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EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS (normally) - - - Saturday 6.00 pm, - - - Sunday 10.00 am - - - WEEKDAY MASSES ------- Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 10.00 am ------- CONFESSIONS Saturday 11:00 am

17th March, 2019 
SATURDAY   11.00 a.m. Confessions  
                    6.00 p.m. Mass – Pat and Elizabeth Collins - RIP 
SUNDAY       10.00 a.m. Mass – Carmine Delli-Colli – RIP
                     5.00 p.m. Stations of the Cross
MONDAY       10.00 a.m. Mass – Theo Kay’s wellbeing 
WEDNESDAY 10.00 a.m. Service of the Word and Holy Communion led by Marion and Mark McCabe
                   10.30 a.m. Praying the Scriptures in the Presbytery
SATURDAY      6.00 p.m. Mass – Don Ward - RIP
SUNDAY (24th Mar) 10.00a.m. Mass –  For all parishioners
OFFERTORIES    9th /10th March - Planned Giving - £150.00;  Loose Plate - £156.30; Standing Orders - £287.63; Total £593.93.    Many thanks.
PLEASE PRAY FOR   Peter Boardman, whose funeral will take place here on April 1st at 2pm and Maureen Brady of Haddon Court who died today (Saturday).
WELCOME TO MIKE MONAGHAN whom I have asked to speak to us about “living sustainably” as part of the Live Simply Project.  We have been saying the Prayer at Mass now for a year.  How has it affected you?  How have you been trying to live more simply and more sustainably?  Mike will distribute a leaflet giving us lots of practical suggestions. 
PLANNED GIVING BOXES  will run out in two weeks time.  If you use envelopes for your weekly giving, please collect your new box for 2019-2020 from the back of church today.  There are spare boxes available for anyone willing to join the planned giving scheme.  Thank you all for your regular giving.  It keeps us going and allows us to carry out essential repairs;  please continue to support us. If you pay Income Tax, and haven’t already signed up please consider gift aiding all your regular and occasional giving to the parish.  This means that your offerings can be increased by 25%, as you have already paid tax on it.  You can do this easily by signing a Gift Aid Form and by choosing to pay by standing order or by using weekly envelopes.  Forms are available at the back of church.  
CAFOD FAMILY FAST DAY  There will be a retiring collection this weekend.  Have you seen the picture on the envelope and the question?  “No one should call this dinner”
VISITING PRIEST  Fr Frank Downs, a retired Mill Hill Missionary Priest will be presiding at Mass here on March 23/24th while I’m away.  He will be speaking about the work of “Missio” and asking you to take their red boxes and support them. 
CHURCHES TOGETHER IN BUXTON – LENTEN LUNCHES   This Tuesday our Church will be hosting the lunch in Bath Road Church Centre from 12.15-1.15pm and we will be serving tasty homemade soups, crusty bread and butter and Fairtrade tea or coffee.  The suggested minimum donation is £3.  Please come along if you can, you will be made very welcome.   
SPECIAL SPRING AFTERNOON TEA – SUNDAY, 7TH APRIL AT 2.00 P.M.  The invitations for the Special Spring Afternoon Tea in the Parish Centre are at the back of Church.  If there isn’t an invitation there for you and you are over 60 and would like to join us you will be most welcome.  Please pick up one of the blank invitations and return it to the Presbytery  by Saturday, 30th March or telephone Esther King on Buxton 23834.   
PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES GROUP  will meet this Wednesday, March 20th,at the earlier time of 10.30 a.m.  All are welcome. 
ROSARY GROUP DECEASED Mrs Avion Woodruff, George Timms, Mrs A Westall, Mrs McGovern, Sr Margaret Mary Slater, Mr C Green, Mrs B Szostakowicz, Mrs Thornley, Mrs Bailey, Mr J Fleming, Mrs J Attwood, Mrs M Feely, Mrs  Shepherd, Mr & Mrs Gilbride are the people we prayed for a Mass last Sunday.
A LENTEN CELEBRATION of discussions and quiet prayer will take place on Saturday, March 23rd, 10am-3.45pm at the Annunciation Church, St Marys Road, New Mills SK22 3BW.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation available too.  All are welcome.
SAFEGUARDING  Please take a look at our new entry on the Homepage.


Let us pray during Lent for the gifts of understanding and tolerance........... 
In the coming weeks we ask God to inspire us to see all those we meet as His children and act accordingly in our dealings with them. Let us not only give up material things but also abstain from uttering critical words and thoughts about other people Lord hear us 

May we continue to keep in mind and in our prayers those in our midst who are suffering from want and anxiety................ 
We give thanks for the many local organisations and individuals who work to assist those in need and who campaign for changes to the social security system Lord hear us 

For the sick of the parish................ 
In addition to our prayers at mass for all the sick and housebound let us try each week during Lent to bring them to mind in our personal prayers Lord hear us 

Let us pray for Pope Francis and all our bishops and priests .................. 
May they be strengthened and encouraged by our support and prayers at this time of difficulty for the church. May those in authority respond with wisdom and love to all who have been affected by sexual abuse Lord hear us 

In this season of early Spring may we give thanks to God for His wonderful creation............... 
Let commit ourselves to celebrating and doing what we can to protect it Lord hear us 

We ask Mary to join her prayers with ours as we say Hail Mary 

St Annes Parish Priests

From 1837 Mass was celebrated in Buxton by visiting priests each week. A Father O'Farrell was named from 1848, but it was only in 1850 that the first resident priest was appointed.

Father Edward McGreevy 1850 - 1863 (ob. 22 June 1863)
Father William Margison 1863 - 1871
Father Michael O'Driscoll 1871 - 1873
Vacant 1873 - 1875
Father Joseph Reddington 1875
Father John Power 1875 - 1885
Canon John Theodore Hoeben 1885 - 1899 (ob. 11 Aug 1900)
Father Frederick Kind 1900 - 1927 (ob. 31 Mar 1927)
Father Luke A Prendergast 1928 - 1937 (ob. 29 Sept 1937)
Canon Arthur J Bird 1937 - 1941
Father John Toomey 1941 - 1942 (ob. 1 Feb 1942)
Canon Alfred Baldwin 1942 - 1956
Father Philip Morris 1956 - 1957
Father J Paul Klee 1957 - 1959
Father William McEnery 1959 - 1960
Canon David Ryan 1960 - 1967
Father Bernard Doran 1967 (probably only priest in charge)
Father Gerald Collins 1967 - 1971
Father Joseph Duggan 1971 - 1977
Father Andrew Murdoch 1977 - 1978
Father Paul Cullen 1978 - 1987
Father Dennis Higgins 1987 - 2017 
(ob. 20 Jan 2017)
Father Gerry Murphy 2017 - present


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