrating unsuspected instrumental talents...).  Many thanks to the helpers on the day, to Bruce for finding the band, and also to those who came along to support the event.  The next meeting will be on Sunday 9th February (2 pm-4 pm) when PCSO Sarah Dufton will talk to us about online safety and security.  If you are interested in future meetings, please call Caroline on Buxton 27638 or email
CHARIS HOUSE FAMILY CARE PROVISION have written to thank us for our Christmas donation of £272.25 from the Carol Singalong and the Angel Card Appeal. 
PARISH VISITING GROUP  will meet this Thursday, January 23rd, in the Parish Centre at 2.30 p.m.
NEXT WEEKEND  There will be a Second Collection for The Sick and Retired Priests Fund.

Prayer For Creation (216kb)
Safeguarding in the Church today by Cardinal Vincent Nichols (982kb)
Bishop Patrick writes about the Government Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Oct 28-Nov 8th (982kb)

EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS (normally) - - - Saturday 6.00 pm, - - - Sunday 10.00 am - - - WEEKDAY MASSES ------- Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 10.00 am ------- CONFESSIONS Saturday 11:00 am
St Annes Parish Priests

From 1837 Mass was celebrated in Buxton by visiting priests each week. A Father O'Farrell was named from 1848, but it was only in 1850 that the first resident priest was appointed.

Father Edward McGreevy 1850 - 1863 (ob. 22 June 1863)
Father William Margison 1863 - 1871
Father Michael O'Driscoll 1871 - 1873
Vacant 1873 - 1875
Father Joseph Reddington 1875
Father John Power 1875 - 1885
Canon John Theodore Hoeben 1885 - 1899 (ob. 11 Aug 1900)
Father Frederick Kind 1900 - 1927 (ob. 31 Mar 1927)
Father Luke A Prendergast 1928 - 1937 (ob. 29 Sept 1937)
Canon Arthur J Bird 1937 - 1941
Father John Toomey 1941 - 1942 (ob. 1 Feb 1942)
Canon Alfred Baldwin 1942 - 1956
Father Philip Morris 1956 - 1957
Father J Paul Klee 1957 - 1959
Father William McEnery 1959 - 1960
Canon David Ryan 1960 - 1967
Father Bernard Doran 1967 (probably only priest in charge)
Father Gerald Collins 1967 - 1971
Father Joseph Duggan 1971 - 1977
Father Andrew Murdoch 1977 - 1978
Father Paul Cullen 1978 - 1987
Father Dennis Higgins 1987 - 2017 
(ob. 20 Jan 2017)
Father Gerry Murphy 2017 - present

History of St Annes (61kb)
Privacy Notice for the Diocese of Nottingham (175kb)