St Annes Catholic Church BUXTON
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EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS (normally) - - - Saturday 6.00 pm, - - - Sunday 10.00 am - - - WEEKDAY MASSES ------- Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 10.00 am ------- CONFESSIONS Saturday 11:00 am
15th September, 2019 
SATURDAY          11.00 a.m. No Confessions
                         11.00 a.m. Mass at Hassop to celebrate Fr Hugh’s Golden Jubilee     
                          6.00 p.m. Geraldine Ann O’Connor – RIP Anniversary
SUNDAY            10.00 a.m. George and Kathleen Bibby - RIP
OFFERTORY   8th September: Loose plate - £255.14; planned giving - £208.00; standing orders - £308.00: total - £771.14  
MONDAY                N.B.   9:30 a.m. Mass – Fr. Luke Prendergast RIP
                                      11:00a.m. Private funeral service for Yvonne Critchlow RIP
WEDNESDAY        10.00 a.m. Mass – Richard Slusarenko RIP
                          10:45 a.m. Praying the Scriptures group - Presbytery
THURSDAY             9:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anne’s school – all welcome!
FRIDAY      9.00 a.m. Mass at St. Thomas More School – all welcome!
SATURDAY 11.00 a.m. Confessions  
                  6.00 p.m. Mass – for all parishioners 
SUNDAY (22nd Sept) 10.00a.m. Mass – Helen Birkett RIP
PLEASE PRAY FOR Anne Turbott who died peacefully last Tuesday in the presence of her nephew, Michael Harris. Her funeral will be on Thursday 3rd October at 10:45 a.m.
TODAY IS HOME MISSION SUNDAY “Rejoice with me!” not because of some material gain but because someone has returned home to us, their family in Christ, just as the prodigal son returns to his family in the gospel. Think about our mission to those in need of Christ. Pray for the National Home Mission Team and please give a donation towards their work in the retiring collection today. See
WELCOME TODAY TO SR. TREASA who has come to invite us once again to consider joining her in the Week of Guided Prayer we are starting on Sunday 6th October. It will begin and finish with a group session and on the weekdays, people will be invited to pray over a scripture story for half an hour and meet with their prayer guide to talk their experience over for half an hour. Please take a leaflet today and return it next weekend if you would like to take part.
A LITTLE D.I.Y?  My thanks to the three men who said they were willing to help with some D.I.Y. for the Parish Community Centre.  Are there any more?  Contact Thomas Langer: or see Father Gerry. 
We shall celebrate the Harvest on the weekend of October 5th and 6th which is when we shall have the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day Collection.  Anyone interested in helping plan and prepare please see Fr Gerry. 
OUR MUSIC GROUP IS RESTARTING on Monday, September 16th at 5.45pm in the Parish Centre. Please come and join us, all ages and abilities are welcome. You don’t need to have any previous experience of singing in a group or choir or be able to read music. Come and have fun, make friends and just enjoy singing! There’s refreshments too….. ??
BUXTON INNER WHEEL CLUB are having a ‘Tea and Cake Afternoon’ at Buxton Methodist Church, Market Place on Thursday, 19th September 2:00-4:00pm in aid of ‘Jessie's Fund’ which provides music therapy for children with complex needs.  Cake, New Goods and Knitting Stalls.  Entrance £3.

Bidding Prayers 14/15th September 2019

Please take the ‘Prayer for Creation’ card from the front of your hymn book. Let us pray together: “Whatever befalls the earth ...”

We pray for all of our politicians in these divisive and uncertain times. We pray that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, disagreements may cease and that together they will find a way forward for the good of all.
Lord hear us ...

We pray for Sr. Treasa and all those who are helping people to pray more personally. May we learn to find God in all things.
Lord hear us ...

We pray for all those young people starting university shortly. Guide them as they leave home and enter a more adult world.
Lord hear us….

We pray for ourselves on this Home Mission weekend. Remind us to be like the shepherd who searches for his lost sheep and the woman who sweeps the house looking for her lost coin. 
Lord hear us ...

We pause for a moment’s silent prayer.

We ask Our lady to pray with us as we say Hail Mary ...

Prayer For Creation (216kb)

St Annes Parish Priests

From 1837 Mass was celebrated in Buxton by visiting priests each week. A Father O'Farrell was named from 1848, but it was only in 1850 that the first resident priest was appointed.

Father Edward McGreevy 1850 - 1863 (ob. 22 June 1863)
Father William Margison 1863 - 1871
Father Michael O'Driscoll 1871 - 1873
Vacant 1873 - 1875
Father Joseph Reddington 1875
Father John Power 1875 - 1885
Canon John Theodore Hoeben 1885 - 1899 (ob. 11 Aug 1900)
Father Frederick Kind 1900 - 1927 (ob. 31 Mar 1927)
Father Luke A Prendergast 1928 - 1937 (ob. 29 Sept 1937)
Canon Arthur J Bird 1937 - 1941
Father John Toomey 1941 - 1942 (ob. 1 Feb 1942)
Canon Alfred Baldwin 1942 - 1956
Father Philip Morris 1956 - 1957
Father J Paul Klee 1957 - 1959
Father William McEnery 1959 - 1960
Canon David Ryan 1960 - 1967
Father Bernard Doran 1967 (probably only priest in charge)
Father Gerald Collins 1967 - 1971
Father Joseph Duggan 1971 - 1977
Father Andrew Murdoch 1977 - 1978
Father Paul Cullen 1978 - 1987
Father Dennis Higgins 1987 - 2017 
(ob. 20 Jan 2017)
Father Gerry Murphy 2017 - present

History of St Annes (61kb)
Privacy Notice for the Diocese of Nottingham (175kb)