St Annes Buxton & John Fisher & Thomas More Chapel
Tel Buxton 23777, Chapel 813491

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 The end of the Second National Lockdown means our churches   are open for Mass again from Wednesday 2nd December.

St annes
Father Gerry Murphy tel Buxton 23777 

BUXTON Mass times:

Sunday 10:00am

Monday & Friday 10:00am

It is essential to book for Sunday Mass:
book online at  

or phone/text 07470972789

Saturday 11:00 – 12:00 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Chapel 813491
Deacon Don Lavery tel 07928 540884

CHAPEL Mass times:

Saturday 5:00pm

Wednesday 10:00am

It is essential to book for Saturday Mass:
please email
or phone 07932521652

Friday 10:00 – 11:00 Silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Christmas Services : BUXTON

Reconciliation Service – Friday 18th Dec 11:00am

Christmas Eve - 7:00pm

Christmas Day - 11:00am

Sunday 27th Dec – 11:00am

Christmas Services : CHAPEL

Reconciliation Service – Wednesday 16th Dec 10:00am

Christmas Eve - 5:00pm

Christmas Day - 9:00am

Sunday 27th Dec – 9:00am

It will be essential to book for these masses as there is limited capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions. They will be Live Streamed on our Facebook page.

29th November 2020


SATURDAY, 28th Nov 10.00 – 11.00 a.m.   Church open in Buxton for Private Prayer

MONDAY, 30th  Nov 10.00 - 11.00 a.m. Church open for Private Prayer in Chapel

WEDNESDAY, 2nd  Dec 10.00 a.m. Church open for Mass in Chapel

THURSDAY, 3rd Dec 11.00 a.m. ZOOM Scripture Group
Meeting ID 719 9020 6707  Password 020233

FRIDAY, 4th Dec 10.00 a.m. Mass in Buxton – Patrick and Elizabeth Collins RIP
10.00 – 11.00 a.m. Church open in Chapel for Exposition   

SATURDAY, 5th Dec 11.00 – 12 noon   Church open in Buxton for Exposition

PLEASE PRAY FOR  all those who are in hospital and in sheltered/assisted housing and those in our nursing homes.  Pray too for their families who are unable to visit them at the moment. 

CHURCHES REOPENING FOR PUBLIC MASS  From next Wednesday, December 2nd, when we shall celebrate at Chapel at 10.00 a.m. and pick up our normal weekly routine from then onwards.  It is essential to book for our Saturday and Sunday Masses.  Phone Joan for Saturday Mass at Chapel at 5 pm on 07932521652 or email and for Sunday Mass at Buxton at 10 a.m. email or text or phone Margaret on 07470972789.   All our Masses will be Covidsafe once again with sanitizing and mask-wearing on entering.  Social distancing, and following the one-way system.  Our thanks again to the stewards for guiding us with this.  

Thursday, December 24th - 5 pm Mass at Chapel and 7 pm Mass at Buxton
Friday, December 25th - 9 am Mass at Chapel and 11 am Mass at Buxton
Saturday, December 26th - NO MASS TODAY
Sunday, December 27th - 9 am Mass at Chapel and 11 am Mass at Buxton
To be Covidsafe there is a capacity of 30 people at Chapel and 60 people at Buxton so that gives us a problem!  Live streaming on all three days will help but we still need to decide how to prioritise booking!  Please let me or any of the Parish Pastoral Council know your ideas. 

1. A Carmelite retreat with Blessed Mary of the Incarnation at
2. prayers and resources for parishes.
3. A prayer for each day, easy to print.
4. Look at if you would like to donate virtually to some of the poorest of our world.
5. The British Jesuit online resource has lots of useful suggestions.
For practicing Christians, or for people with some Christian background, who wish to renew their faith in the Season of Advent. The focus of these sessions is on our search for God in life (Film 1) and in prayer (Film 8), and how God reaches out to us in history (Film 3) and through the Bible (Film 6).
(1) THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS [“Film 1” in Series: click here to view]
The impossibility of sitting still. What is happiness? How to press the pause button.
(2) A GOD WHO SPEAKS? [“Film 3” in Series: click here to view]
The hiddenness of God. When God broke the silence. Discovering the face of God.
(3) THE BIBLE [“Film 6” in Series: click here to view]
What is the bible? Can we trust the bible? How the bible can change your life.
(4) THE POWER OF PRAYER [“Film 8” in Series: click here to view]
What is prayer? Does prayer make a difference? How to pray

ADVENT SYCAMORE ZOOM MEETING  Wednesdays from 4-5 pm led by Barbara Hindley and Deacon Don. 
Meeting ID: 844 3096 4042  Passcode: 2JDenF

BUXTON VISITING GROUP  are going to deliver a parish newsletter, a pocket-sized Advent Scripture booklet, and a letter from Fr Gerry and Iris Thomson greeting those who are unable to come to Mass and those who are housebound.  This will be available next Sunday, Dec 6th.

Find us on Facebook St Anne's, Buxton and Ss John Fisher & Thomas More, Chapel

Spiritual Communion (45kb)
Gospel reflections and prayers for children. - Pray as You Go is a daily prayer session, designed to help you pray whenever and wherever you find the time, designed to be used whilst travelling to and from work, studying, etc. but can easily be used at home.

ONLINE SHOPPING People are now shopping online more than ever, with shoppers even being urged to buy all their Christmas gifts online early to meet demand. If you shop online, why not join those who have raised over £264 to date for St Anne’s Development Fund (STAND) by shopping via easyfundraising at no extra cost? When you go to retailers’ websites via easyfundraising and buy, the retailers donate. There are 3,800+ to buy from big names (M&S, John Lewis, Tesco etc), insurers, travel agents, energy and broadband providers etc. Please register; the more supporters we have, the more FREE donations for STAND.