St Annes Catholic Church BUXTON
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EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS (normally) - - - Saturday 7.00pm, - - - Sunday 10.00am - - - Polish Community Saturday 5.00pm - - - WEEKDAY MASSES Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.00am

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15th October 2017

SATURDAY   5.00 p.m. Our Polish Community
 7.00 p.m. First Eucharist of Sunday – For all Parishioners

SUNDAY(15th) 10.00a.m. OFFERTORY  7th/8th October – £703.71p - Many, many thanks.

MONDAY 10.00 a.m. Mass – Esther Murphy - RIP

WEDNESDAY  10.00 a.m. Mass – In thanksgiving for baby Alice O’Meara

FRIDAY 10.00 a.m. Service of the Word and Holy Communion
10.40 a.m. Cremation of Margaret Cruse - RIP in Macclesfield

SATURDAY 12.00 noon Wedding of Don Murphy and Hannah Jones
 5.00 p.m. Our Polish Community
 7.00 p.m. First Eucharist of Sunday –
Michael and Tony Mulryan’s Intentions

SUNDAY(22nd Oct) 10.00 a.m.Mass – For all Parishioners

John O’Connell, Eileen Platts, Edna Hilton, Christine Hassett, John Duffy, Peter and Winifred Coultas, Donald Bradley, Mercedes Woodruffe, Evelyn Doyle, Donna Joule, Phoebe Williams, Walter Motowyeczyk, Angela Sexton, Anne Turbott, Christine Boddington, David Nevell, George Taylor, Alison Darby, Bridget Walker, Sue Deaville, Phylis Bailey, Ernest Cumberlidge, John O’Meara, Fr John Cairns and Bill Hutchinson, Shepshed,who is in the Cavendish Hospital.

PARISH FINANCES Margaret Swift, Bruce Thomson and Mike Watson will speak after the Gospel this weekend about finances during the past 5 years.  The most important thing they will say is a big thank you for your regular financial support. The problem is we have three beautiful but old (150 years) buildings which need regular maintenance and we are both declining in numbers and growing older as a congregation.  The overall picture is that we are barely managing and are asking for your help.  If everyone increased their weekly giving by £1 a week that would generate an extra £5,000 a year – if everyone increased by £2 a week that would produce £10,000 more.  I know that you will all do whatever you can.  Thank you!

CELEBRATING THE HARVEST There seemed to be a real buzz and excitement last weekend and I want to thank everyone for their gifts whether fresh produce or tins, bottles and packets.  A special thank you to Ivana, Leslie, Angela, Ash and the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows and to Clare and the children who sang “Harvest Moon” for us.  The fresh produce was sold and proceeds given to CAFOD; the imperishable were taken to the Foodbank on Monday.  Our CAFOD Collection raised £751.03.  Thank you!

CHILDREN’S LITURGY GROUP to start this Sunday at 10am Mass.  All children over 4 years are welcome.  Children under 4 years must be accompanied by a parent.  Anyone wanting to help is welcome – please see me or one of the leaders.

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS We have set a date for Thursday, November 9th at 7pm to meet in the Presbytery.  I would like to explore whether we could have Holy Communion from the chalice at our masses.  The problem is we would need another 6 or 8 Ministers.  Would you be willing to help with this?  Say once a month at weekend mass? Please see Fr Gerry.

COFFEE MORNINGS Thank you for supporting them, especially recently.  The Guides raised a fantastic £220;  Gemma Clarke raised £70 for the Stroke Association and £170 was raised for CAFOD last Sunday.

GOODBYE AND THANK YOU TO PAUL GLOVER who is leaving Buxton this week and moving to Hucknall in Nottingham.

2017 CHRISTMAS PUDDING APPEAL FOR ‘MENINGITIS NOW’ CHARITY Details of the Appeal and order forms are at the back of church and at which also has a BACS payment option.  Orders must be with Buxton Podiatry Practice by 28th October.  For more information contact Bruce Thomson, 01298 26406 or


The History of St Annes Roman Catholic Church, Terrace Road, BUXTON
St Annes Parish Priests

From 1837 Mass was celebrated in Buxton by visiting priests each week. A Father O'Farrell was named from 1848, but it was only in 1850 that the first resident priest was appointed.

Father Edward McGreevy 1850 - 1863 (ob. 22 June 1863)
Father William Margison 1863 - 1871
Father Michael O'Driscoll 1871 - 1873
Vacant 1873 - 1875
Father Joseph Reddington 1875
Father John Power 1875 - 1885
Canon John Theodore Hoeben 1885 - 1899 (ob. 11 Aug 1900)
Father Frederick Kind 1900 - 1927 (ob. 31 Mar 1927)
Father Luke A Prendergast 1928 - 1937 (ob. 29 Sept 1937)
Canon Arthur J Bird 1937 - 1941
Father John Toomey 1941 - 1942 (ob. 1 Feb 1942)
Canon Alfred Baldwin 1942 - 1956
Father Philip Morris 1956 - 1957
Father J Paul Klee 1957 - 1959
Father William McEnery 1959 - 1960
Canon David Ryan 1960 - 1967
Father Bernard Doran 1967 (probably only priest in charge)
Father Gerald Collins 1967 - 1971
Father Joseph Duggan 1971 - 1977
Father Andrew Murdoch 1977 - 1978
Father Paul Cullen 1978 - 1987
Father Dennis Higgins 1987 - 2017
Father Gerry Murphy 2017 - present

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Places of worship in and around Buxton (147kb)